Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swimming Lessons 2012

Caden and Brynn both took swimming lessons at the YMCA the first two weeks in June!
Caden loved every minute of it and improved on his independent swimming--it was fun to see them learning the sidestroke even.  He passed another level, but still needs the comfort of the puddle jumper to help him swim independently in areas where he can't touch.

Caden and Ali--still swimming together!

Another teacher that I teach with has a daughter Brynn's age, so Brynn and Brooklyn took swimming together this summer.  Brynn was so excited about swimming, but it had some ups and downs.  The first item is that Brynn and Brooklyn were put in two separate classes--Kylie and I had assumed since they were in the very beginner class, that they would be together--so that started the lessons off a little rocky, but the teachers could soon see that they needed to be in the same class, so that got switched around.  The beginner class is for ages 3-5, so there were some older boys in there that made the girls nervous as well.  Day 2 was not good at all--Brynn refused to get in the water at all and was in tears and then that started Brooklyn going to tears as well--they both sat and watched but would not get in the pool--finally Brynn told me she had to potty--that was the BIG reason she did not get in because I had made a big deal about not peeing in the pool-we hurried to the bathroom and she came back and got right in--2 minutes before class was over--so lesson learned, we go potty before swimming!  The rest of the two weeks went much better--Kylie and I both had a few moments, but the girls hung in there and learned a few things, but we still have a ways to go.  Brynn is happiest if someone is holding her or in a baby pool where she can touch, but at least she still likes to go swimming and we will try lessons again soon!

Brynn and her very patient teacher Chris.

Whispering secrets to Brooklyn!

Caden and Ali hanging out!

Brynn doing a little more swimming!

Swimming lessons was a great way to start our summer--it keep us out of the house and busy for a couple weeks and time to practice what we learned during the summer although we have not made it to the pool tons, we go here and there--good exercise for all of us and man are the kids hungry when we are done!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coach Pitch 2012

Good ol' summer baseball--one of the greatest parts of summer!  Caden played coach pitch this year through the YMCA!  He was pretty excited that their shirts were orange as that is a new favorite color and their team was the Tigers!   Many kids that he will be with at SES were on his team and Layne and our good friend Bobby coached the Tigers. 
 Let's play ball!

Fielding and running the bases!

 A good swing, but a too big helmet!
Caden was able to hit off the coach pitches some times and other times had to use the tee.  He was always ready to go and play though!

Tiger Team Huddle!

RUN--time for snacks and drinks!

Only bummer of the season was that they canceled the last week of games due to the heat and that was when we were going to take team pictures--so this picture of all the kids running was as close as I got to a team picture!
Keeping Miss Brynn entertained through out a game was always a fun challenge as well--she is a busy girl and on a side note, scared to death of using a port-a potty which can lead to a very frustrated mommy when you are out in the middle of a grass field with no other options!
Accidents happen--we will just leave it at that and watching Caden play ball was a joy--between his grandparents and Aunt Kristi and his mom, he had a pretty good cheering section!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Caden and Brynn got cool kites from Grandma and Grandpa on the farm for their birthday's.
We took a break from David's graduation party to go fly them with Aunt Kristi and Uncle Caleb!
The kids and adults both had a lot of fun!

Caden and Caleb flying Caden's dog kite.

Brynn is all smiles flying her cat kite with Daddy's help!

The man of honor himself--graduated from Mac's car restoration program.  He and his friend Josh headed out to LA for an adventure of a lifetime.  David has an internship in a LA car paint shop learning many great paint techniques!  We will see where life takes this guy as he might try and do another internship in Las Vegas starting in Jan!  Best wishes David and be safe!

 Caden enjoying David's party and some of his favorite people!

This picture was at another Parry dinner at Wendy's--Brynn feeding Uncle Caleb some of her ice cream--pretty priceless--right Caleb? :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Preschool Graduation!

In May, Caden completed his preschool year at Angel's Academy here in Salina!
He had a great experience, learned a lot more about letters, numbers, and social skills, and made some new friends.  Our families came down and celebrated with him as he earned his preschool diploma!
Above is good friend Ian and below is another good friend Ali--all three of these kiddos will be heading to Southeast for kindergarten and we can not wait to watch them bloom and grow!

So proud of our little man!

His wonderful preschool teachers--helper Ms. Katrina on the left and teacher Ms. Layla on the right!

I forgot my big lens and we near the back of the church, but before graduation they did a little garden play and Caden was a rain drop!

And then let the emotions begin--they even came into the good ol' Pomp and Circumstance music--yep--can always bring tears to your eyes!

Receiving his diploma and hugs!
They also put together a great video with pictures and music of all the kids throughout the year in preschool that we watched--very cool!

We now find ourselves ready to venture to the kindergarten world--oh boy---I will love having Caden at Southeast with me--it will be fun to see what adventures lay ahead for all of us!
Mom and Dad are super proud of you Caden and love you to pieces!
This mommy was even able to hold the tears back til we got home--time sure does fly!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun wit the Allen's and the Ohlde's!

Catching up on some April pictures and finally moving onto May!
Our good friend Asher turned 3 in April and although we missed his party, we got to go visit and play with the Allen's and give that birthday boy a hug--and does he ever have a great grin!

Bubbles and Sonic drinks equals great playdate!

Swinging buddies!

In May, we headed back to Valley Center to celebrate Greyson's 3rd birthday--he had a train party--All Aboard!

The kids decorated wooden trains with markers and stickers.
The birthday boy is hard at work!

Caden's colorful train.

Greyson and his grandma

Miss Brynn's train

Some of the kids at the kid table!

Brynn or Caden took this lovely picture of Greyson's Daddy--great picture Canaan :)

Blowing out his candles on his Thomas Cake!

We all LOVE Jess's cake balls!

Greyson and his daddy during present time!

So much fun having friends and family around--great times and good memories!
Happy birthday Asher and Greyson!