Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fun in Hutch!

 This summer, my friend Emily and I and our moms got together in Hutch--we have gotten together in Wichita the last few summers, but thought we would try something new this summer.  We gave the cosmosphere a try----not too bad, but we both agreed that the museum would probably be better enjoyed when the kids were about 4-5 years older, but they all did love the spaceships, planes, and the short movie on walking on the moon.  Plus we were nice mommies and let them all pick out a toy in the gift shop--I think they all got planes or rockets and those were more of a hit than the museum!

 The kids at the museum!

 After the museum, we ate some yummy food at Chiles for lunch and then headed to 
Dillons Nature Center to have the kids run off some energy--and we loved it--plus it is all free!
They have a nature park that is hands-on and interactive--instruments, and a huge sand pile with running water plus a little lake you can hike around and you could even rent canoes or go fishing--the kids were in heaven and played in the sand pit for almost an hour--the adults got some great visiting time in!

 Playing the chimes!
 Digging time!

 Our 4 kids--Bryant, Caden, Owen, and Brynn!

Beth and Emily-friends since 3rd grade, wives, mommies, and teachers--glad we make time to see each other--and most the time we enjoy ladies night out and have dinners without children!
Thanks for enjoying the day in Hutch with us Dalke family :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family and kid pics--May 2012

We have been so blessed to have our friend Mindy take our family and yearly pictures the past couple years!  Mindy, we love your pictures and have many of them hanging up in our house--thank you for your great photography skills and making my kids smile!
Here are some of our favorite pictures from May 2012--we had to work with the wind, but we managed!
Brynn 3 years--weighing in at 30.2 lbs and is 38.5 inches tall--in the 80th percentile for height--she is about an inch and a half taller than Caden was at this age--which is how much longer she was when she was born!  I think she does have some of the Parry genes in her yet!
Caden-age 5 is an average kiddo weighing in at 39.6 lbs (we will just say 40!) and is 
43 and 3/4 inches tall.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th of July celebration started off the week before with making these cool shirts that our cousin Jess had told us about--the kids had a blast--sharpie markers and a medicine dropper with rubbing alcohol!  My shirt is above, Caden's below, and Brynn's at the bottom!

The weekend before the 4th we headed to the Parry Farm for their annual party--kids enjoyed poppers and sparklers, great food, a big rainstorm that came through surprised all of us, but there was still time for a great firework show--and then close to midnight, the electricity went off for about an hour--always some excitement on the farm!

Popper time!

Watching cousin Jamie do fireworks.

Sparkler time!

One of my favorite pictures--love the smiles--Happy 4th of July from Caden and Brynn :)

We had our church group and parents over for the 4th of July--Terri and Craig surprised the kids by coming in the afternoon and taking them to the movie Brave.  When they got back--Grandpa on the farm pretended to be asleep so the princess could kiss him and wake him up--they love this game!

We ate some great food and then the kids dove into the slip n slide!

The grandparent, mom and I enjoying the water entertainment!

Time for some fireworks!

We love the Leonard Family--between Layne and Rustin--we had some good entertainment!


Brynn paraded around in her swimsuit most of the evening--bringing people pretend food and drinks--she has quite the imagination!

Sydni would dump all her poppers out of the box and do a little dance to pop them--loved it!

One more round of sparklers!

Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July--we did!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wheat Harvest 2012

One of all of our favorite parts of the summer is heading to the Parry Farm to help cut wheat.  Aunt Janell, Uncle Jake, and Jake's dad Rick drove up from Colorado and surprised us with a visit, so Craig had more help then he knew what to do with--which is great!  

Aunt Kristi is getting Brynn all ready for harvest---1st time for braids all the way down--now Aunt Kristi just needs to give mommy lessons!

The new combine--it even had a computer program in it that gave great info--Layne had to study up on it the night before!

Farm dog Buffy enjoying the shade and all the activity.

My Farm Boys!

Jacob and Janell's puppy--Duke--came to visit!

Miss B needed to see what was all going on!


This little lady thought she needed to drive the combine--and what could Daddy say!

Big Smiles!

Kristi, Duke, and the Famous Car!

The Oberheu Family :)

Always something to do at the farm, but cutting wheat is hard to beat!