Monday, August 24, 2009

Brynn--4 months

4 months already! Brynn had her 4 month check-up today and we found out that she is a little square--she weighed in at 12 lbs 7 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches long--both in the 25th percentile. Caden weighed more and was longer--I was surprised to go back and see that, but she is still growing strong. Brynn is doing great at daycare--thank goodness--just gets fussy when tired, is full of smiles and coos, loves watching everything and has rolled over from front to back several times. She is still waking up once at night, but eats quick and is back asleep--hopefully she will surprise mom and dad this next month and sleep all night every night! Dr. said that her bottom teeth are just ready to poke through, but that could be tomorrow or in a month or so--we will see!

My favorite little jean skirt, bloomers, and SHOES!

Checking out my activity center--she does not like it for long periods of time, but small doses is great!

I love this hat, but need the perfect outfit to go with it--some fashion queen out there needs to help me!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A day in the Park-times 2

We have been so blessed lately with amazing weather here in Kansas, so we have been out enjoying it as much as possible. Last weekend, I had to go work at school to prepare for my first day, so Grandma Parry and Aunt Kristi came to visit and play with the kids. They went to Jerry Ivy Park and got to see some baby ducks. Brynn was fashion queen with Grandma's sunglasses on--and of course the pacifer!
This weekend, we made a quick trip to Clay Center to see the mini zoo there and enjoyed an afternoon in the park with a picnic supper with the Parry's. We had been telling Caden during the week that Aunt Kristi was looking at a house and was going to buy a house. He got it in his head that we were going to go see Kristi and her house. From the moment he got up on Sat. all we heard was "Go see Kisti-- Go see Kisti house"--so we finally decided to head to Clay Center for some outside time and so Caden could get to see "Kisti!" He is also very into his golf clubs right now--he and Layne hit the golf balls about every night and we all got to play golf with him in the park--great present Aunt Janell!

The fashion queen herself with sunglasses and a binky!

Baby ducks were a highlight!

Kristi and Caden watching the ducks in Salina.

Park # 2--feeding the geese in Clay Center--he was not worried about getting bit at all!

Petting the goats--with his golf club in hand!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spaghetti Time!

One of our favorite meals--and Caden's too! Good ol' spaghetti--don't tell him, but we managed to chop up some green beans and hide it in the spaghetti as well. He ate two plates of spaghetti that night and had spaghetti everywhere--I think every kid has a spaghetti picture!

All clean and posing in the tub!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Kristi's pharmacy graduation.

Our family after the graduation--and yes, both kids are in KU outfits!

Proud Parents

Adorable nephew!

Interesting artwork...

Walking down the hill at KU

The official degree!

Aunt Kristi and Grandma Parry came to visit and play with the kids on Saturday so I could go spend some time at school to get ready for 1st graders on Monday. It reminded me that I should brag about Kristi a little since she is know Dr. Parry--Kristi graduated from the pharmacy program at KU in May and passed all her boards, so she is officially a Dr. and also has a job in Manhattan--with a big paycheck! She keeps reminding us that our presents will not be getting any bigger--she is saving for a house.
We made the trip to Lawrence to watch the graduation--Brynn was not yet a month old and it was our first time traveling with 2 kids--we were either late or right on time to everything! It was a beautiful weekend and one of my dreams to watch people walk down the famous hill at KU for graduation. Now that I know what to expect, I will go a little more prepared if any other family member graduates from KU as it is a very crowded event, but what an amazing experience! This was also Brynn's first overnight trip--thanks Sarah for hosting Brynn and I.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brynn in her glory!

We had some fun taking some pics of Brynn lately. She is usually full of smiles until she gets tired and then she is cranky. Caden and Brynn started back at daycare this week. The both did ok--Brynn's first day was a little tough and she did not sleep much, but she came home that night and slept from 9:00-7:00--that was awesome. Her second day was much better, but Caden did not sleep much! Slowly but surely, we will all get back on track--I am home today for one final mommy day and school meetings start tomorrow with kids on Monday.

What a little ham!

Tummy Time!

Loving our baths.

Always chewing and drooling right now--teeth are getting close!

Get out of my bumbo Isabel!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Play Date

The joy of being boys--we had a playdate at the Allen house last weekend. Brynn had a fever, so Layne stayed home with her, but Caden and I enjoyed our time in MAC. The boys played baseball, football, golf--watching them hit the ball--or not hit the ball was pretty entertaining, and then enjoyed the water table. Caden always looks forward to playing with Carter and we are so lucky to have them close by.
Before we went to MAC, Layne took Caden to the open house at the bombing range here in Salina to see the big planes and helicopters. Caden enjoyed most of the experience, but it did get loud for him at times. He told me "Daddy hold my ears, it was loud, big planes mommy!" I love hearing him talk!


Water Table


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brother and Sister Times

Life with two children is never dull--most days, Caden is a wonderful big brother--he likes to get things for Brynn, hold her hand, and give her hugs and kisses. We do have a few melt downs here and there, but it is fun to watch Caden interact with her. Brynn had a fever all last week--made for a long week--it was never very high, just there. DR. thought she had a virus or possibly working on teeth as her teeth have moved up--just not out yet. We are all glad she is feeling better!

Some Bumbo time--Brynn looks sooo excited!

Our bedtime snack--pudding!

What a pretty smile!

Cute PJ's Brynn

Snuggle Time

Going for a ride