Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cattle Drive

The end of Sept. always seems to be beautiful weather and many activities to choose from. Salina has Smoky Hill Days, Clay Center has a big gathering, and so does Ellsworth. This year, Layne played in a softball tournament so the kids and I headed to Ellsworth to see Grandma and Grandpa and watch the cattle drive down Main Street.

The horses with the American flags and the covered
wagons were the start of the cattle drive.

Brynn got out her pink boots for the occasion--watching the cows with Grandpa.

And here they come--several hundred cows all walking pretty calmly down the middle of Ellsworth, KS

The cowboys took them all the way to the end of the road and turned them around in the park and brought them back down Main Street again. Brynn "mooed" at them--a lot--super funny!

Cows of all shapes and sizes.

Caden wanted to take a picture of the poop--there was a lot of that too!

About a week later, we made a quick trip back to Ellsworth for my Dad's birthday--the big 65! Grandma spoiled us rotten with yummy meatballs and potatoes and of course homemade ice cream and cake!
We loved celebrating with you Dad!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KC Time

We had not made it to a Royals Game this summer yet, so decided to have a treat in Sept. and headed to KC for the weekend! We headed to Topeka on Friday night and stayed with my good college friend Sarah. She and her friend Bret spoiled us rotten with yummy breakfast casserole, good laughs, and drinks. Sarah has a large basement for kids who need exercise-which was awesome, but after breakfast the next day my two pulled out all the stunts with Brynn licking Sarah's wall (who only knows!) and both kids wiping their washed, but wet hands down Sarah's glass front door--our cue to head out the door!
Our next stop was at the Legend's for shopping at the BIG Target and eating yummy tacos at a very slow Taco Bell--we did all of this while dodging rain--as much as we needed rain, I was a little bummed it rained on our weekend of fun, but we managed! My good friend from high school, Melissa and her husband Byron, and had baby boy this August, so we drove to their house to meet Blake. Melissa has a wonderful park close by their house--so we had great intentions of Caden and Brynn heading to the park to play so I could spoil Blake, but it was raining, so plan B--all of us spoil Blake and Caden and Brynn entertain themselves at Melissa's house by playing with the baby toys, driving their hotwheel cars, and picking and yelling at each other--another proud moment! They both were super sweet with Blake though and got to love on him! After an hour of fun with the Spencer's, we got back into the van to head to our hotel for naps!

Here is Blake Adam--every last inch--super cute!

Brynn or Caden took this picture of Melissa, Blake, and I--not bad, but could use a little zoom-in action!
After naps--we put on our Royals gear and headed to the shuttle that took us across the street to the Royals game--and good news--it stopped raining!
We met my family there and settled in to enjoy some baseball!

Brynn giving a cheese, and eating her cracker jacks with Grandma and Grandpa!
Layne got 5 seats right by the 1st base side and then he and Caden got tickets out in left field to try and catch a homerun ball--they got REALLY close, but no luck!

Brad and Lindsey--so awesome to have them right in KC! Lindsey and I came bundled up--after going to a Cubs game in May and freezing--we were taking NO chances at the Royals game, but it was just perfect!
The cool GREEN Royals hats they gave away that night--it was 1/2 way to St. Patty's day--so we were celebrating in style at the "K!"

One of my favorite Royals players--Billy Butler.

Our family all in our Royals gear and enjoying baseball.

A few dance moves.

Gotta have a hotdog when you go watch baseball!

My family at the Royals Game--this might be a yearly tradition--we had a wonderful time--and by next year--Brad and Lindsey will be all moved in and settled in their new house!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday in Morganville

We all enjoyed our Saturday in Morganville, and then we got surprised and had more fun on Sunday. Great Grandma had told us on Saturday that a big group of motorcyclists were going through Morganville around 12:30 in memory of 9-11. They were doing a tour of many small towns in the area and would drive through Morganville around 12:30 with a stop for a moment of silence and prayer. She invited us down to her house to watch the action, so that is where we headed right after church.

Several groups of friends gathered with us at Great Grandma's House and some members of the community were handing out small American Flags to wave. Brynn and Caden really enjoyed that!

Love this picture of Layne and Brynn--we had parked our van at the edge of the driveway to sit and watch the action.

Shortly after 12:30 we saw the fire engine leading the motorcyclists in--we were looking into the sun, so pictures were not the best, but it was an amazing sight to see--the motorcyclists just kept coming and coming! Caden thought there were around 25 :)--really more like 200-250!

Here were the leaders of the pack.

The crowd of friends and family gathered to watch all the action and be proud Americans!

Thanks Grandma Grandma for letting us party with you!

The motocyclists all lined up in the park and along the street for the short service--the motorcylcists all had American Flags and yellow ribbons on their bikes in honor of 9-11.

Admiring all the cycles on the way to the park for the cermony.

After the moment of silence and prayer--the cyclists got back on their bikes and headed to the next small town--it was a beautiful day and a great tribute to 9-11. I am so glad we got to be a part of it!

Then FINALLY after naps and playing with the farm kittens--Grandpa and Grandma Parry arrived home from Hawaii--and of course brought back presents. I am totally ruining my Halloween surprise, but Caden and Brynn LOVED the Japanese PJ's that Grandpa and Grandma brought back so much that we have decided to let them wear them for Halloween.
Layne and I were not sure if telling people that our kids are Japanese people would go over too well, but Caden saved us with his idea. He has been calling them his magic jammies, so we thought they could say they are "magic" people--even though Caden has a beanie hat with a braid down the back and I am totally putting chop sticks in Brynn's hair!

Grandma and Grandpa were floored with how much the kids LOVED the PJ's--they had just boughten them on a whim--but they were a BIG hit!

Even time for a quick hug!

Some cuddle time with Grandpa--in his Japanese PJ's holding American Flags--just makes you smile!
We are so glad you are back safe and sound Parry's--it was crazy and quiet being in your house and Morganville without you!