Saturday, February 15, 2014


Brynn had her Preschool Thanksgiving Stone Soup Program in November--our family and the Grandparents had fun eating Stone Soup and watching the preschool class perform!

We made a special trip to Morgaville/Palmer in November to see Uncle Clay and meet his girlfriend Kelly--Kelly is awesome and we had fun enjoying the fall weather outside!

Racing on the bales!

Girl love--Avery and Lakyn with Jess--little fuzzy--but cute!

Celebrated the Haymond Thanksgiving the weekend before--we had fun in Salina watching the Christmas Parade of Lights, going on a Carriage Ride, and eating yummy food in Ellsworth.

Went to Great Grandma's in Morganville for Thanksgiving Day--
Lakyn's 1st Thanksgiving--Yum!

June's 1st Thanksgiving!

Brynn and Great Grandma taking her buggy carriage stroller for a walk

Cousins--jumping in a pile of leaves in Aunt Kristi's truck!
Great family time in November!

Friday, February 7, 2014


My kids LOVE when Jake and Janell get to come visit--we are so blessed to see them as often as we do considering they live 13 hours away---fun pictures with Nell and Jake in August.

Practicing her cheerleading moves!

November marks Grandparents Day at SES--we have it every other year and it is a BIG deal--we usually have over 400 Grandparents that come spend about 2-3 hours at SES with their grandchildren--they do a few classroom activities and eat lunch with the kids and then call it a day---it is very stressful and busy for the staff--but the joy on all the faces make it worth it!

Both Grandparents came to see Caden--the Grandparents are great about sharing the love with other kids that need a grandparent for the day!

Caden teaching the Grandparents how to do Bal-A-Vis-X--balance, auditory, vision, exercises!
Making memories!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Oct. Birthdays

In Oct. Uncle Curt turned 50 and we got to go to Cuba, KS for his surprise celebration!
Here are Curt with his brother and sisters that came along with Grandma--Curt's Mom.

Uncle Curt with all 3 kiddos!  What a job!

Cuba had a fun park to go play at right across the street which helped keep the kiddos entertained!

50 and he can still go down slides!  Curt and Mary showed up and watched a few of Caden's soccer games and sometimes Layne gets called to run to Lowes for Curt to get him a water heater, or a part, or a new camera--you never know what Curt might ask you to do, but we know he would do anything for us in a heartbeat!
Glad we could celebrate with you Curt!

Grandpa helping Lakyn down the slide!

Always time for Daddy Love!

We also got to have a yummy birthday dinner with my Dad in October--Caden picked him out a eyeball bouncy ball--just what every Grandpa wants!

And Aunt Kristi Turned 30 in Oct.--the kids had fun making her sign!

Lots of celebrating to do in Oct.--woo-hoo!