Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday we headed to Morganville for the big Easter Egg hunt at Great Grandma's.
Lakyn got to meet more family today and got lots of love and attention!
Here she is with cousins Amber and Sarah and her new Easter basket that Brynn and Caden picked out for her!

Look at these cuties--they are ready to hunt eggs!

Brynn is all about tutus at the moment--and Aunt Kristi did her hair in braids--she is looking good and ready to hunt as well!

Ready for the big hunt--Brynn almost 4 and Caden almost 6.

Cousins enjoying the Easter egg fun--and sometimes baskets need to go on heads--Greyson was not in the mood at the moment :)

Uncle Curt got the honor of reading the rules this year--love that Caden is listening with his basket on his head--so proud!

Ready, Get Set......


Way to go Lakyn and Sarah---one special egg for Lakyn's 1st Easter Egg Hunt!

Caden and Conner--still looking....

Let's see what we all got--Jess is helping the boys and Grandma is helping Brynn.

Here are our 6 muchkins--the Ohlde's and the Parry's--ages 3 months - 6 years

Quite the picture of our 3, but sometimes you get what you get!

We enjoyed time with family, had yummy steaks at the Parry's, saw a few baby calves, and headed back home for Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

3 months old!

Happy 3 Month Birthday Lakyn!

Layne and I forgot how much we LOVE this age--she eats, burps, and then just beams with smiles--can't beat a baby smile!
She is sooo close to laughing--we have gotten a small chuckle out of her and some sounds--but not quite a full blown laugh.
Lakyn is sleeping a lot better too--goes to bed in her crib around 10:30--gets up between 3:30 and 4:30 to eat and then sleeps to anywhere between 6:30 and 8:30--not perfect, but a lot better than it was!
We did not have a doctor's appointment this month, but we know she is growing and healthy!

Super cute Little Sister outfit from Great Aunt Clarice and Great Uncle Royce

We had a fun morning visit from Lana and Josie over Spring Break--Lana got lots of baby snuggles!

More cute clothes and big smiles--our school nurse gave us this outfit--Sandy was so awesome the last month of my pregnancy checking my blood pressure twice a day and reassuring me that all would be fine!

Two days before I went back to work, I got together for a lunch date with two other teachers at Southeast of Saline that had baby boys in March--Lakyn will have a lot of boyfriend options!  All babies were delivered by Dr. Knox--he is a favorite at our school!
Babies are--Lakyn, Haydon, and Everett

Look at this cutie--and the baby acne is all gone--hooray!  

So far--we have a blue/hazel eyed girl--Caden, Brynn, and I all have brown eyes--Layne has blue/green--we were guessing Lakyn's would change to brown, but we are thinking she is going to be blue or hazel--kind of fun to have a different color around!

Still loves the bouncy in this adorable outfit from Canaan and Jess and Family

St. Patrick Day Green--Lakyn was tired and very serious here--but she adores her big brother and he adores her!

The big news at our house is I went back to work on April 4th--I loved every second of my time off and although it was hard to give up all my mommy time, I was welcomed back to 1st grade life with lots of love and hugs.  Lakyn is adjusting to life at daycare--Brynn keeps a good eye on her for me--she is not drinking as much from her bottle as she usually does, but there is a lot to see and watch at daycare, so I am sure that will change as she and I both adjust--Lakyn is usually asleep or awake and smiling when I get there, so that works for me.
My first two days back, Lakyn woke up about three times in the night, so that made for a very tired mommy, but I think we were all just adjusting and she has done much better this week.
Going back to work, taking care of my husband and family, and trying to help clean house and get supper is pretty exhausting, so we are taking it one day at a time and trying to do the best we can--so thankful for a husband that will help out with about any chore and spend time with our kids as well!
5 and a half more weeks of school--the count down begins :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hays America!

Spring Break Time---the first two days of spring break, Caden got to go to Grandma and Grandpa house in Ellsworth for some Caden time--ended up working out great because Brynn had a fever for a couple days---she took a lot of good naps and we ended up taking her to Stat Care because she had some spots in her throat, but no strep--she was so cute going to the DR.--she wore her pink cowgirl boots with her pink sweats and took her purple sparkling purse--she cracks me up!
Wednesday--Layne took the day off and we went to Ellsworth to pick up Caden and Grandma and then went on to Hays.  We stopped to play in the park while Mommy fed Lakyn--it was sunny but chilly out--felt good to stretch and run though.  Mom took our family picture by the bridge where Layne and I had some of our engagement pictures taken.

Then it was off to eat lunch at Taco Shop and go to Sternberg Museum.
I had told the kids about the BIG dinasours--Caden was excited to see them, Brynn was a little scared--I loved that when we got there the roles reversed and Caden was not sure about them and Brynn was all about looking at them!
Here is the T-Rex--neither one would go stand by it, but they sat across from it and watched it roar a few times--then it was off to explore!

Watching the T-Rex

Awesome spider to climb on!

I had just taken our little camera along and found the batteries dead--so we took alot of these pictures with the ipad---not the best of quality, but it worked and mom had her camera along as well to help capture the fun!

Dinosaurs are BIG!

Love the Mammoth!

Bigger than even 2 kiddos!

Both Caden and Brynn loved digging for bones in the sand pit--they told me later that the sand pit was their favorite part!

All three cuties on a whale skull (I think :))

They also had a cool rattle snake exhibit with about 30 different kinds of live rattlesnakes on display with snake facts--kind of cool to look at!
We ended the day with snowballs---some things you have to get in Hays!  Love that place!

The rest of spring break was spent relaxing, doing art projects, seeing some friends, and playing games--the weather was not the greatest, but it was nice to have a break!