Friday, May 27, 2011


Caden turned 4 April 26th--and he loved every second of his birthday! Here he is getting ready to take brownies to daycare with the big number 4 on them! Caden is so busy learning and problem solving every day--I love watching his brain work!
Caden is 40 1/2 inches tall and weighs about 35 pounds. He has really grown taller in the last year--about 3 inches or so--and so much fun to watch them grow and change.

A new, bigger bike was waiting for him in the living room! First thing he noticed was Spider Man on the front of his bike!

Some birthday goodies from his sister--splash balls for the pool and a new shovel.

Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey came to visit in May and brought more goodies--this is one happy boy--something new to drive and it also makes noise--thank you Brad and Lindsey!

Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey also got Brynn a cool dog kennel with a toy dog and all the dog's belongings--Brynn loves carrying her kennel around and unloading all the dog items throughout the house--oh yah--it also sings and makes noise--which Brynn loves--mommy on the otherhand can not wait for Brad and Lindsey to have kids so I can get them lots of noisy items :)

Some fun Uncle time!

The first Tee Ball Practice--Caden loves Tee Ball and is super excited to go to practice--he does very well--we will see what the first game brings!

You can't talk about Caden without mentioning the sister--here is Brynn in her glory--crazy hair and a water gun--she is happy and wishes Caden would come along so she could squirt him--these two are so busy--sometimes loving each other and playing so nice and other times tattling and hitting each other and in each others business--oh the joys of siblings!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Mom

May 24th, 2011 is a milestone for my mom--she is turning 60 and retiring! Might as well get all the partying done at once! We have enjoyed celebrating at her retirement tea and we are planning an adult trip to Chicago this weekend to celebrate her birthday and retirement in style! Mom has taught 17 years in the Ellsworth School District and several more in other school districts. She got her bachelors and Masters Degree both from FHSU--Go Tigers--and is ready to enjoy her other hobbies like sewing, knitting, traveling, and being Grandma! You are a wonderful mom, grandma, and teacher and we love you. Be proud of all you have accomplished! Here are some pictures from her retirement tea--I just had my small camera and some of the pictures are not the best, but captured the moment!

Mom and friend Vicki, who is also retiring.

The girls--taken by Caden!

Mom and Dad at her celebration!

The elementary principal in Ellsworth saying some nice things about all the retirees!

Three of the ladies that are retiring in the Ellsworth School District!

Mom receiving her musical wooden bell in honor of her teaching career!

Caden reminding Grandma that it is time for cookies--he was super excited about the cookies and punch!

Caden and Grandma enjoying the goodies.

Brynn and Daddy take time to celebrate and eat.
Brynn loved the mints!

And one more picture for good times sake--Thanks mom for all you do for us each and every day--you have taught me how to be a good wife, mother, and teacher, and I appreciate all your love and support! Happy Birthday and we can't wait to celebrate with you in Chicago!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

Easter Sunday--the kids got up to find the Easter bunny had been to our house--so that meant more goodies and more candy! Then it was off to Ellsworth to go to church with mom and dad and head to their family farm to celebrate Easter with my mom's side of the family. There was suppose to be rain, but it held off and we all enjoyed sunshine, family, and food!
Caden found sidewalk walk and more in his basket!

Crazy hair Brynn found a new color/marker activity book and more in her basket.

After church at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Ellsworth--stubborn boy child would not take his coat off, but he did smile and Brynn is busy shoving M & M's into her mouth!
You just never know what you are going to get!

What a great picture of the grandparents and grandkids!

The Easter bunny also found his way to Ellsworth and left goodies!

Caden is checking out all his items.

This girl goes straight for the chocolate!

The older cousins were super nice and put together another egg hunt for Caden and Brynn--they loved it! My cousin Angee is helping Brynn find her goodies.

What a great farm picture--the boy in his boots, with his basket by a field--love it!

Caden is checking out his stash.

My cousins Allison and Bailey helping Brynn and Caden open their eggs!
If you look carefully--Brynn is stuffing all her goodies in her pocket--the adults were all getting a kick out of that!

Here is my mom's side celebrating Easter on the farm--2011.
What a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Saturday--the egg hunt!

Saturday morning was chilly--one of these Easters it is going to be nice and warm--so we threw on jackets and headed into Morganville to Great Grandma's house for the the town Easter Egg Hunt. Caden was very excited--Brynn was taking it all in. Mommy bribed her with candy to wear her cute new tutu from Aunt Nell and Uncle Jake and she was NOT happy about it--"off mommy--it itches!" Once she started hunting eggs though--she forgot about it--for a little while anyways! That girl can give some looks--when she is happy, she is happy, but when she is not--you know it!

Mommy and pouty girl!

The kids--both a little grumpy--they are ready to GO! Please notice the awesome tutu!

Daddy, Brynn, and Caden right before the hunt began!

The people...

Jake's mom Rachel helping Brynn look inside her egg!

Conner and his dad--the kids were told they could only get 6 eggs--try explaining that to a 4 year old--we might have let them get a few more!

Finding more eggs with Aunt Nell and Rachel.

Jess and Greyson egg hunting!

Don't look mom--I am eating this candy--even with the wrapper on!

Wow--Caden found a pink note in his egg--that means a big prize--a paint book and paints!
Way to go Caden--Caden, Rachel, and Aunt Nell walked the big field for almost an hour after the hunt trying to find leftover eggs--I was very surprised at his determination to keep hunting--I think they found 2 more!

Our two blessings!

Four cousins and friends!

After Easter lunch, a group of family members played some tee ball. Caden is playing tee ball this summer and has really been excited. He is also starting to catch the ball in his glove! We asked Uncle Curt if he would play ball with him on Easter weekend and he did--I think he loved it as much as Caden--thanks also to Jess and Clarice for joining in the fun--we all know that kids listen better to someone other than their parents when you are trying to teach them new skills! We had our first tee ball practice this week and Caden did well--he was telling everyone about it and asking his friends at daycare to come watch him--I told him this was just practice--maybe they could come to a game--but his excitement made me smile!

One final picture--my friend Juliana gave me this dress that her daughter had worn--Brynn wore it on Good Friday--showing great style with skinned up knees and her pink cowgirl boots, but a great big smile!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Friday--and it was!

Good Friday was a pretty wonderful day--not only did we get to celebrate that our Savior died for our sins, but it was also Brynn's birthday! Layne had the day off already, so I decided to take the day off too--we just had an in-service day--so no sub plans--even better!
Brynn woke up to find a few more presents to unwrap, which she quickly did!

The day before, she took treats to our daycare--both of our kids LOVE brownies--so we took Brownies and juice and everyone was very happy!

After Brynn upwrapped her presents--we headed to Morganville to celebrate birthdays and Good Friday with the Parry side of the family! Aunt Janell and Uncle Jake came back for Easter and Jake's parents also came up with them for a visit as well!

Caden got to open presents from Aunt Nell and Uncle Jake first and he was sure excited to get a remote control car!

Then it was Brynn's turn.

New pretty shoes! She also got a beautiful pink tutu that you will get to see soon--she wore it to go Easter egg hunting--I had to bribe her with candy to wear it--I think it was itchy for her, but us adults think it is the cutest thing ever!

Time for our DQ birthday cake--I think EVERYONE enjoyed that!

Brynn and her Godparents

Uncle David decided to add some music into the kid's life with an electric toy piano.
David also played the guitar for Kristi and I as we laid outside and soaked up the sun and later played the guitar for Brynn while she played on the sofa beside him--Miss Brynn thinks Uncle David is pretty cool right now!

Then came time for the biggest surprise! Aunt Kristi is a Craigslist shopper and she decided to take a break from buying furniture for herself and looked at powerwheels for her niece and nephew instead. She found a good deal in Eudora, KS and made this boy VERY happy! Brynn also likes the gator and loves riding along as Caden drives!

Caden is checking out the steering wheel and the gas petal.

Big Thank You hug to Aunt Kristi--the kids are driving it almost every day and still LOVE it after more than 2 weeks!

Taking Brynn for a drive--2 big grins!

Friday night Brynn and Caden sat out their Easter baskets in case the Easter Bunny came early to Grandma Parry's house-- and it did.

Checking out their Easter goodies on Sat. morning.

Time for the Parry farm Easter Egg hunt that the Easter bunny had left before the big town
Easter Egg hunt!

Caden decided to use the Gator to pick up his Easter Eggs--he drove about 2 feet--stopped and picked up an egg--then drove 2 feet and got out and picked up another egg--it would have been so much faster to run and pick them up--but this was pretty funny to watch!

Aunt Nell helping Brynn open her eggs to find her treasures inside.

Kristi and Caden checking out all his treasures as well.

Earlier in the week, Caden and Brynn dyed Easter eggs at daycare--I am so glad they got to do that with Val as we did not get to that this year!
Here are their pretty eggs!

Layne took Brynn to her 2 year check-up--she weighs 26 lbs and is in the 40th percentile for weight and is 33 and 3/4 inches tall and in the 50th percentile--so weighs a pound less than Caden did but is an inch taller than he was at 2 so it will be interesting to see where life takes these two!
Layne also changed Brynn's bed into a toddler bed this past weekend--wow she is growing up fast! She loves climbing in and out of her "new" bed and did a great job staying in it throughout the night--just fell out once during naptime! She has proudly shown both grandparents her new bed as well and has put many of her stuffed animals in bed with her!
Happy birthday Miss Brynn--you make us smile and laugh every day and give great hugs--we love you!