Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve @ Grandma Parry's

Christmas Eve is always a wild and crazy party at Layne's Grandma's house in Morganville. The day started off disappointing as Janell and Jake were suppose to fly in on Christmas Eve but due to some delays, they did not make it in til Christmas Day. We hung out that afternoon at the Parry Farm and then went to Christmas Eve church in Clay Center--the weather was starting to get bad --blowing snow and some ice, but we all made it safely to Grandma's for the Christmas Eve party after church. We enjoyed seeing Layne's family, Greyson and Brynn had fun smiling at each other, Conner and Caden played well together and also enjoyed hanging out with their older cousin James. Jamie entertained all of us with her violin talent, we ate the famous Potato Soup, opened presents, had wrapping paper war, put baby Jesus in the manager, went on Grandma's scavenger hunt to find oranges, and all the adults were very entertained with Clay and Curt's gift to all--pop in a bottle--with great names! Despite worrying about the weather, we had a great time celebrating together!

Aunt Kristi showing off her garage sale purchase for Brynn--and yes, she has a Jayhawk one as well--also bought by Aunt Kristi--not from a garage sale :)

Brynn and Greyson--full of smiles--they have not seen each other since Labor Day--they have both changed!

Smile Cuties!--Brynn is 8 months and Greyson is 7 1/2 months.

Ready, Set, Go--Greyson is crawling and Brynn is so close--she actually just started crawling at our house the other day, but she is not quite up to Greyson speed--yet!

Our 4 kids--Conner and Greyson posing so nice--Brynn and Caden are having a conversation!

So close to all 4 smiling at the same time!

Conner and Caden had a good time playing--Caden has the famous "Cut the Cheese" horn.

Brynn chewing and hanging out with Great Grandma.

Almost present time...

Handing out gifts and ripping them open.

And the finale--David and Adriane enjoying the special pop gift from their Uncles.
Christmas Eve is always a Grand Adventure at Grandma's!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at our House!

It was a Merry Christmas at our house! Caden loved opening presents and was very willing to help everyone else open their's as well.

Our tree with some of the gifts.

Caden got a Cars Scooter from Santa.

Opening his other presents including the movie Cars!

Daddy's new Southeast of Saline sweatshirt. Layne was super nice to me and got me an
I-touch! Caden, Layne, and I have all been enjoying it so far.

Stocking time!

Our little sunshine opening her presents.

Caden helping his little sister open her gifts.

Stacking rings--which went right for her mouth--of course!

Giving some love to Aunt Kristi--does she love her or her hair??? :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting ready for the Jolly Old Man in a Red Suit

A couple days before Christmas, Caden woke up from his nap and heard Layne outside shoveling snow. He popped up and said, "Daddy outside, I need to go help him." So away he went to the great outdoors. Instead of shoveling snow, my boys built snowmen. They built a little one for our neighbors peeking out behind a bush and two in our yard--Caden was very proud of their work!

The snowmen in progress!

More snow daddy!

Their work of art!

That night, the fun of getting ready for Santa took place. Santa came a day early to our house since we were gone on Xmas Eve. We took the kids out to look at lights and then to Georgetown Street where they have several Santa's and Elves that come to the car to greet you and bring you treats. Since this Santa came right to our van, and had TREATS--Caden did shake Santa's hand and happily took a treat--but I did not have my camera.
We then went home to get the house ready for Santa...

Food for Santa's reindeer--and a cheesy grin!

Might as well just dump it all in one spot.

Brynn and Daddy supervising from the door.

Cookies and milk for Santa.
--a little preview of that morning---we thought when Caden came out and saw all the presents that he would go straight for the gifts, but instead he went and looked over the empty plate and said, "Daddy ate them all gone!" Smart little booger--we did get back into being vert happy about Santa's presents though!

Hanging Santa's Magic Key so he can get into our house.

And just for fun--the Parry siblings making tortilla roll-ups for Christmas Eve.
Thanks for coming up for the fun Aunt Kristi!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brynn--8 Months

8 months old and still our happy girl! Brynn is weighing a little over 17 pounds and is sporting 2 bottom teeth. She continues to eat her fruit and vegetables with rice or oatmeal, but her favorite food is banana puffs--you just get the bottle out and shake it and she lights up and reaches for the container! Along with her teeth this month, Brynn also started clapping her hands, saying da-da, keee (kitty), and scoots and rolls about any place that she wants to. She gets up on her hands and knees alot and rocks back and forth, but just has not quite got the crawling thing down yet, but she pushes herself backwards and loves how quickly she can travel on our wood floor. She loves playing with toys and with Caden and he is sharing very well and loves entertaining her. Christmas should be a blast with our two munchkins!


Hello Mr. Bear!

Brynn managed to scoot herself right under the Christmas tree!

Time with daddy--he is on vacation!--And yes, Caden is sporting a diaper!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Dec. 18th was our 5th wedding anniversary, so Layne and I headed to KC for the night. A big thank you to both grandparents and Aunt Kristi for watching the kids for two nights, because getting two nights of uninterupted sleep and sleeping in was a wonderful present!
Friday night, we packed the kids up and shipped them off, and we just relaxed at home. Saturday, we headed to Kansas City, with lunch in Topeka at Red Robin, a little shopping at The Legends, and then to our hotel which was two blocks from the plaza! I had forgotten how beautiful the plaza was at Christmas time and we could see all the lights from our hotel window. We set out to eat a nice dinner and spent a lot of time walking as we were trying to agree on a dinner place without having to wait hours in line--so we saw many stores and lights as we walked around and ended up eating at Jack Stack's BBQ--Layne was happy with anything BBQ and after waiting an hour for a table, I was happy with just food! We then window shopped and looked at a few stores--trying to stay warm as well--it was very cold out-- and then went to our highlight of the evening--the Melting Pot--for dessert. A plateful of yummy desserts and you dip it all in chocolate! We both really enjoyed that!
We decided to drive down and check out the Power and Lights District in KC--we have heard a lot about it, but had not seen it, so we drove down there and enjoyed all the Xmas lights and walked around that area for a while as well and enjoyed some fun music.
We headed back to Topeka the next morning after a huge free breakfast buffet and watched the movie Blind Side--great show--before making it home to see our family and children!
All in all, we are blessed to have 5 years together, and as we were reflecting back on 5 years, we are pretty proud of all that we have accomplished--a house, 2 cats, 2 children, trips such as Hawaii, CO, Chicago, LA, and Catalina Island, canoeing, whitewater rafting, and 2 successful jobs. We plan to keep enjoying our time together and can't wait to see what 5 more years with bring!

The plaza lights from our hotel window--a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.

Getting ready to go to dinner and walk around the plaza--I really wished I would have worn my tennis shoes instead of my cool boots as my feet were killing me--what we do to look good!

Pretty lights on the plaza (and a car roof)!

The corner where Layne proposed to me 6 years ago.

Having fun celebrating and staying warm on the plaza.

And just for fun--wedding pictures from 5 years ago--enjoy!

The cake and drink.

Our family

The wedding party.

And us--5 years ago!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let it Snow!

Well the snowstorm that the weathermen had promised came through last week, so Mommy got 3 snow days--one with kids, one with kids and husband, and one day all to herself! It sure helped to get house items caught up on and Xmas items done! On Tuesday--the first day of the snow--Caden was outside in the fun by 9:00 that morning. He loved walking in it and also enjoyed sledding--after it had warmed up a little! I did not like the wind chill, but it has been fun having snow on the ground--makes it feel even more like Christmas!

Diving right into the snow!

Brynn enjoyed keeping an eye on her brother and the snow as well.

My men--hard at work cleaning the driveway off!

Layne took Caden on the sled and went a little too fast and knocked him off--I had to remind daddy that he is only 2 1/2 and to slow down a bit. After that Caden decided he would just pull the sled, then he decided to pull mommy in the sled. I know you are all sad that we do not have a picture of that! I then convinced him to let daddy pull Caden and mommy and he loved it. He was good to go after that!

Brynn has her shovel ready and is watching the sledding action.

Ready, Set, Go Daddy!

Our neighbor let us borrow their hilly driveway.

Caden was thrilled with sledding and he and Layne went down that driveway about 15 times.

We piled Brynn on for the ride home and she hung on and was ready to go!

Layne and the kids.

Along with sledding on Saturday, we also decorated sugar cookies with our friends Ryan and Jill. Caden was the sprinkle man and liked decoration a few cookies and then he was done--he was very worried about the big mess we were making, but we convinced him it was ok for today!

Brynn did her best to entertain baby Jack with her toys--Uncle Jake--do you think her bow is big enough?!