Monday, March 25, 2013

Topeka Trip!

On March 10th, Lakyn and I headed to Topeka for a girls day with some of my college friends!  The weather in Salina was nasty--cold, blowing snow and sleet--so we took it slow and easy for about 10 minutes and then all was ok except for that nasty wind!
Our friend Sarah was the hostess and her sister, who is also our friend, Jacque is living with her now too as she started a new job in Kansas at KU--woo-hoo!
So five college friends, 3 babies--all girls--born in the last 6 months--made for good conversation and laughs--and we also enjoyed some yummy Mexican food!
Here are the babies--Cecilia, Hayden, and Lakyn-
-I love the above picture--I think Hayden is saying TAA-DAA!

They all have a little smile--it is harder than you might think to get all babies to smile at the same time!

Miss Hayden-born in August

Miss Lakyn born in Jan.--cute outfit was from the Allen Family :)

Miss Cecilia was also born in Jan.

The Mommys and their daughters
Tiffany and Cecilia, Mindy and Hayden, and Beth and Lakyn

Hayden was very interested in the smaller babies!

Our favorite hostess--Sarah and Jacque loving on Lakyn--Sarah was bummed that she had a cold--so she did not get to love on the babies as much as she wanted, but we had a great visit and fun with the babies!
Until next year--if not sooner......Girl time is wonderful!

Monday, March 18, 2013


February 10th, we had Lakyn baptized at our church--Christ the King Lutheran Church here in Salina.
She wore the baptism gown that mom wore, I wore, and Brynn wore!
Cute headband was from the Allen family and the blanket was one either my mom made or my 
Great Aunt--pretty cute combo!

We jazzed up the outfit a bit with cute tights--the weather was chilly and cute slip on sparkly, pink shoes!

Ready to go!

Pastor Geske and Lakyn--Pastor was out of town until Saturday and was going to take a break and not preach on Sunday--but when he found out about Lakyn's baptism, he agreed to come back to do her baptism for us--so thankful he would do that!  We also had the Praise Band play that day--which I love--so great service with friends and family and as Brynn said--"Our baby was so brave--she did not even cry!"  Very true--Lakyn was perfect!

Our family, Pastor, and Lakyn's Godparents

Lakyn's Godparents--David, Layne's brother, cousin Canaan and his wife Jess

Love this picture---Conner having a conversation with Jess and Lakyn!

The Grandparents

Aunt Kristi and Uncle Caleb--getting some good practice in before baby Davis arrives in August!

Great Grandma Dorothy

The cousins and their daughters--we have a very similar picture of Layne and Canaan holding Caden and Conner about 6 years ago!

Jess and I and our girls :)

We had a potluck meal afterwards at church with our family and our YABS friends from church--tons of good food!

Once again, Layne floored me with his artistic work on Lakyn's cake--a beautiful dove in honor of her baptism.  Caden had a Bible, Brynn a cross, and Lakyn a dove!  Way to go Layne!

Welcome to God's family Lakyn Marie Parry--what a special day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

2 months old!

2 months old on March 8th--time for the bear picture--and we are full of smiles!

Cute outfit and sister time!

 Awesome Lakyn shirt that Aunt Nell made!


Loves her swing, the mobile on the swing, and looking at herself in the mirror!

Smiles for Daddy--look at those dimples!

You can even look cute while taking a nap!


Cheering on the Jayhawks in basketball--love her expression here!

2 month stats---
Weight: 10 lbs and 3 oz.
Length:  22 inches long
Percentile:  Lakyn is in the 25th% in both weight and height!

Lakyn is still nursing about every 2-3 hours---at night we get about one stretch that is 3-4 hours and then she is like clockwork and back to every 2 hours---so hoping that improves soon!
Her poor little face broke out in baby acne this month---my only baby that has had acne--it is not pretty, but Lakyn is still cute--can't wait for that to go away!

She has been fussy in the evenings lately--loves to be held and to bounce--I think she has an upset/hurting tummy, so hoping gas drops and gripe water help soothe her and make her feel better!
She is getting much better about sleeping in her crib, but we still use the bouncy seat as well.

We got to go to Caden and the 1st grade Valentine's Day Party and Valentine's Day was Lakyn's 1st official Holiday.  We made it out to school, ate lunch with Mommy and Daddy, and had a family trip to Yogurtini!

Happy 2 months Lakyn!

1st Valentine's Day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow Party!

11 and a half inches of snow in Salina, sometimes blowing snow and some black ice resulted in 5 snowdays, a lot of cooped up kids, movies, tv, Wii, painting, play dough,naps, and a YABS sledding party!   Above is our group of friends on top of the dike--luckily the road was close by so some of us mamas could watch the fun from the van!

Love this idea--2 boys on the sled, and Caden hanging on the back--he rode down the hill like this many times loving it!

There they go!
 Snowballs and more sledding--the adults had just as much fun as the kiddos!

Rolling time with Daddy--and Brynn does have a big grin on her face!

Lakyn's first snow--and yes, you can take a 6 week old who is your 3rd child sledding!--I promise she was bundled up, went down the sled with Daddy once, Mommy got to sled one time, and then it was off to the van to enjoy the fun from a distance!

Ready to sled and Lakyn and Daddy going down the hill!

Caden had to decorate a snowman for school with the help of his family--Layne and Caden explored Layne's shop and found some fun items--and of course we had to have glitter as well--way to go Daddy and Caden--your snowman is super cute!

Snow is fun--but we enjoyed it and now Spring can come!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A couple of Firsts

Lakyn's 1st bath at home--I am so blessed that Layne is the BATH KING--something he has pretty much done from day one is give all the kids their baths--a little break for Mommy is always a blessing!
Lakyn was quiet for about 1 minute and then cried through the rest--Brynn and Caden were very confused about why she would cry at bath time :)  

!st time going to church!
1st time to wear--Big Sister T-shirt!