Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun in Morganville

Sept. 10th, we headed to Morganville, KS to join in the 125th Anniversary of this great town! Grandpa and Grandma Parry missed all the fun because they were vacationing in Hawaii so I tried to take a lot of pictures so they could see all the action! Brynn and I dropped Layne and Caden off at the car show so they could get Layne's Mustang cleaned up for the parade and then we headed into Clay Center to our favorite doughnut shop--Tasty Pastry!

Brynn--enjoying every second of her chocolate log!

We brought yummy doughnuts back for the boys and Aunt Kristi and enjoyed looking at the old cars and tractors.

Kristi and Brynn checking out the race car.
It was then time for the Morganville Parade--Jess brought Conner and Greyson up to watch the parade with us. Brynn and Caden chose to ride in the parade with Aunt Kristi in her limo!

Here are the Grand Marshals of the Parade!

An old Morganville Firetruck

Cool old tractors

And here comes the Parry's--we had 4 cars entered in the parade--and they could have done more--we just ran out of drivers! You can see three of them below.

Aunt Kristi's 1989 Black Limo!

Caden, Brynn, and Kristi waving at the crowd!
Layne's Mustang

Craig's Mustang--driven by David Parry

Terri Parry's 2009 Challenger--driven by Curt Parry

The kids loved this big sprayer in front of the Challenger!

One of the floats with Miss Morganville on board--he/she was quite the crack-up!

Grandma Parry's wonderful Lion's Club float.

The parade was almost an hour long so when the kids got done riding in the limo--they ran back to watch the rest of the parade and get some candy action!

The four cousins waiting for candy--Brynn, Caden, Greyson, and Conner

Go get it--CANDY!

How many pieces can my little hands hold!

Caden at the golf game.

Playing with older cousin James in the corn pit.
I think we need a corn pit to play in--the kids loved shoveling and digging in this stuff--and then Caden found out they hid money in happy boy!

Great Grandma and Aunt Kathy helping serve up all the burgers for the BBQ that night!

Caleb, Kristi's fiance, and his roommate Michael were in charge of the beer garden.
I think they were kept busy most of the day!

The evening ended with a great firework show around 9:00 and some good dance music as well. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed our day in Morganville, KS!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Labor Day

One of the few Labor Days that I remember since Layne and I have been together that we really had no plans. We had not seen our Ohlde family in several months and our kids were starting to ask about each other, so we decided to head up to Morganville and Palmer, KS for the day to watch some softball and see the family!

Great Aunt Clarice and Grandma to Conner and Greyson made the kids very happy by providing suckers for all! Here is Brynn and Adriane--enjoying softball and suckers!

The boys having sucker time--Caden, Conner, and Greyson

Stick war--boys are all about sticks!

Follow the leader time on the bleachers--not sure how many times we had to chase them down from going up too high!

The kids and I had fun watching Aunt Kristi, Jess, and Adriane play ball. Layne went golfing with his Uncle's, and then we headed home to spend the rest of the weekend at home--which was nice, except Caden got sick the next day--what a bummer! Puking in Sept. is way to early to be puking! Luckily no one else has gotten the yuck and we were still able to enjoy Mommy's birthday cake and homemade icecream!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Preschool Time

Caden William Parry
4 years old and already for his first day of preschool!
He was very excited and ready to go--which made us parents feel pretty excited too!

His new CARS backpack has been a big hit--he proudly shows us all his papers every day and was super excited last week to have more than 5 important papers to show us! We are trying hard to have some Caden time every preschool night to see his work and to let him tell us about preschool. The first night though, he had to tell Mommy, and then Daddy, and then Grandma called too--so he was about done talking, but I am super happy he is enjoying going to school!

Walking in on the first day!

Say "Cheese"--Caden outside his classroom--Mommy was a little sad that Daddy got to take him on his first day, but Mommy will get all the rest of the years at her school!

Caden and the teacher's aide Ms. Katrina--Layne tried to get Caden to take a picture with his teacher, Ms. Layla, but Caden was DONE with pictures and ready for Daddy to go--so we will have to get a picture with Ms. Layla another time!
So proud of you buddy for loving preschool and for doing your best--keep it up!