Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Wedding

I finally made it to New Year's Eve 2010--these snow days are helping me catch up on my blog! My cousin Tori got married on New Year's Eve in a beautiful Catholic Church and then the reception was in this Old Mill building--very fun location--wood floors and two stories with an open middle so you could see straight down to the first floor--and thank goodness for stairs--my two thought those stairs and the 2nd floor where like a race track--thank goodness for lots of family members who took turns helping us watch and entertain Brynn and Caden. They were the two youngest people there, so they got lots of attention. We enjoyed seeing our family all dressed up to celebrate Tori and Mike's special day!

Old Mill building where the reception took place.

Mom and Moyne--cousins and Moyne is Tori's mom--they spent a lot of time together growing up.

Caden showing Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey his favorite games on our Itouch.

Daddy's turn to go up and down the stairs--again!

Brad and Lindsey and the kiddos--Caden is still involved in his game!

Taking a peanut break--say "Cheese!"

Tori and Mike cutting their cake.

Caden giving the bride a hug--he was very mesmorized by all this wedding stuff--he loved Tori's dress and would follow her around throughout the evening.

My favorite picture--Caden was SO excited that it was finally his turn to get some cake--he was first in line. Earlier that night, he had been looking at the nice, round cake and decided to touch it and his finger left a hole in the cake--he was very upset--we think he thought the cake was "fake', but it was a good lesson for him and the nice cake people came and fixed it before Tori and Mike even got there! (Thank Goodness!)

Dancing with Tori and Aunt Lindsey--Caden waited very patiently for Tori and Mike to dance and then the parent dance, but then he was ready for his turn--between Tori, her sister Allison, Aunt Lindsey, and the other bridesmaids--Caden had lots of dancing partners for the evening.

A fun picture of my cousins from good Ol' Lincoln, KS--enjoying the party!

A finale for 2010--my friend Tiffany and I had shopped a bit that morning and had each bought some BLING for our hair--I got the reaction I totally expected and wanted from my husband--REALLY?! Somethings never change--good thing we have a picture!
Happy 2011 everyone--we happily enjoyed the wedding party til around 10:00, but by the time we got back to the hotel and ready for bed, it was around 11:30--so we almost made it to midnight!
The next day, we met a group of our college friends for a yummy lunch at Granite City at the Legends--Sixteen of us made it--including many kids--so it was not a boring lunch by any means, but what an awesome way to start 2011--friendship, food, and laughter!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dec. 30th 2010

New Years Eve Weekend, our family headed to KC. My cousin got married there on New Year's Eve, so we went down the night before to take the kids to see the plaza lights, go on a carriage ride, and to see our good college friends Matt, Tiffany, and their daughter Madelyn.
We got lucky and the weather was nice, but windy for December and the kids loved the lights and loved the horses. Brynn kept saying over and over--"Horsey Mama, Horsey!" It was a great start to a fun weekend!

Brynn and Mommy enjoying the Plaza lights.

Daddy and Caden

Our family

Here are our horses and here is Daddy looking like a jungle gym!

The kids and I ready to go--we ended up going on a sleigh ride instead of a carriage ride because the line was shorter, but it was still fun!

Our family getting a tour of the Plaza lights in KC.

Saying Good-Bye to the horses.

At the Eaves's house--Matt has some wonderful listeners!

Love this picture--Caden saw "snow" the next morning and could not wait to go outside--he sweet talked Madelyn into going out with him and the two had more fun eating the snow/ice than anything else--(as the adults stood at the door and watched from inside!)

Caden at 3 1/2--what can I say kiddo--you keep me hopping, guessing, and praying a lot, but you are full of love, hugs, and energy--and lately you have been making so many good choices--keep it up little man!

Monday, January 24, 2011

YABS Christmas Party!

For the 2nd year in a row--our Young Adult Bible Study that Layne and I attend at our church had a Cookie exchange party and breakfast brunch! There were tons of cookies and lots of yummy food to eat! We sure enjoy the fellowship and friends we have made in this group!

All the yummy cookies waiting to be exchanged--Layne and I went plain, jane this year and made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.

Rustin and Kelly--the founders of our group--with their youngest son Jaxson.

Always ready for a good laugh--our friends from college ended up in Salina as well and are now the Senior Youth Leaders--way to go Jessa and Dustin!

Karen and Andrew--never a dull moment when these friends are around!

Tamara and Isak enjoying a sweet moment and a sweet treat.

James and Krista diving into the awesome brunch food.

Brynn and Jaxson entertaining baby Addison.
We enjoyed delicious cookies for almost two weeks at our house--it was always fun to pick out our special dessert after supper!
Thanks YABS for the cookies, friendship, and time in fellowship together--it is a motivator for getting up and ready on a Sunday morning!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Shephard Boy!

Caden has been going to Sunday School for almost a year now, so we thought we would let him try the Children's Christmas Program at church. Caden's personality is shy at times, and he is also one of those kiddos who has to take in a situation for about 30 minutes and then he is good to go. I was not sure what to expect, but he had gone to the practices for 3 weeks in a row and the ladies in charge assured me that he did as he was told, so in December our family, plus some of the extended family went to watch Caden be a shephard boy!

Trying to get a good picture before his program, but I just get a big, cheesy grin instead!

This is our little shephard boy leading the cast out of the church--they told us before the program started that we could not use a flash with our pictures and our camera was not liking that idea--so all my pictures during the program were completely blurry and then to make my day even better our video camera taped for about 1 minute then quit as well--grrr! Caden did not have any lines, just a song with the shephards, but mommy was sad that she did not get it on tape--good thing we have friends that did!

Caden with one of the high school helpers.

Our shephard with some pretty cute angels!

The whole cast.

And of course--Caden's favorite part--the candy sack at the end!
Way to go Caden on your first performance!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas with the Haymond's

The Christmas Finale--Christmas at the Haymond's--my parents. On Sunday morning we headed to Ellsworth and met my family at church. We then headed to mom and dad's to get ready for a yummy Christmas dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and their families. We ate lots of good food, enjoyed playing with Brynn and Caden, talked and caught up on everyone's busy lives, and of course, opened more presents!

A daddy moment at home (watching tv) before heading to more Christmas fun!

Brynn and Janet checking out her new stacking blocks from my cousin Linda and her husband.

Caden was very excited to get this new EMT vehicle--and yes, it does make noise--thanks Aunt Clara and Uncle Keith!

Caden showing off his new building set from Linda and Bryan--he loves putting these together as long as someone helps him.

Brynn trying out her new tickle bear from Aunt Clara and Uncle Keith.

Grandpa helping Brynn open her new food for her new kitchen.

She was very excited about all her new food and pans and dived right in.

Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brad went straight for this little boy's heart--more cars from the movie CARS!

Mom opening presents--a new watch from Brad and Lindsey.

It was wonderful to spend a few days at home with Brad and Lindsey--and they took a pretty cute picture--plus we introduced them to the game RAGE--thanks to Jake and Janell--what did you think of the game Brad? :)

Oh, Boy--more cars from the movie CARS--Caden is set--and very happy!
Please open them Daddy!

Grandma and Brynn stop for a playdate and a picture--
we were so thankful that we were all healthy and well this Christmas and could spend a few days with each side of the family! It is wonderful to have some downtime from work to visit, take naps, play games, and eat good food.
Thanks for a Great Finale Mom and Dad--we enjoyed the time, food, and presents!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve night we attended church, and then headed to Grandma Parry's in Morganville to celebrate with all of Layne's family. Everyone goes to church around 7:00--so it is usually 9:00 before the party even gets started! We have soup and snacks all evening long, plus do a scavenger hunt, sing to baby Jesus, and unwrap presents--it is a busy and late night, but lots of fun!

Jess and Greyson--all dressed up and diving into some food.

Brynn and Greyson--on the stairs--again!

Layne with his Godson Greyson.

Uncle Curt was great entertainment for the little kids that night--playing ball and helping with the nerf disk gun was some of his jobs that night!

Great Grandma and Brynn having a conversation!

Please help me with my gun Uncle Curt--again!

Conner sporting a very fun outfit!

Aunt Carol, Grandma, and Aunt Coleen having a shot in honor of LaDae!

Caden's year to put baby Jesus in the manager.

Aubrie found Grandma's treasures for this year's scavengar hunt.

Grandma and her Grandchildren with the baptismal certificate that she designed, Layne put
onto the computer and printed, and Grandma framed for all of us.

Caden, Brynn, Conner, and Greyson--cousins and friends.

Enough pictures--back to playing!

Brynn thanking Jess and family for her new book!

Caden and Conner unwrapping presents.

Great Grandma giving Brynn her present--goldfish--one of her favorite crackers!

Aunt Coleen and Uncle Paul--a great picture to end the evening on- lots of smiles and hugs!
As always--there is never a dull moment when you celebrate with the Parry family--it is always wonderful to see everyone and catch up!