Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KC Royals Game

Every summer we try and go to a Royals Game with my parents. Layne hooked us up this year with some awesome tickets. A friend of his at work had tickets 4 rows up from Royal's dugout and a parking pass--so awesome seats for free and the Royals broke their 10 day losing streak and won! The stadium has been redone and is wonderful--Caden loved the play area and he did well at the game. It was so much fun to get to walk back by the fountains now. Byrnn still was not crazy about all the noise, but she survived-we took turns hanging out with her--not many 3 month olds can say they have been to 2 major league baseball games! Royals were celebrating Christmas in July, so we now all have blue Royal's stockings!

Caden and Grandpa Haymond with the snowman at the Royal's Game!

Touching the water baseball

My favorite picture--Caden loved the water fountians!

The play area

His cool Royals Outfit--thanks for telling us about them Mindy!

The baseball carousel--which he would have loved to ride on again and again!

Brynn and Daddy

The beautiful fountains

Eating a BBQ sandwich with Grandpa--we were all surprised he was eating it!

Caden is ready to catch a ball with his new mitt.

All of us at the game!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Byrnn 3 Months

Everyone is always telling me how much they look alike--what do you think? They are siblings, that is for sure! We did not have a DR. visit this month, so unofficially, Brynn weighs around 11 pounds, and is around 23 1/2 inches long. She is busy smiling, cooing, and loves music. She is pretty activity on her playmate and has sat in her bumbo seat a couple times. Most nights, she is sleeping through the night, but if she does get up, it is only once--so we are almost there--thank goodness as mommy goes back to work on the 13th!

Friday, July 24, 2009

St. Louis Vacation cont...

Visiting a Wildlife Refuge in St. Louis

Wading in a creek--Caden thought the water was great!

Checking out the creek.

One more view of the arch!

Thanks Canaan, Jess, Conner, and Greyson for letting us stay with you!

On Sunday, we all enjoyed sleeping in. Jess and Canaan live near a Wildlife Refuge, so we visited that on Sunday afternoon. It was a very peaceful spot and we saw turtles and snakes--both in the water--thank goodness! Then we went to a creek and waded in the water and let the boys throw rocks. We ended our vacation in St. Louis with icecream from DQ. Caden does love icecream--so Parry family--he will be allowed to stay in the family. That boy can almost down a small chocolate shake--what a good boy! And thank you Grandma Haymond for introducing him to chocolate shakes! We stayed the night in KC Sunday and got home on Monday--as always--great to go on vacation, but always nice to be home!

St. Louis Vacation cont...

Saturday we journeyed to the Magic House or Children's Museum--and it was a kid's paradise! Items from one end of a house to another full of things to explore and touch. Bubbles, balls, magnets, water, sand, climbing, rocks--you name it--they had it. Brynn, once again, was overwhelmed with all the noise--and it was noisy, so mommy had to take some patient pills and take care of her, but once she had ate and had a diaper explosion--she was good to go. Caden and Conner loved it! We had to move them along at times, but even the adults--especially the daddy's had a good time. We ate lunch outside to give our heads a break from all the noise, but overall--an awesome place to go to if you have kids!

Caden and Conner in the constuction area trying out a caterpillar.

More fun in the constuction area--both boys really liked this part---moving rocks!

Caden is using a tube to make bubbles.

Helping mommy make a big bubble--the bubble room was a big hit!

Making music--see what I mean about noise!

Pounding the pipes with daddy using flip flops.

Trying out the water table.

So many buttons to push--a kid's dream!

Canaan showing the boys how to explore in the ball room.

St. Louis Vacation cont...

Baseball time--Friday night we all went to the Cardinal's baseball game. We got stuck in a lovely big city traffic jam, but made it to the stadium right on time. Our seats were out in the left field area with a great view. We got to see 3 homeruns and the Cardinals won. Brynn was not crazy about the noise at first, so she and I bounded with walking and then of course she got hungry--so I did not get to see as much of the game as I wanted, but what I saw, was great! So we got to see a new stadium--Caden and Conner sat and watched the game really well and when we left, Caden told Layne--"I like baseball daddy" and "I like fireworks." --as fireworks went off after homeruns and when they won. We are so glad that he likes baseball!!!

Entering the Stadium

Lots of red and lots of fans!

Our group at the game--looks like Brynn got cut out, but believe me--she was there!

Our view--and several balls were hit out our way!

Our family at the Cardinals Baseball Game

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

St Louis Vacation

Our first vacation with two children--it did have some ups and downs, but it was nice to get away and see a new area. We stayed with Layne's cousin Canaan, wife Jessica, and their two kids Conner age 2 and Greyson--2 and a half months--it was quite a challenge getting all of us out the door in good time, but we managed and it was wonderful to spread everyone out in a house. We traveled to St. Louis all day on Thursday--with a big lunch break at the Legends to eat and play in the fountains. On Thursday night, we ate BBQ and relaxed. On Friday--Layne entertained the women and children by driving us down to the arch to see the arch and watch the boats near the river--the big boys thought the arch was "big" and loved the boats--we all needed naps when we got back to get ready for some baseball that night!

Caden enjoying the fountains at the Legends!

Daddy and Brynn supervising the fountain playing and trying not to get wet themselves.

The St. Louis Arch--from the outside--look at the beautiful clouds!

Naptime with Daddy!

Greyson and Byrnn--about 2 and a half weeks apart--Jess and I got asked several times if they were twins--they are about the exact same size--I was wondering later who they thought their mom was since Jess and I were each holding them!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Seeing and interacting with the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Parry and Aunt Kristi for taking me to see the animals--even in the heat!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brian and Helene's wedding

Layne's cousin Brian got married this past weekend at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Brian is in the Marine's, as is his brother Michael. The cermony was outside, beautiful, but very hot! While they were exchanging their vows, a giraffe came over near the fence to take a peek--pretty cool--and not every wedding couple can say that! Brian and Helene also cut their cake with his military sword. Our good friend from college Matt and his family own this wildlife park, so it was wonderful to see him, his wife Lisa and son Luke. Animal pictures coming soon!

Brian, groom, and best man Michael, walking mom, Brenda to her seat.

The wedding

Great wedding party picture by the beautiful water feature!

The Muller family

And the dance--the groomsmen did the YMCA and Caden had to be a part of it!

Pool Time!

We have had a couple chances to go swimming this summer. Layne and I got the chance to take Caden to the Ellsworth Pool at the end of June. Caden gave the big tornado slide a whirl and loved it, so Mommy and Daddy got their workout going up and down the stairs to take Caden on the slide many times. Grandpa H. also got the chance to take Caden as well. His other favorite thing to do was to play catch with a squishy ball. Caden was very fascinated by the diving boards, but Mommy was not quite ready to go there yet.
I was so excited to find Brynn a little swimsuit that I have been dying to get on her. I finally got to this weekend. She was in a fussy mood, so no smiles, but no crying either--but man did she look cute! Aunt Kristi also got some pool time/jump time in our little pool with Caden this past weekend!

Grandpa H. and Caden--down the slide and under the water!

The tornado water slide in Ellsworth

I love jumping Aunt Kristi!

First swimsuit and first time in the pool!