Friday, December 30, 2011

Church Christmas Program

Oh the joys of the Christmas Program at church! My friend Kelly took this great project in her hands this year and several of us moms pitched in to help. All in all--it was a success--Caden did not want a speaking part, but he got to be the quiet wiseman and sang the songs well. Kelly let all the kids 3 and under be sheep--and that was the entertainment of the night--all the sheep baaing up the church aisle! We were blessed to have both grandparents come for the fun and great grandma came too!
His costume and his gold=very happy boy!

My little sheep!

Ol' wiseman

Singing Silent Night at the end--we got a lot of the program on video tape, which Caden is very into watching!

Brynn--playing her sheep role.

The kids all came back to the stage after the performance so we could all take group pictures.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas clothes and family!

I just love these pictures and they fit the time of year perfectly!

Merry Christmas to all as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and God's Blessings in 2012!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 2011

That time of year again--for our elf on the shelf George to make an appearance--I love the kids' excitment as they search for George's new watch spot everyday--starts the day off GREAT!

Brynn and her pink tree with dancing princesses and lollipops--and other odds and ends!

Caden's white tree with cars, trucks, homemade ornaments, and other bits and pieces!

Caden's tree he made in preschool--he came up with the color scheme all on his own and then we glued on buttons.

Hello Elf George--one of his many spots he sits to watch to see if Caden and Brynn are being nice!

Cookie time--Just had to share a few December pictures before all the celebrating starts.

Merry Christmas to all!

A big Happy Anniversay to my husband--7 wonderful years--we got to celebrate by going to his work Christmas Party, and to lunch and a movie. Plus Layne surprised me with finally merging our wedding video together to make one awesome video for us to cherish and enjoy--I have been hounding him for over a year to get it done and he totally surprised me with it this weekend--he had been working on it over his lunch hour--I may have shed a few tears--but it was a very meaningful present!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preschool Goodies 2011

I had a Friday off from school and got to spend some of it at Caden's preschool. It was such a joy to watch him listen and learn, plus I got to meet his teachers. We love having "couch" time at home on school nights to hear all about his day and what he learned.

Cut and glue time.

Packing up to go home.

All smiles with his teacher.

Layne was able to go to their 1st field trip in Oct. to the Sunnyside Pumpkin Patch.
They learned a lot about pumpkins and had a lot of play time.

"I like this one."

Corn box is a favorite.

Slide time

Caden's preschool class

Two pumpkins just for me.

Then in November, the preschool had family night and presented Stone Soup.
We got some good video of the songs and dance, but they are not wanting to upload on the blog--so stay tuned.

Our little turkey--who was super excited that his grandparents and Aunt Kristi all got to come see his preschool.

Time for some songs and dance--they performed Stone Soup and the Turkey Trot.

The kids got to help make Stone Soup earlier that day in preschool and we all enjoyed eating it!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

So Grandma and Grandpa Parry brought back Japanese PJ's from their trip to Hawaii and they were a hit, so Caden and Brynn decided they would be great Halloween costumes--we called them their magic jammies! Here they are with our daycare friends--Dorothy and the Lion.
Just the girls...
and just the boys!
Trick or Treating at Daddy's Work--K-Tron
What a smile Caden!
Trick or Treat--check out Caden's braid!
On to trick or trunking at our church--it was a busy day for this mama--Halloween with 1st graders at school and then straight to daycare to pick up 2 very excited kiddos, off to Daddy's work, quick drop off and then went to church to throw our van together for trick or trunking as people are already starting to stop by--I was exhausted to say the least!
Brynn is trying to hula-hoop at our van!
The kids spent most of the evening in our van--dancing, eating, and loving Halloween--the wind kept blowing my decorations--but we were trying for a Hawaii theme!
Some of our favorite church people--Jessa and sweet pea Paxton.
Let's dance--what a look from my daughter--she can give them!
One of my favorite SES families--their dad is our head football coach--so this super mom was tackling Halloween with her boys.
Our friend Woody also came to visit the van--it was a great evening, plus my parents came and took the kids to the mall to trick or treat--they said the Asian people loved their outfits--but both kids were exhausted and in tears by the end of the night because they Needed More Candy and No It Is Not Time For Bed Yet! But Mommy and Daddy said YES-- and won--this round!
Happy Halloween :)
Here are some great dance moves from Caden and Brynn.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumpkin Decorating Time!

We went and picked out our pumpkins, and now let the decorating begin! Caden loves blue and painted a blue pumpkin last year and was determined to paint his blue again this year. Our favorite lady at Sunnyside told Caden that if he put stickers on it and then painted it, his pumpkin would be polk-a-dot! He loved the idea and got right to work!

Daddy and Caden busy painting his pumpkin.

Brynn putting stickers on hers.

Artists at work!

Hi Mom--look at my fingers!

Painting with Daddy.

Then our friends the Webers came over for our yearly pumpkin carving fun.

Jack, Brynn, and Caden painting their pumpkins--and yes, Brynn got purple paint on the wall, but it did come off!

Time to carve--Daddy pulling out the goo!

Caden is watching Jill make her masterpiece.

All of Caden's pumpkins.

All of Brynn's pumpkins.

2 set of toes and all of our masterpieces!

Brynn and Jack

The kids and our art work--and yes, Caden has snow boots on--that boy is SO ready for snow!

All lit up--Layne carved the man face, I did the sparkly cat, and Jill did the acorn!
Happy Fall 2011