Thursday, July 25, 2013

A few fun shots!

 Catching up on a few fun photos---Our friend Asher had a birthday this spring--so we headed to Mac to enjoy the baseball celebration and this awesome dude turning 4!

Above--Caden was pretty excited that they got to spit sunflower seeds!

Asher with his baseball cake and some birthday tunes!

Steve and Pam loving on the girls--Hayden and Lakyn

I think Hayden had something VERY important to tell Lakyn!

Fun snacky food and cake!

My yearly tradition of Brynn and Mindy--both celebrate a birthday on April 22!

Our church does a Mother/Daughter Banquet every year--Mom came up and went with Brynn and I to it--we enjoyed great BBQ, yummy cookies, and were entertained by a Harp Player! 
 We LOVED our girl time!

My  friend Schuyler had a roller skating party and was so nice to invite Brynn--I forget how hard it is to learn how to skate--but we practiced many laps together... and then she was done--I will have to try and take the kids more often as I loved skating when I was kid and Caden has not been yet--so more practice needed, but it was fun to give it a try!

 The best job of being a teacher(besides getting Sonic drinks :))--my students of course--I am one lucky lady to have taught both siblings in these two amazing families! 
Love their attitudes and how hard they work, plus they tell me great stories and give great hugs!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Caden at 6 years and Brynn at 4 years!

 I begged Mindy to take Caden and Brynn's 6 and 4 year old pictures and here are some of my favorites!  Mindy--you are awesome--loved the pictures--thank you so much!

 At her 4 year old check-up Brynn weighed in at 34.8 pounds and is in the 80th percentile or 50th percentile for weight(can't read the nurse's writing:)) and she is 42 inches tall and in the 80th percentile in height as well.
Brynn loves princesses, loves to dress up, loves to sing, read, and loves to draw and color--she will sit at our table with paper, markers, and stickers and work hard for at least 45 minutes!
She has an amazing imagination, tells us great stories, and makes me laugh every day!

Caden weighs 45.8 pounds and is in the 75th percentile and is 46.5 inches tall and in the 50th percentile.
Caden still enjoys cars, trucks, farming, baseball, and golf.  Loves riding his bike--especially with his dad--and is good at math.  Caden is caring and helpful one minute and then smart mouthing the next minute, so working hard on teaching him respect and self-control--if I can keep him busy--life is usually pretty good!  Caden also adores Lakyn and asks for her the minute he wakes up!  He loves holding her and pushing her stroller!

The above picture just makes me smile--Mindy and I loved our little model here!  And what cute shoes from my good friend Schuyler and adorable dress from Aunt Kristi and Uncle Caleb!
My kids love the animal MOOSE(thanks to Aunt Nell and Uncle Jake)--and Moose seems to make a picture or two--so here is Brynn loving on Girl Moose!

And another year flies by...I will have a little girl getting ready for preschool and dance and a big boy getting ready to enter 1st grade--WOW!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6 months--Lakyn's half birthday!

Ta-Da--Lakyn is getting ready to give Vanna White a run for her money!
Happy 6th Months to our What's Shakin Lakyn Bacon :)

Lakyn weighed in at 14 pounds 2.5 oz. and is in the 10th percentile.
She is 25.5 inches long and is in the 45th percentile.

Lakyn and Brynn were almost exactly the same size at 6 months where Caden was heavier and longer--which really surprised me!

Lakyn is enjoying solid food--we have done rice and oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, and pears.  So far doing pretty well eating everything but really loved pears!

She is close to sitting up by herself, but not quite there yet, and she is rolling over like crazy and has currently started rolling over when she sleeps--I think the first time she did it, it scared her, but now she loves it and it doesn't take long before she rolls over and sleeps on her tummy.

Sleep is still a work in progress--some nights it is a good night with her only waking up 1 time, other times it is at least 2 times and some nights--she constantly loses her pacifier and we have to get up to give it to her..she is high maintenance!

She is still doing about 4 oz. in her bottle and eating baby food twice a day, plus we have started to introduce a sippy cup.  We are still nursing, but will probably start supplementing with formula as I get ready to go back to work.  Lakyn is wearing 6 month clothes!


Our good friend Kindra baby-sat Lakyn this past month and she spoiled us (again) and bought her this adorable outfit!

Love those messy baby faces!


We took Lakyn swimming for the 1st time this month--here she is modeling her swimsuits!

Lakyn is also enjoying her play center!

Here is Lakyn's 1st time swimming at the Ellsworth pool--she loved watching all the kids splash and play and there was a group of middle school girls who kept coming up to her and talking to her which she LOVED!

Girl time!
Awww-6th month is fun!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lots about Caden!

This blog is all about my favorite boy child!
Here is Caden dressed for Wacky Wednesday in Kindergarten!
He had very specific ideas about what he was going to wear!

A few neat art projects--the spider above is one they did in kindergarten.
The insect below was an at home project that he and Layne did--they got many compliments!

In May--our school had a celebration carnival for all the hard work done by students called IRock!
The morning session was for K-2 so I got to watch Caden in action--he and his friend Tate spent a lot of time at the lego station where you could make cars and race them!

Right around his birthday in April--this boy lost his 1st tooth--Layne and I did not even know it was loose--he bit into a strawberry and started hollering and crying--all we could see was red--we thought he had bit his tongue--but we finally got the story out of him and got Caden all cleaned up and calmed down so we could enjoy the 1st tooth!

Picture of the tooth!

We then got to watch Caden at Track and Field Day--again--the morning events were for grades K-2, so I got to watch a few of his events while keeping an eye on my 1st graders!  We were super excited that Daddy and the girls could come watch as well as some of the grandparents!
Lakyn got super spoiled up in the press box with all my teacher and administrator friends!

Long Jump

Class Races!

Wow--and then it was Kindergarten Graduation!
Our family got to come and watch Caden march in, sing, and get his diploma--plus we got to watch an amazing slide slow that the teachers had made--yes, I had a few Mommy tears--but super proud of this kiddo!  A kindergarten favorite song was on the video FARMING AND I GROW IT--the Peterson brothers came and talked to the kindergarten classes about farming--so cool!

Here is Caden and friend Cali.

Marching in....

Singing time
Lots of Number 1 fingers for 1st Grade

Getting his diploma from Mrs. Ramsey

Caden's wonderful teacher Ms. Wiles

Here is part of his class--right beside him are two of his best buddies--Tate and Ian

Look at all this hard work!

Hooray for Caden--we love you and are proud of you buddy!

Thanks for coming Grandparents--we are blessed!

Friends--Ian and Caden

Brynn wanted to check out all Caden's hard work.

Last day of Kindergarten--a whole school awards assembly--Caden got an award for good behavior!

Then we started summer and broke our arm--bummer!
Caden was swinging at our house and was meaning to jump out of the swing--he lost his balance and flipped backwards and had a bloody nose and was screaming/crying about his wrist.  Mom and Dad happened to be out our house---we calmed him down and looked his wrist over--very little swelling and he could move everything--it just hurt.  Layne and I decided to wait a day and see--the next day--still hurt, but again no swelling and then next day he was using it and seemed fine.  Two more days go by and Layne and Caden are playing kickball and the ball hit Caden's good wrist and then bounced over and hit his hurt wrist and he screamed and cried again and this time the wrist swelled up slightly--so off to StatCare the boys went and Caden came home with a blue cast--it was a buckled fracture--3 weeks in a cast and 3 more in a splint--it could have been a lot worse and after about a week of resting his arm- this trooper went to golf camp and played baseball as well--even made a hole in one at putting at golf camp!  Caden also got spoiled and loved by having a lot of friends and family sign his cast--I wish I had gotten a picture of the signed cast!

So in a nutshell--that is what Caden has been up to!