Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It was so nice to have a break from work and enjoy the holiday with family and friends! We ate well, got some shopping in, took a couple of naps, and started putting up all the Xmas decor. Our family spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Parry house in Morganville. Thursday morning led to some excitement as it was decided that today was the day to cut down a huge tree at Grandma's house. I missed the excitement, but got in on the picture fun afterward--between saws, tractors, and people, the tree fell down. Caden was scared with all the noise, but afterwards was super excited that Daddy pushed down that tree! Only at the Parry's do people cut down huge trees on Thanksgiving!

Grandma Dorothy Parry with her fallen tree and most of her children and their spouses!

Caden and daddy on the fallen tree.

Kristi and her one and only--Buffy dog!

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Brynn--now let's eat some sweet potatoes and rice!

2 of a kind!

The Lady of the House going first for a change!

Caden with his pal Buffy.

You are in charge Uncle David!

Hanging out with cousin Sarah while the grown-ups were raking leaves.

Aunt Mary is showing cousins Caden and Mason how cute they are!

Besides cutting down a tree, the Parry family also put in a new swing door for Grandma.
Busy, Busy Bees!--and did I mention raking leaves?!

Caden and Mason had a blast playing in the leaves.

Brynn got some outside time as well with cousin Amber.

It was a long day--finally a short nap with Grandma.


Some shopping, some naps, and time to put up the Xmas lights--Caden was a big help telling daddy where to put the lights and Brynn supervised. Caden is already facinated by Christmas and all the lights and trees. The joys of a 2 1/2 year old!


Saturday took us to Ellsworth for Thanksgiving with my parents. Once again we ate well, watched some football and spent time at the park. Layne and I also got to enjoy their new hottub. We are sure thankful for all our family!

Brynn and daddy reading the newspaper.

More chewing time.

Time to play tractors--play Grandpa play--we may have heard that once or twice!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving break--how far away is Christmas?!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Byrnn--7 months

Wow--7 months old!
No Dr. appointment this month, so unofficially Brynn weighs around 16 pounds. Just this weekend we felt the sharp edges of her 2 bottom front teeth coming in--that poor girl has been chewing on anything and everything all day long, so I am sure having these teeth come in will be a big relief!
Brynn is eating baby vegetable food once to twice a day, cereal once or twice a day, and she has started eating puffs as well--she is like a little bird with puffs--if you feed them to her, she will eat them--she can pick them up great, but can not quite get them into her mouth.
Brynn goes to bed around 8:00 and usually sleeps til 6:30ish. She is still full of smiles and loves playing in her activity center and watching Caden. She is rolling and scooting all over and loves bath time--especially splashing! I am sure crawling is just around the corner!

Caden through a fit that he could not be in Brynn's 7 month picture, so after he had calmed down, we took some of them together--Brynn looks like she is going to give her brother a run for his money!
A side note on Caden--Layne took the kids to the Parry Farm a couple of weekends ago and Caden rode with Kristi in the combine for about 3-4 hours straight--he loved it and I was very impressed that he could sit that long! I think he and Aunt Kristi were both pooped when they finished as Caden fell asleep on the way back home and that does not happen much anymore!

Brynn and her love of toes still amaze me--feet in her mouth happens several times through out the day and just cracks us up!

Family Time!

With the nice days getting fewer and shorter, we grab each outside moment that we can!

Caden loves his Tonka truck and he wanted to make sure Brynn could see his truck. Most of the time he is a wonderful big brother and loves showing Brynn everything!

A good family friend in Ellsworth made Brynn this cute stocking hat--she was such a great model!

What a happy girl--and loving being outside--just like her brother!

Family Pics 2009
Once again, it is Christmas card season, so I had my friend Mindy come to Salina to take some pictures of us. As always, she did an amazing job and Grandma Parry came along to help get two children to look at the camera--and maybe to smile. She had some great dance moves by the way! Although I did not get my dream picture of both kids looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, we got some wonderful pictures to keep.
Stay tuned for Christmas cards!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ladies Day Out!

Recently, I and several of my college friends turned 30--or are getting ready to turn thirty. To celebrate, we made a trip to Rock Haven Spa, near Hays, for a day of pampering! The setting was beautiful--in the country, in the middle of trees and hills, and the spa was very classy! We were treated to our own changing rooms, champagne, big fluffy robes, and a trip to the hot tub with cheese, crackers, and muffins.

Mindy, Beth, Sarah, and Tiffany--we have our drinks and are ready to be spoiled!

All decked out in our robes and ready for the hot tub.

Outside by the hot tub that was in a nice, secluded area--we got time to relax, eat, and talk before our massages.

Our yummy brunch at the hot tub.

All four of us are just out of the steam room/shower and ready for our hour long massages.
I had never had a professional massage before and I really enjoyed it--as did we all--
Amber, we missed celebrating with you, but I think we would all be happy to meet here and celebrate again soon!-

Leaving Rock Haven Spa--totally refreshed and relaxed and ready for lunch at the Brewery in Hays. What an amazing time with friends and what a way to celebrate turning 30!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fun!

With this amazing weather that we have had the last couple weeks, we thought it was time to get some yard work done. I had been promising Caden we could play in the leaves, and he loved the idea! Layne and Caden mowed, and used the leaf blower to create a big pile. We then buried Caden and the mower in the leaf pile--Brynn just hung out in the stroller and enjoyed all the action. Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

What a lot of leaves to mow Daddy!

Time to bury Caden--and the mower!

So much fun!

Time to get back to work.

Such a happy girl watching the world go by!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween was a lot of fun this year--Caden is already asking to go Trick or Treating again--he loved it! Friday, Layne's office had trick or treating, so I took the kids after school. When I loaded them into the van after picking them up from Valerie's, Caden keep saying, "Trick or Treat, smell my feet!" He learns so many wonderful things at daycare! When we got to Premier, he was a little shy at first, but I made him say trick or treat before he could get any candy and by the end, saying those words were no problem and diving into all the candy bowls were not a problem either! It is always fun to show the kids off at work.

Our family trick or treating at Premier Pneumatics.

Caden picking out his candy.

One more treat--please mom!

Mom said yes--thank goodness this boy likes chocolate!

Our little baseball player--he had to sleep with his mitt the night before.

Saturday, our church gave trick or trunking a whirl and it was a big success. The weather was amazing, and about 12 of us decorated our trunks and invited everyone to come trick or trunking at our church parking lot. We are right across from the mall and we were busy the whole 2 hours. We think we had around 150 people, so we were happy to have our first time hosting this event be a success. Layne and Caden cleaned the Mustang and decorated it, and Layne had a blast showing off his car. Caden enjoyed trick or trunking--and the treats of course, and then he spent the last hour helping our friend Steve with his putt-putt golf trunk and chased all the golf balls that were missed.
When I laid Caden down for his nap on Halloween, I promised him we would go trick or treating when he woke up--after I left him in his room, I heard him singing "trick or treat" over and over again for about 10 minutes. Needless to say, naptime was shorter than it usually is--oh well!

Layne's mustang at trick or trunking.

What a cute strawberry!

Our baseball player--with a treat of course!

This is one of my favorite pictures--it looks like they are having a conversation!

Say "Candy"

Caden and friend Isak helping Steve with putt putt golf!

Caden has gotten to go watch Layne play softball several times this fall, and he loves it. He watches all the action and if he needs a break, he plays with a baseball or his cars. Downstairs in our computer room, we have several Royals's figures from going to KC Royals game--Caden keeps pointing at them and saying, "There's Daddy." I tell him, that if that were daddy, we would be living in a much different house! Gotta love him.
Happy Halloween Everyone!