Monday, December 30, 2013

10 on Monday

Caden surprised this fall by wanting to play soccer--Layne nor I know much about soccer, but we signed Caden up and lucky Layne also got chosen to coach---Layne spent a lot of time on You Tube learning about soccer and trying to help Caden's team learn about soccer--we had a team of about 6 that LOVED soccer and really wanted to play and then we had about 6 players that would rather look at clouds.  Caden's team did not win any games, but they hung in there and at least scored some goals.  Caden loved it and did a good job!

We also enjoyed going to several home football games at SES this fall--Caden and I loved our matching shirts!

Our 3 sporting their Trojan Pride!

Brynn was elated to go to Princess Camp this summer---she also started dance this fall at 
Tamara Howe's School of Dance--tap and ballet.  We had a bit of a melt down the 1st couple of weeks because Miss Tammy was not her teacher, but Brynn finally adjusted and loves Miss Kandee and looks forward to dance every Thursday--although Princess Camp was pretty amazing in this girl's eyes!

My cousin Allison got married in KC this summer--we headed to Kansas City to celebrate!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

June's Baptism

June was baptized Labor Day Weekend!  I had to have a picture of the cute headband we gave her--her Daddy is a Camo fan!

June is all dressed and ready for her big day--she got a dress from Caleb's Grandparent's and her headband was Lakyn's and Lakyn wore it on her baptism as well!

Honored to be this little girl's Godmother--it was a joy to share prego stories with Kristi and Caleb and be with them the day June was born--being an Aunt is pretty amazing!

Curt and Mary are also Godparents--June will have lots of love and prayers :)

All the girls--dressed up and looking pretty cute!
What a great day to celebrate!

Friday, December 27, 2013

School Days

In August Brynn started preschool at Angel's Academy and goes 3 mornings a week.  Her teacher is Miss Katrina.  We love Angel's Academy--they do a wonderful job with the children and providing a well rounded education as well as learning about Jesus in different activities and readings.

Caden started 1st grade at Southeast of Saline--he is right next door to me--which we both love--I get to sneak in for a hug--but also get to remind him to put his coat on--which he loves!

His reading is improving and his math facts are taking off--he is a very average student and has been making good choices in school and enjoys playing the computers after school with the big kids so mom can get her classroom work done!

Caden gets pretty spoiled with my wonderful co-teachers--and he and Mrs. Anderson get along pretty good and have lots of laughs :)

What a joy to have this guy in school with me--LOVE IT!

Monday, December 16, 2013

11 months!

11 months--here we go--count down to the big number 1 and I am having flashbacks of being
 8 months prego and getting my blood pressure checked once a day--whew--glad we both made it to now safe and sound!

11 months brought our 1st ear infection---and some yucky poos with the ear infection--and then the antibiotics also gave Lakyn runny, yucky poos for several days--but we powered through and all is well now except we are back to waking up several times a night again---I am telling you--Lakyn is high maintenance but her smile makes our days and she also has a fun personality!

Lakyn still just has two teeth, but I can feel the edge of another one coming in on top--I am sure that does not feel good and part of the reason she is waking up again at night!

Lakyn loves grilled cheese and continues to enjoy baked beans and black beans and rice.

Lakyn is just outgrowing her 9 month clothes and is ready for 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers!

We tried out our 1st pony tail!

Can't beat snuggle time with Daddy!

Our college friends--the Eaves Family stopped by on their way home from Thanksgiving and we got a quick picture of Lakyn and Cecilia before they left--the girls are 5 days apart and about identical in size--what cuties!  Thanks for stopping by Eaves Family--always a joy to see you!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Haymond Family Vacation to KC

 The Haymond Family enjoyed a trip to Kansas City in July--Mom and Dad got us a suite at Embassy Suites---which I highly recommend--and we took in some sights!  We started the morning at Crown Center where Layne and Caden tried out Lego Land and the rest of us went to Sea Life--both were great places for families to go see--we loved seeing all the different kinds of fish and Layne and Caden had a blast building in Lego Land.

Not the greatest pictures--as no flash photography--but you get the idea!


 Layne even captured a few moments at Lego Land for me!

 Caden built and raced a lego car!

 Lunch at Fritz's--great train entertainment!

 That evening we tried out our 1st T-Bones Game--we had great seats--right behind the catcher--fun environment--this Mommy spent a lot of time taking Brynn and Caden to go play and then nursing Lakyn--but you can't beat baseball in the summer and they had an awesome firework show at the end!
(Never mind that Brynn did not go the bathroom all night--so we had almost gotten back to the hotel when she started crying that she really had to GO---and of course I think we hit every red light that last few miles---she and I sprinted to the bathroom at the hotel where she peed all over the floor--sigh--we almost made it--lesson learned--take kids to the bathroom before leaving :))



Fun at the park on Sunday--Cooper even got to come play--then we headed to the pool by Brad and Lindsey's house--it was perfect--kid friendly and we all enjoyed swimming and relaxing outside!
We also ate yummy pizza and great Chinese food!

 Monday--we were going to meet our college friends for lunch--but Lakyn woke up with crusty eyes--we did not want to pass the germs--so Mom and I hit a few stores at the Legend's while Lakyn ate lunch and then it was time to go home!

Always fun to make memories with the family!
Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time in KC!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 months!

10 month picture was actually one of the easiest ones that we have taken so far--she sat and smiled and we were done!

This bundle of joy is crawling like crazy--I look away for 1 minute and am searching to find where she is!  She is starting to pull herself to a standing position, but so far, no desire to walk--and that is just fine by me!  
Lakyn is done with baby food and enjoys eating anything we eat--some favorites are:
 Mac and Cheese, baked beans, mashed potatoes, grapes, pears, and crunchies!

Lakyn goes to bed around 8:00 and usually sleeps through the night and gets up between 7:00 and 8:00.
She started waving and saying BYE and UT OH!
Lakyn loves books and also crawling into the kitchen or to Brynn and Caden's room to see what fun new toys she can find!

Grandpa and Grandma on the Farm got the girls cute matching outfits in Vegas--Caden has a cool striped shirt that matches, but can't seem to catch all 3 on the same day!

Layne was feeding Lakyn one night and he started cracking up--she had put the lid on her head and was LOVING entertaining Daddy!

The girls on the farm with Grandma's beautiful mums!

Family Picture time--we caught a few cute ones of this girl and her famous tuck in the lip smile!

Happy 10 months Lakyn!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

2 Summer Mini Trips!

My pictures loaded in the opposite way I wanted them too, but 2 of my favorite trips we took this summer were both less than an hour away---they were great outings for families with young children who just need a little break from the house!  Our Lake Trip was my birthday weekend in September.  We ventured to Kanapolis Lake and had a blast--the kids LOVED the sand and water!  It was hot and the water was cool, and there were not many people there!  Plus Brynn and Caden did not fight for 3 hours straight and that is a miracle!

Lakyn snuggled up with some towels, the umbrella, and her bottle!

Miss Lakyn sat like this for almost an hour straight watching the sand and water--too cute!

 My family and I on my 34th birthday--great times minus the fact that Layne took me shopping with all of our children for some new birthday clothes after our lake adventure---picking out shirts with Caden and Brynn is a whole adventure in itself!

Memorial Day Weekend, we made a trip to Rock City outside of Minneapolis!

You can't beat climbing rocks!


 Sometimes it is the simple things in life!