Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harvest 2010

Last Saturday, we were off to the Parry Farm to help with harvest. Caden was SO excited! He woke up that morning, walked out of his room and said--"Ready to go, Daddy?" Layne told him he had to get dressed first--then as soon as he was dressed-- "Let's go Daddy!" Caden got to help Daddy and Grandpa get the combine ready--which took too long for him--"Time to go cut wheat Grandpa?" --we heard many times, but he got to go help change the oil and then it was finally time to go.

Brynn on the farm.

Drinking out of the jug.

Climbing up to help Grandpa change the oil.

Daddy and Brynn--at the top of the combine.

Checking out her cute shoes.

My little farmer--one of my favorite pictures!

Big wheels Grandpa!

Our kiddos on the combine!

Brynn and I got to ride with Caden and Daddy in the combine for about an hour--then she was done, so we headed back to the house for her naptime and Caden hung out with the guys--loving every minute of it! Our cousin Aero was here helping as well and he took some fun shots of Caden. Caden got no nap, but he loved riding in the combine, the semi, playing in the wheat, and then riding with Grandpa in his tractor.

Caden in the semi.

Playing in Grandpa's wheat--his shoes were full--he kept telling Grandpa that he had rocks in his shoes!

And yes, I did have to drag him away kicking and screaming, but with no nap that day, I knew it was time to go home. He settled in to watch his movie finally, but several times he said to me--"We go back to Grandpa's, Mommy?" Soon was my promise! I asked him what he liked riding in best and he said all of them!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School

We had Vacation Bible School at our church last week and Caden got to go! I taught a couple days and helped one day, so I got to watch and see Caden play and interact with others--it was fun. Our theme was BEES and BEE-lieve in Jesus. Our cousin Conner attended a few days with Caden as well which made it even more fun. We are getting spoiled having Jess, Conner, and Greyson in Salina while they look for a new house near Wichita where Canaan is working. They will probably move later this summer, so we are enjoying cousin time while we can.

Preschool class during story time--Caden and Conner were keeping an eye on picture lady instead!

Snack time--Caden is finally trying more fruit than just apples--he has had grapes, strawberries, and apricots in the last week--woo-hoo!

Yummy Grapes!

Some of the crafts they made--a flower face and he painted the blue bee hive.

A bee character came to visit--and on Thursday a bee keeper came and told the kids about bees and honey--he brought some bees and even held a few--very interesting!

Song--and dance time.

Game time.

Craft time--lots of painting--they painted flower pots and got to plant flowers.

Artists hard at work.

Sunday they had their program--Caden walked up with the others and stood--and that was about it--he turned around and watched the older kids--stood with his arms crossed for another part of the program and then finally at the end--he did make his bees for the last song. Layne and I asked him why he did not sing and he said, "I did not want to sing--there were a lot of people there!" At least he is honest--must of got a little scared, but he never cried and stayed up there throughout the whole program--maybe I should have told him people would be watching, but it was still cute regardless!

Sunday's Program

Buzzing his bees!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Play Time, Water Time, and Daddy!

Part of summer fun is having play dates--Caden and Isak are good friends from our church and we have gotten the boys together several times and hope to continue throughout July!

Running through the slip n slide!

Drawing with chalk.

Just waking up from a nap!

Last Wednesday Aunt Kristi came up and Caden, Kristi, our cousins Jess and Conner and I all went to the new waterpark at Salina--Kenwood Cove. Both boys loved the kid area and Kristi and I each got to go down one big slide, but the weather did not behave--it got really cloudy and windy--which chased off many people, but left us very chilly--so we had fun, but hope to go back again when it is 100 degrees!

Caden's favorite item--the water pistols!

Shooting Aunt Kristi--we had a hard time getting him to leave his gun to try anything else!

Conner and Jess going down the family slide--Caden walked up it, and then walked back down--he did not want to go on the slide--it really surprised me, but he was very happy in the kids area.

Caden riding the whale.

Conner on the frog.

Going down the little slides in the kid area.

Both boys getting chased by Monster Kristi!

Conner and Kristi playing Monster!

Wrapped up and ready to go home--Aunt Kristi treated Caden and I to Bogey's--great way to end pool time!

Daddy with his kids--could not get them both happy and looking at the sametime, but
Happy Father's Day Daddy.
We love your hugs and kisses, wrestling, bathtime, mow time, story time and more.
We all enjoyed spending the day with you--eating icecream was a big treat!
Thanks for all you do!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Salina Riverfest

Every June, Salina has a Riverfest celebration--lots of food, music, vendors, and a kids area. We have enjoyed going the past couple years and ventured out again this year. Thursday is their opening Jam Fest--after chasing both kids around in different directions for about an hour, Layne and I finally bought icecream and parked both kids down to eat some and could relax and enjoy---we are thinking we might enjoy one evening of Riverfest without kids next year! Friday I decided to be brave and take both kids to Riverfest in the morning by myself--we packed the wagon full and headed out--I was not the only one with this idea as the kids' area was packed full. Both kids were wonderful though--they listened well and Brynn was happy to just hang out in the wagon. We played some games and saw some friends! Our cousin Conner was here also and got lost for a bit, which was scary for all, but thankfully he was found--a big sigh of relief to all involved!

Caden and Brynn in the art center.

Caden cutting his art rubbing.

Time for a drink--it was humid and hot.

Trying to make a basket--for a prize.

Taking a break to watch the balloon man--he was excellent!

Brynn eating PB &J--her style!

Our daycare provider and her family worked the dunk tank--Valerie's daughter Cassidy was getting dunked--so Caden was excited to try and get her all wet.
He threw a ball here with no luck...

but they were nice enough to let him push the magic button so Cassidy could get all wet!

Saturday Grandpa and Grandma Parry came up and we went back to the Riverfest for more HOT fun--we enjoyed more games, a weird puppet show, lots of legos, and good food! Before we could enjoy more of the music and the vendors there, it got really stormy--so we headed home. Riverfest 2010 was a fun success!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nifty Fifty!

June 17, my mother-in-law turns 50! A big birthday requires a celebration, so that is what we did on June 6th. Janell and Jake were back to visit from CO, so we planned a surprise party out by the pond. Jake's parent's were also here, so after church we all had lunch and were visiting and then many Sunday afternoons, we take naps--so we were planning on Terri taking a nap so we could get busy--easier said than done as she had to visit for awhile first, but finally when most of us said we were taking "naps" or "going fishing" she went and laid down and the rest of us got busy getting the party ready! The pond was a looking pretty festive by party time--since many of us know Terri's love of vacations, we did an Island theme! When Craig drove her out, she was surprised and enjoyed the party--as did we all! Thanks everyone for coming and helping--we had a wonderful time--85 degree weather in June--not too bad!

The cows were all lined up waiting for the party to start!

Kristi and Caden having a conversation about cows or the pond!

The guests waiting for the party to start.
Two pretty girls!

The guest of honor arriving in an Old Car to celebrate her Old Birthday!

We did the hula dance to welcome her here, but Terri had no idea what we were doing, so we most have not done a very good job!

Curt helping the Old Lady walk!

Janell helping her mom into Hawaii attire and an Island drink!

A wheelchair and an old mailbox plus many other fun presents--some over the hill gifts, some island gifts--all were lots of fun!

Watching all the action!

Terri trying on all her new birthday gifts--I hope someone puts this on facebook for her!

Caden watching Grandma try on her new home-made grass skirt!

Looking cute with lots of plastic leis!

Conner and Caden having a conversation about ladder ball!

Caden enjoyed playing and even hooked the ball a couple time!

Yummy--hotdog and cheese!
Caden waiting patiently for his turn at the outhouse!

Patti and Terri--two great friends!

Buffy even got all decked out!

Caden and Conner getting fishing lessons.

The lessons must have worked--here is Caden's fish with Uncle Jake...

And then Conner caught one too--way to go boys--they were pretty excited!

Greyson and Brynn--we thought the back of the truck would be a great playpen for them--it worked, for awhile!

The Parry Family--and Buffy-Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma!
Terri is treating all of the adults to a trip to Cancun in August--more beach time--we can't wait!

And just so you know--David turned 21 this month as well--so he wore a great shirt and took such a great picture that I thought I had better share--maybe this one will be on facebook as well. Keep Smiling Dave!