Friday, March 30, 2012

Conner's birthday party 2012

In March, we got to head to Valley Center to celebrate Sir Conner's 5th birthday in Royalty style! Here is the cool sign that welcomed us to his castle!

Making crowns and shields!

Jess made Conner's cool dragon shirt--loved it!

Time to eat--Princess Brynn got to wear her crown.

She loved Jess's cake pops :)

The Happy Couple--after several photo attempts--thank you Canaan!

Dragon Cake Time!

Kid table--Faith and Conner both have cool crowns on!

The mama and her boys.

One big blow...

Present time

Canaan and Brynn having fun with a tube.

Pinata time--watch out--Caden is up!

Brynn's turn--she cheated just a bit!

Greyson's turn.
And the birthday boy got to start the fun and end the fun!

We loved spending the day with you Conner--Happy 5th birthday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Just some random pics of the kids--enjoy!

Caden and I had a date at his preschool for Mommy and Me night--his favorite part--eating snack with mom and watching the Jungle Book!

This face says it all right now--a little TUDE going on at this time with Miss B---she makes me laugh, but man can this girl scream! Cute outfit is from a school friend of mine!

Loves taking a bath!

A few fun fall pictures from 2011 that I thought I had already posted, but I guess not--love the colors!

You never know what this girl will find in her closet... :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Swimming lessons winter 2012

Caden has been itching to do something this winter--he is soo excited for t-ball/coachpitch to start this summer, but needed a little something to keep him busy til then. He had the choice of basketball or swimming lessons again and he and his friend Ali picked swimming lessons. We did 2 nights a week for 6 weeks and they both loved every second of it. He is starting to swim by himself and grow even more confident! I am so proud of him--we celebrated the last day with icecream at DQ! He and Ali are both ready to do another set of lessons, but we told them we all needed a break and will take them again this summer--between Caden's swimming, church meetings, and other activities in the evenings, we did not have much time at home. So a little break til summer will be just about right!

One very happy boy!

Swimming--without help--for a bit anyways!

Caden and friend Ali--they go to the same preschool and will be in kindergarten at SES next year--wow times are changing at our house!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snow Dec. 2011

I just keep waiting and waiting for us to get more snow and so far nothing much since Dec. So I guess it is time to post these SNOW pictures and it might be our only chance to play in the snow this winter...time will tell! I did get a snow day out of the deal and we did have a semi white Christmas! Both kids love snow--especially Caden--so here is our fun in the snow!

Lots of shoveling to do when you have a single driveway and another double driveway in back!

Snow angel time!

Let's make a snowman!

Snow is tons of fun, but it has also been awesome to be outside for recess and to play for a lot of the winter--we will see what March and April have in store for us--it has been known to snow then as well... :)