Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kristi's Girl Time March 2012

Kristi and Caleb are getting married, so we celebrated in style in KC--St. Patty's day no less, which called for cool t-shirts!

This was my cool veil that I wore to my girl party--Janell and Kristi have both worn it now--they are so lucky!
Dinner at On the Border--YUM!
Opening some FUN presents!

Cheers at Power and Lights!
Glad we could celebrate with you Kristi--always a good time!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easter Group Picture 2012

Here is my mom's side of the family that made it to Easter this year--including two dogs!
Always a joy to see everyone and enjoy the beautiful day together!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny visited and left goodies for the kids--after checking out their baskets, we headed to Ellsworth to go to church with my family!

Cute Easter outfits and some picture time in the park!

Caden picked out this spot for a picture--love his smile!

Our family Easter Sunday 2012

Caden checking out his Easter basket in Ellsworth before heading to my parent's farm to eat and hunt Easter eggs!

Cooper and my cousins gave Brynn some pointers so she could keep up with big brother!

Checking out their stash--Brynn got several stamps and went around and stamped everyone's hand about 3 times!

Game time--Caden calls it golf--close enough!

Even time to dye some Easter eggs before having our yearly egg smashing contest.

We ended the day by cooking hotdogs over mom and dad's new fire pit and relaxing in the sunshine--my kids also played for almost 2 hours straight on my dad's sand and rock pile--it is the free things in life that are the best toys!  Happy Easter Everyone--He has risen!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easter Saturday! 2012

The Saturday before Easter is the big Easter Egg hunt in Morganville, KS and it is hosted by Layne's Grandma--so off we go!  Both kids were very excited and ready this year--we had also practiced at home.  Good thing for great family members as Kristi had Brynn--Layne had Caden and this mommy could run back and forth trying to get good pictures!
And they are off!

Conner hunting.
Caden hunting.
Greyson hunting.
Brynn on the go.
Now where should I look...
over here--run Conner!
So proud!
I need a hug mom!
Let's see what all our treasures are!

The cousins on Great Grandpa's old tractor--Brynn was a little scared--she thought she was going to fall off!
Wow--look at these two five year olds!
Conner, Caden, and Greyson are all driving the tractors!
Say Hi to the Easter bunny!
Always a great way to start off the Easter Weekend--great hunting, some family time, and yes, good food!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Salida Co--Adults Only 2012!

I seemed to have uploaded my pictures in reverse order--but regardless, a vacation to Salida, Colorado (without kids) was relaxing and fun!  I hope we all go back--soon! :)  We left on a Thursday morning around 6:30 from Salina, KS and arrived between 2 and 3 in Salida, CO.  We enjoyed 2 1/2 days in the mountains and were home by 5:30 pm on Sunday.  Here are highlights from our trip.

Saturday night after doing some sightseeing and hiking we went to this hot springs and let our bodies just soak and relax.  One pool was like a hot tub, the other slightly cooler and it felt awesome!  There was also a river that ran by with some hot springs, but it was very dark and rocky and seemed to be occupied by some teenagers, so the pool hot springs were just fine for all of us.

Some deer up in the mountains that came right up to our vehicle.

Our hike to a waterfall that was partial snowcovered but still pretty!

The girls--and Jess was about 16 weeks prego--way to go lady!

The guys were a little more adventerous and climbed up to some rocks right by the falls.

The six of us--not bad for a self timing camera shot!

The falls that we hiked to!

Beautiful Mountains!

We also stopped at Chalk Lake, which was half frozen over and explored.

This was a tiny ghost town that we drove to before hiking--I think it was St. Elmo--but I could be wrong--they had some cool buildings and one building had been redone and was a bed and breakfast--it was pretty much the only building occupied besides some houses in the surrounding mountains--they also serve supper at the bed and breakfast because there is no other place to eat!

Below is the bed and breakfast--might be fun for one night!

Friday morning was snow mobile day--this was my 30th birthday present to Layne--he and Dana, his good friend from high school both turned 30 this year--so part of the reason for this trip was to celebrate!  Snow mobiling was not quite what I was thinking--I was thinking relaxing ride while enjoying trails through the mountains.  We did have SOME of that, but there were times we were going fast and around curves and down steep slopes that my heart was in my throat--that and the fact that Layne and I fell off the thing 3 times about did this lady in!  Luckily, we all survived and for me it was ok, but the others really liked it and would go again--I will think about it.  Jess hung out in the lodge, to be on the safe side, and got to read the Hunger Games--great book if you have not read it!

Kate and Dana ready to go!

One of our tour stops.

Pretty cute!

Canaan enjoying his boy toy!

Our very relaxed tour guide--he was great!

Dana got a great shot of Layne in the air on the snow mobile.

This was our beast we drove.

And here we are digging one of the beasts out of the snow.

Awesome scenery--we did not see another person the whole 3 hours except when we left and when we got back--very peaceful!

A glimpse of Kate and Dana going through the trails up in the mountain.

We came back to Salida after all three of us girls bought cool new purses and ate a good american meal at Mama D's--yummy!

It was so beautiful--we had a picnic in the park--perfect weather!

The guys were always entertaining us with stories--we were relaxing by the river and soaking up the sun!

Our first day of relaxation in Salida, CO--it was awesome weather--so we were outside enjoying the deck and the view!

Canaan and Jess--Canaan and Layne are cousins

Layne and I

The girls--all in black and not planned :)

Kate and Dana--who have both known Layne and his family for a LONG time!

Our home for a few days--it was perfect for us--we all had our own bedrooms, 2 baths and a deck!

S for Salida!

Here is where we ate the first night--neat little cafe--food was ok, the waitress was awesome, Canaan was pulling out all the funny talk and then we got this chocolate fudge cake for dessert and life could not get any better!  

Salida, CO--you were a wonderful vacation spot for 6 adults who enjoyed some great food, good company, and adult time so we can be even better mommies and daddies to our kiddos!  Big thank you to all the grandparents who kept our kids so we could take a break and relax--it was awesome!