Friday, June 21, 2013

Caden turns 6!

Layne and Caden came up with the idea to have a dart gun birthday party and we found great ideas on pinterest!  Here is the invites Layne made for the birthday boy!

We had kind of a crazy birthday week as Caden came home with a fever 2 days before his bithday--I knew something was wrong when he bundled up in his heavy coat and fell asleep on my classroom floor after school that day--so he spent a couple days home with Grandma and got a lot of rest but we had to celebrate his birthday at school on a different day---when he got well he got to bring yummy peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies to kindergarten and he sat on Patty the horse while his friends sang Happy Birthday to him!

Caden got a special package in the mail from Aunt Nell and Uncle Jake with some cool new shirts.

A remote control helicopter from Mom and Dad

More presents and a cool new CARS bike helmet

Family birthday lunch with cousins Conner and Greyson--we had Brynn's birthday in the morning, a family lunch, and Caden's party in the afternoon--it was quite a day, but great to spend the day with family and friends!

Caden wanted a chocolate cake with darts--so here is Layne's masterpiece!

We rented a barn and had about 12 boys come shoot different targets--Layne had about 3 stations--shooting pop cans was a favorite!

They could also shoot and get a score!

Then we put up tables and gave everyone safety glasses and let them shoot each other--it was enjoyed!

Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite boy! 
 He didn't feel the best, but we managed to still have the party and it went well and the boys had fun!  Big thank you to all who came out to the barn to help reload many dart guns and help with kid management--it was really appreciated!

Lakyn got a lot of love and also took a little nap during the party!

Present time--Caden had a lot of help unwrapping!

After the party--Avery and Lakyn had some bonding cousin time!

Hugs and Kisses--what a great way to end the day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lakyn is 5 months!

 5 months does not seem possible but here we are!
What a month it has been--some ups and downs but we still have a lot of smiles!

Lakyn came down with a bad cough this month that lasted for about 2 weeks--Dr. thought she had allergies or a little cold but hard to listen to your little one cough for so long!

Shortly after the cough left--Lakyn was grumpy and not herself--no real signs of anything, but something did not seem right---so back to the DR. we went again and we found out she had bumps/sores by her throat which is a virus--along with those bumps usually comes a high fever (she had a low grade fever for 2 days) and also some aches and pains--which is probably why she was grumpy--so we should be on the mend, but needless to say she has not been sleeping well at night!

No official weight or height check this month--she is growing but a lot of people still tell me how little she looks--she sure looks big to me, but she is wearing some 3 month clothes still or 3-6  month clothes!  We did graduate to size 2 diapers.

Lakyn has rolled over a couple times and LOVES her feet as you can tell from all the feet pictures below.  We also have started to introduce rice cereal--she loved sitting in the high chair and watching us eat so we thought we would go ahead and give her cereal since she was so interested and she has really done well with it.  Lakyn is still nursing about every 3 hours--and most of the time this includes the night too---grrr--one of this days--she will remember how to sleep all night because she has done it a couple times!  When she is up and fed--she is full of smiles and sounds, but when she is hungry or tired that girl can scream and fuss--I think she has a little bit of a temper!

Miss Lakyn loves, loves, loves her bath--and her feet!

Trying out the high chair!

Big brother Caden took this picture---rice cereal time!

I can even play the piano with my feet!

Here are my feet again--I do this in the stroller as well!
She is still my snuggle bug but this momma is ready to sleep a bit more at night---I have to remind myself that this phase will too pass!
Her smiles makes it all worth it!