Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sept.--catching up!

Since I spent my sweet time telling all about Cancun, I get to back-track a bit and catch up on some family times and pictures!

I have tried the last couple of years to get a picture of my kids and I
on my birthday--so here we are on Sept. 7th, 2010!
Layne spoiled me on Sunday and had Kristi come baby-sit and he took
me shopping for my birthday--one of his least favorite things!
He was a great sport and even picked out a few things and gave opinions--
kind of nice to have--once in awhile! He picked out my green shirt in this picture and he has decided that this was a pretty good idea and he may do it every year!
We also enjoyed dinner out at Carlos.

Beautiful flowers from my kids for my birthday--my birthday this year
was full of ups and downs. A good college friend of mine lost her 30 year old husband and my birthday was his funeral. It was great to see many good college friends, but what a sad way to see them--Lana is amazing all of us with her faith and strength and I feel so blessed to have her as a friend. Another good friend of ours--Kate and Dana had their sweet baby girl on my birthday--so I have a beautiful little girl to share my birthday which made the day a lot brighter!
Thanks to all my family and friends for the wishes, yummy cake and icecream, cards, gifts, and dinners out--it was appreciated!

On to the kids--Layne and friend Ryan took Caden to the car races the first of this month--I told Layne he needed to find something for Caden's ears, so here is Brynn modeling the ear muffs--she loved them and would wear them around--she put them on one night and then went and sat on our toy tractor--it was hilarious, but I was not fast enough to get a picture!
Caden LOVED the car races--Layne said his eyes were big sausages when they got there and he refused to leave early--boys and their toys!

Depending on the night--and what mood these two are in--sometimes they take a bath together and sometimes not--but here was daddy's lasted hair style for them!

And after bath comes snuggling and snack time in the big brown chair--one of my favorite times!

We are soo excited to be outside in this awesome fall weather, but the mosquitos have been terrible--I am ready for one really cold night so those nasty bugs go away--both kids loved having water in their sand box--kept them both busy for about 30 min.

Brynn is just full of smiles and words right now--every day she is surprising us with
new words--some of my favorites are "See ya" and "Wove you" and "Where going?"
She also comes running and squealing to the door when I get to Val's to pick them up--what an amazing welcome--it makes my day!

Caden is still going strong with being soo good one moment and very stubborn and naughty the next, but where would my world be without him!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I thought I was done with my Cancun blog, but we got our pictures back that we ordered from Xplore, so might as well add them in! This was the Xplore Adventure Park we went to on Tuesday at Cancun!

Layne and I in our ATV.

Driving on the suspended bridge.

My favorite--rafting in a cave with crystal clear water!

Great picture Kristi--cool cave!

Layne and I walking through the cave.

Swimming in the cool waters through a cave--we
wore life jackets because most of the time we could not touch the bottom.

Layne and I zip-lining over the tree tops!

A big wet ending to one of the zip lining courses!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cancun-Day 5--Last Day

Layne and I spent our last day in Cancun, walking the beach, taking a few last minute photos, took a quick e-mail break while it rained, and then we packed to catch our afternoon flight.

This Maya Ruin was right by our hotel above the beach.

These are tracks the sea turtles left at night when they
came up to the sand to sleep and lay eggs--some of the family actually saw one of the turtles
and Jake and David saw some babies born up in the little turtle nursery they had on the beach.

Layne and I by the ruins and one last beach/ocean picture.

I took one last swim in the ocean with Terri, Craig, and Kristi.

A big thank you to our host and hostess for another fabulous
vacation--Terri, you do an amazing job of planning and organizing, plus finding activities
that all will enjoy--Thank You :)

A couple souvenirs for the kids--Brynn's super cute sun dress,
and Grandpa and Caden got matching Born to be Wild T-Shirts!