Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aug. 5th 2013

Earlier this year, Kristi and Caleb face timed with us and left Brynn with a special message to tell us--except then Brynn forgot what that message was, so then Kristi had to tell her again, and by then I had it figured out---Kristi had a baby in her tummy!!  Pretty exciting for this family to celebrate our 1st niece or nephew and cousin!

In June, Adriane, Jess, and I threw Kristi and Caleb a baby shower--Baby Davis's gender was a surprise, so Layne made the baby cake like a quilt with a variety of colors!  So glad he can decorate cakes so well--it comes in handy!

Above, Kristi is holding one of the burp rags from me--I picked a lot of different, fun, material, like camo, owls, polka dot, KU, and K-State and mom sewed them all up for me to give to Kristi!

Below is the blanket that mom knit for baby Davis.

Brynn was all about helping to unwrap all the gifts--here is the stroller and carseat that the Parry Family gave Kristi and Caleb!

The cute fruit buggy that Terri made!

Then on Aug. 5th, I received a text around 6:30ish in the morning that today would probably be the day--I knew Kristi had been having contractions off and on all weekend, so I was excited to call her and find out the scoop---the scoop was that her contractions were every 3 minutes apart, she was NOT feeling good, was slightly grumpy, and was worried that the hospital would send her home--not the case!
Mom and Dad were gracious enough to come watch our 3 kids while I headed to Mahattan around 11:00 to go be with Kristi and Caleb--by then, Kristi had had an epidural and was like a brand new woman--those drugs are amazing!  Caleb was one thankful husband!

So I hung out with Kristi while Caleb went to lunch with his parents, we talked, updated family, Kristi texted, and talked to family as well--the Parry's were on their way home from Hawaii and Jake and Janell were in KS visiting some friends in KC--so Baby Davis had some great timing!
We found out Kristi was at a 7--so Caleb hurried back from lunch to finish out the waiting game!

Around this time, Kristi got a call from a lawn company to see about some sprinklers for their yard and about some new grass in spots--I was floored that she was having this conversation with this guy while she was in labor, but she said she had been waiting for several weeks to talk to him, so why not now!  About this time, Kristi got to a 10 and it was time for action--Caleb kicked me out, so his parents and I hung out in the lobby answering phone calls and texts from family members and putting in our final bet rather it was boy or girl, time of birth, and baby weight!  I won many of the categories, but right at the end I said boy--even though I was still thinking a good chance of a girl--oh well!

Then at 2:52 pm, this little bundle of joy was born--healthy and wide awake ready to Rock the World!
June Marie Davis was a little over 7 pounds and 21 inches long-
-Welcome to our World little June Bug!
Aunt Beth was honored to be there and love on you right away--your big hands and feet floored me and your wide awake eyes made me smile!

Uncle David forgot to get Kristi doughnuts, so I made him go get Kristi a strawberry shake--life is good!

A whole new world is just beginning for these two!

Time for hair washing and bath!

Daddy time!

The Parry Grandparents made it to Manhattan by late afternoon to meet the newest grandbaby!

Wednesday--our whole family came down to meet baby June--Uncle Layne is pretty proud!

Caden and Brynn were both excited too--Caden is not sure about all these girls though...but luckily he still gets to be Kristi's only boy--for now :)

Since all the Parry family were in town--we all got together at Kristi and Caleb's for a yummy supper, time to meet and spoil June, and to see Jake and Janell!  Quite a night for June's 1st night home, but it was sure fun to see everyone!

Great Grandma

The Parry Family 2013

Welcome Home June--you are surrounded by a lot of people who love and care for you and wish you the very best in life--What a great blessing from God!

PS--she has given Kristi and Caleb a good run for their money these past couple months as June is fussy at times and spits up alot, but then she smiles and coos and life is good again!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wow--9 months old!

  Good thing we have a pretty fast camera--as Lakyn would much rather love on the bear than look at the camera and say "cheese!"  

 9 month status:  Height is 27 inches long and in the 25th percentile and weight is 17.5 pounds and in the 38th percentile.  Lakyn is still eating a combo of baby food and people food--gobbled up french toast and macaroni and cheese, and pears, and still loves baked beans.  She drinks 4 oz. of formula during the day and 6 oz. at night and sometimes 1st thing in the morning.  She is great at drinking water out of a sippy cup and started crawling at about 8 1/2 months!  Lakyn was a slow crawler for about 1 day and is now pulling on drawers, chairs, trash and anything she can get her hands onto--she seems a little more adventurous than I remember Caden and Brynn being---and the baby gate is also back up at our house!  Lakyn goes to bed around 8:00--sometimes has one bottle during the night and other times sleeps through the night--she usually gets up around 6:00-7:00 in the morning and a lot of times has a bottle and goes back to sleep depending on if we have to leave or not!  She takes a good morning and afternoon nap and is still full of smiles and sounds--she loves popping her lips and clucking her tongue!  At times she waves and points at us and has started to say Bye and Uh-Oh!


 Lakyn is off and crawling--all about shoes!

Our 1st Trojan Football game--she loved it and fell asleep at halftime--lots to see and she received a lot of attention!

 Happy girl with cute clothes!

Love her princess dress from Aunt Kristi and Uncle Caleb---and we all love her famous smile!

Lakyn is all about playing in the kitchen!

You will see us out walking many afternoons and early evenings in our stroller--loving this weather!

Her pictures just make me smile--blessed!