Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Church Program--and Santa comes! 2013

 4 of us Moms directed the Children's Christmas Program at church this December!
It went really well and was one of the best Christmas Programs that I remember--and it was the weekend of the BIG snow, but by 4:00 that afternoon people had dug themselves out and the kids performed well!
This year, we also had our Praise Band play with us and we finished the night out with 
The Little Drummer Boy--the kids played their "drums" right along with the band and did AWESOME!

The Wisemen came..with their camel!

Our Angel and Wiseman--and Uncle Jake and Aunt Nell arrived just in time to see the kiddos perform!

Back home--it was time to get ready for Santa to come...feeding the reindeer

Hanging the Santa Key

Just a couple cookies....

 And Santa CAME!

Cute matching jammies from a friend at daycare

 A princess castle!

 Lakyn's 1st Christmas--a baby!

A Wii Wipeout game!

Noah's Ark

And so much more--blessed!