Friday, September 27, 2013

4th of July and Harvest

 4th of July and Harvest fell about the same time this year--so Brynn, Lakyn, and I went to Ellsworth for the 4th of July celebration there the weekend before while the boys headed to Morganville to farm and then we all headed to Morganville for 4th of July fun and harvest time!

Above--sister love
Below---brother time

The Parry and Ohlde cousins--ages 6 to 6 months!

Our 4th of July Cuties!
 Firework time--love the belly Aunt Kristi :)

 Not the best picture--but our 4th of July outfit!

 Riding the little train in Ellsworth

Harvest time--sometimes you just need to play in the dirt!

 Helping Daddy
 Daddy and his girls--and below is one cute baby!

Mommy's turn--Brynn was not crazy about the wheat!

Awesome picture of Layne, the girls, the wheat, and the blue sky!  LOVE

Let's combine Aunt Kristi!

 Above--equals a 4 year old attitude--and below is all smiles!

Cute farm kids!

 Lakyn's 1st combine ride!
One of our favorite times of the summer--we enjoyed!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lakyn is 8 months!

Thought the watermelon headband was fun with her polk-a-dots!  Thanks Jess Ohlde for a cute birthday favor!

Above is her famous tuck in the lips grin!

Pro at her sippy cup!

  Love, snuggles, and a bottle from big brother!

ADORE this picture---the girls have started taking baths together at night which has been awesome--they both love it and it is pretty easy on Layne and I as well--Lakyn is full of grins grabbing Sis's hair--but Brynn is loving bath time as well!

So what has Lakyn Marie been up to this month......

Eating a mixture of baby food--mainly just fruit and then chopped up people food--she loves noodles, grapes, and baked beans
This past month--Lakyn did a mixture of formula and my milk---I pumped that first week of school but my milk supply dropped and I decided to be done nursing--so used the rest of what I had saved and then switched over to using only formula--loved nursing her while I could--but glad I can still get bottle snuggles in too!

Layne made me do tough love with Lakyn the weekend before school started--the 1st night was hard--Layne had to hold me down not to go into her, but the 2nd night was better and the 3rd night she slept through the night---and that lasted about a week and then she got sick---Lakyn woke up with a fever a week after school started--so thankfully the grandmas were able to come and help us out and love on our little girl--Lakyn still had a fever on Friday--so Layne took her to the doctor--and she had spots in her throat with a virus going around and then on Sunday broke out in a rash--(she had a similar virus in May as well).  Anyways--just got her well and healthy from that and then 5 days later she puked twice in the middle of the night--GROSS!  Luckily it was short lived, but what a way to start off the school year!  

Then the past two weeks she has popped two teeth threw on the bottom--so she is back to waking up once and we are feeding her a bottle and putting her back to bed--she has also had nasty diapers and we did not want her to sleep in you got to do what you got to do!

Hopefully that sleeping through the night thing will return soon!

Lakyn is babbling and talking lots---da-da, ba-ba, and yes, ma-ma (woo-hoo)
Plus she is also making popping noises with her mouth and lips that are fun!
She is SO close to crawling--she gets up ready to go but can't quite get it all together--she can push and roll herself about anywhere though and I never know where I will find her in her bed!

We still get many compliments on how happy she is--and when she is rested and fed--she is happy and will pretty much go to about anyone--at least for a bit!
Lakyn loves sitting and playing with her toys, reading books, and going for rides in her stroller!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Swimming and Golf

These 3 cuties did swimming lessons at Kenwood Cove this summer--it was a good experience--no tears, but Miss B still has a ways to go in gaining confidence in swimming--she enjoys the water--but it takes her a while to warm up and is still pretty clingy at times--I know the more she is in and around water the better she will become!  For now--I am glad she enjoyed swimming and was excited to go every day---Caden was bummed that he just had to sit and watch since his arm was in a cast, but I did get him into a couple nights of private lessons in July and he did fine!

 Here are our good friends Jessa and Paxton who were taking lessons at the same time!

Caden got to take golf lessons for 8 days this summer--it was a great experience---they divided the group into small groups with 4 adult leaders and practiced the fundamentals of golf --even with a broken arm--he did great and the last day putted a hole in one and won a pop--pretty proud!

His good friend Griffin golfed too and the boys enjoyed popsicles on Friday--YUM!