Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visitors and more!

 Backing up just briefly--in December our YABS friends from church surprised Denise and I and our families with a baby shower that included LOTS of diapers, wipes, and some cute outfits, plus a breakfast brunch during Sunday School!  Denise was expecting baby Benjamin a couple weeks after me--he was baby number 5 for them and he was over 10 lbs when he was born--way to go Denise!

Getting spoiled by our church friends--I think I have only bought diapers twice since Lakyn has been born!

Here come the visitors!

Cousin Jess and Greyson--plus Avery below hanging out with Layne

Cousin Adriane

Uncle Caleb

Aunt Lindsey

Uncle Brad--teaching Lakyn how to watch K-State basketball

Aunt Nell all the way from Colorado--made Lakyn that cute Lakyn shirt!

The Allen family--Carter

The girls--and I must have not noticed Lakyn's head leaning way back--maybe sleep deprived :)  Hayden and Lakyn are about 5 months apart.

Asher and Lakyn

The Parry kids and Allen kids--lots of fun and smiles!

Teacher friend Kylie and Brooklyn

Kindra and my 1st grader Schuyler

My principal's daughter Elyse

Wonderful neighbors who got Lakyn that cute outfit--Sue and Leonard

Great Grandma Dorothy--love!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Going Home from the Hospital

We had Lakyn on Jan. 8th--a Tuesday but could not leave until Thursday as my Strep B test came back positive so we had to stay for 48 hours to make sure that Lakyn did not get an infection!
We had a few visitors come up to see us to help pass the time--Caden and Brynn got to come up briefly the first day but then could not the 2nd day as no kids were allowed up to the nursery due to the bad flu breakout.  I did get to check out of the room on Wed. for a bit and go down to the lobby to hang out with Caden and Brynn and my parents--we ate supper together there and toured the hospital gift shop.  I got spoiled with some beautiful flowers and chocolate and Lakyn got an adorable puppy--the kids have great taste!

Mindy and Chris came to see us--the girls above and Chris and Mindy below---a funny about Chris holding Lakyn--they were switching nurses about the time the Allens came up and since Chris was holding Lakyn at that time--the nurse thought he was the dad :)--Layne quickly claimed her!
The Allen kiddos get to meet Lakyn a little bit later! It was such a nice, relaxing, quiet visit without our other kiddos!

One of my very special moms who spoils me non stop--I have taught both her kiddos and love this family--Kindra loved on Lakyn for a long time!

Our good friend Karen from church!

Two of my good friends from school, Kylie and Jericca also came to visit, but they brought their kids and had to visit in shifts,so I did not get a picture but loved that they came to see us!

Our going home outfit that Mommy and Grandma in Ellsworth picked out --the headband was the same one Brynn wore home as well! Lakyn is my first child that went home in a newborn outfit instead of a premie one!

Daddy making sure she is good to go!

So tiny!

All packed up!

Here we go--ready to tackle the world of three kiddos!

Beautiful flowers that cheered up our house for several weeks--from my family, from some wonderful friends, and from Layne's work!

More visitors came to visit--coming soon!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lakyn's 1st Month

Lakyn 1 Week above                  Brynn 1 Week below

Hard to get a great bear picture at 1 week but thought just this once I would get them both at the same time in the same outfit--you can tell they are sisters although many people see a lot of Caden in her rather than Brynn--I can see both and a look that is all Lakyn as well!

Still have some catching up to do on Miss Lakyn, but I am going to start here to get some memories down and work my way back!

So here is our one month adventure in a nutshell!
Born--Jan. 8 at 6 lbs. 14 oz.
Weight check in on Jan. 11--down to 6 lbs but then my milk came in and we have been cruising!

2 week check-up--7 lbs--Dr. Bridge was very impressed!

Here we are at 1 month--and yes, I had a few tears--I am loving every second of being home with Lakyn and know my time is ticking, but I still have til the 1st of April, so we will just enjoy each day!

We did not have any official Dr. visit this month, but Lakyn woke up congested right around the
 1 month period so I took her in so Dr. could listen to her lungs--I was pretty sure it was all in her head, but she was too little for this mama to take any chances!  Luckily her lungs were all clear, so we just did a lot of snuggling and warm baths, but she had some yucky snot coming out of her  and watery, matted eyes for about 3-4 days!

Weight at 1 month--8 lbs, 4 oz.

Big sister time--Brynn loves to baby-sit Lakyn, sing to her, and just talk to her!  Val put Lakyn's name up at daycare and Brynn is so excited to take her baby to Val's!  When she cries, Brynn said--did you miss me girl?!  Brynn is always willing to run and get me diapers, wipes, or a burp rag!

The famous bassinet that has been in my mom's family for many moons!

Cute outfits from wonderful friends and family--my friend Emily also knitted this stylish hat for Lakyn--bummer on her watery eyes and scratches on her face, but still cute!

Bottle time with Daddy--trying to do bottles at least once a week--she is taking them pretty good--Layne was laughing at her here because she was almost holding the bottle by herself!

Starting to enjoy her playmate a lot more--she has even grabbed a couple rings and loves looking at herself in the mirror!  Thanks for the cute shirt Aunt Nell!

Caden has fun entertaining her on the play mate--holding the mirror up for her and playing her music.  He held her in church for about 20 minutes yesterday and was so proud of himself, but he is not a fan of spit up or dirty diapers!

Lakyn is eating about every 2-3 hours--we had one stretch at night where she went 3 1/2 hours, but most the time she is right at 2-3 hours--not horrible, but will be glad when she is sleeping a little more at night!  We did have a couple rough nights when she was congested and she was up every hour--that was 2 long days, but luckily she is feeling better now!

Layne has been awesome about getting the big kids up and ready in the morning so I can sleep--I am enjoying every second of that--I get my hugs in the morning from them and off they go and Lakyn and I crawl back into bed until 9:30 or 10--and then we get up and get busy!  

Lakyn stayed in our room about 2 weeks, then it was off to her own room--she is sleeping alot in her bouncy chair and some in her crib--she loves snuggling and would love if you would just hold her, which I do often, but we try to put her down once in awhile--she loves sleeping on her tummy which we let her do for small amounts while Layne or I are awake to check on her.  Lakyn also loves to be swaddled and enjoys her swing as well.

Lakyn and I headed out to school to help my sub with Parent Teacher conferences on Feb. 4th--we had a great time seeing all the parents and having the other teachers spoil her--they were so impressed with how well she was holding her head up and looking around.  Always fun to show her off, but we were glad to be home the next day!

Of course, you can't beat those first few smiles and she has great dimples to show off with that smile--we are starting to see more and more smiles from her!

This 1st month, we also made our way to McPherson to see Aunt Lindsey who brought her cheerleaders there to cheer and we ate lunch with Mindy.  We have made it to church often and have gotten spoiled by our church family as well.
It will be fun to see what the next month brings--taking it a day at a time!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Haymond Christmas 2012

 Time to celebrate Christmas with the Haymond side of the family!  
Uncle Brad is supervising present unwrapping!

 Walkie Talkie fun from Grandma and Grandpa

Chris Mann CD's for Grandma!

WOW--a Cinderella dress-up outfit from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brad!

I will help you Grandpa.

Two of my favorite boys!

Helping Aunt Lindsey unwrap her present!

Woo-hoo--sparkly leopard slippers!

Angry Bird Jammies!

A cool fur vest made by Grandma!

Grandma embroidered this beautiful girl quilt for Brynn--using lots of pinks and purples---super job Grandma--Brynn loves her lady quilt and it is on her bed!

We also took a quick trip to Lyons, KS to see the water tower Christmas Bell and drive around the square--the square used to be a lot better decorated, but the Christmas Bell is still fun and we got good Mexican Food--so all in all--A Very Merry Christmas :)