Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kansas City-spring break

I was on spring break this past week, and so was my mom, so Layne took a day off work and our family and my parents headed to Kansas City for a little get away! Saturday was cloudy and rainy but we did not let that stop us from having some fun! Caden is good to go in the van watching movies--Brynn watches for awhile and then needs a little more entertainment--she was very interested in what Mommy and Grandma were up to in the backseat and asked about 100 times--"What you doing Mommy?" "What you doing Grandma?" Never a dull moment! We took a lunch break at the turnpike and had to pose with the Jayhawk there! Then we headed into Kansas City and went straight to a cupcake place I had been told to try called Baby Cakes. This bakery had about 20 different kinds of cupcakes and the kids loved picking their kind--as well as the adults! We saved those for a treat later in the day and headed to Crown Center to stretch our legs and check out the free Sea Life exhibit.

Brynn and Caden at our lunch break with the Jayhawk.

Mom and Brynn--it was cloudy enough that they had the lights on around Crown Center--very pretty.

Waiting in line for Sea Life.

Caden and Mommy in front of the huge octopus that greeted us at the front door.
Our kids loved sea life--lots of stairs, slopes, wheels to turn, and sea grass to run through--you just had to keep an eye on our two kids while a million other kids were running around and playing as well!

Brynn riding the dolphin--I think she was a little upset that I stopped her running up and down the slope to sit on the dolphin as I see a little attitude in this picture!

Caden and Grandpa spinning the boxes to make a sea horse.

Time to turn the wheel.

Trying to get a 3 generation picture--not the greatest pic, but we tried!

Finally, we had enough Sea Life and headed to our hotel for a cupcake break--check out our yummy cupcakes--we had chocolate with vanila frosting, chocolate with peanut butter frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, lemon with lemon frosting, and carmel with carmel frosting--were they worth $2.75 apiece--probably not, but they were good and something different to try!

Caden hogging down on his chocolate and peanut butter cupcake!

Vacation would not be complete unless we can take the boy swimming--so both nights we braved the pool--which seemed a little chilly to me--and let Caden jump, swim, and play catch in the water--he did sleep very well!
We finished Saturday evening by eating at Granitite City and watching the KState Basketball game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Houston Vacation

In February--while Caden was off playing in Colorado, and mom and dad kept Brynn, Layne and I went to Houston to visit my brother and sister-in-law! Besides our flight being delayed 2 hours to fix the plane, we had great trip--ate out almost every meal, slept in, and enjoyed the sunshine! Thanks Brad and Lindsey for a wonderful "adult" trip--we enjoyed it!

Sat., we arrived at Houston around 2:00 and went straight to eat lunch at a Mexican burrito place--we were all starving by then, so the food was extra great--a lot like Chiptole! Then we headed to Brad and Lindsey's house--Layne had never been to their house before, so we toured the neighborhood and their house, and loved on Cooper--their dog. By afternoon, it was in the 70s there, so we drug out our shorts and took Cooper for a nice, long walk! Then we went to a cool yogurt place--you serve yourselve---you choose from about 10 different yogurts and fill your cup and then choose from among about 50 toppings to make the yogurt extra yummy and you pay by the oz. We all enjoyed this treat!

Brad and Lindsey--at the yogurt shop!

Next, we decided to try something different and go to horse races--it was really cool--Layne and I had a blast--the track and stadium was huge--it made you feel pretty special just being there, but there was a wide variety of people and kids there. You could walk outside--right up to the track and watch--they even had some of the horses at a fenced in location you could go pet and they had a race about every 20 minutes.

After walking around outside--we headed inside to check out the bettings and watch the races inside--when the races started--they dimmed the lights--it just made the moment. We enjoyed a drink and had some fun betting with each other--although Brad and Lindsey did put in a "real" bet once, but no luck that time. Layne and I also enjoyed some fabulous BBQ food at the race as well. The horses were impressive and it was interesting to see the jockeys up close--they really are short, but great at their job!

Layne and I at the racetrack.

Sunday--we enjoyed sleeping in and then went with Brad and Lindsey to their huge Baptist Church--quite a change from our traditional Lutheran church, but we enjoyed the experience. You walked into sliding glass doors, the church has a bookstore/coffee shop in it, and the church service itself was like an auditorum with a lot of praise and worship, about 3,000 members, and a pastor who gave a good sermon. After church, Brad and Lindsey took us to a cafe--we had a tasty brunch outside and then took a driving tour of some of the highlights of downtown Houston. That afternoon--we enjoyed the nice weather and spoiled Cooper by taking him to the dog park in Houston. The dog park has an area for big dogs and one for small dogs and once you get there, you turn your dog loose and watch the energy burn off! Cooper said hello to every dog there--chased many dogs, and also showed off in the doggy pool. It was fun to see the wide variety of dogs that come out to play and what a great place for dogs to burn a lot of exercise off!

That night for supper, we went to a fun Mexican place--they had turned a house into a restaraunt--complete with sand pile for kiddos to play in. We enjoyed the environment at Lupe's and the food. Then we had some good quality vegging time in front of the TV watching the Amazing Race and more!

Our nephew dog, Cooper, after lots of running and fun at the dog park--he was ready for snuggles and a nap!

The next morning, was an early morning to the airport, so Layne and I enjoyed a date at the airport for breakfast and then we were ready to head back to Kansas. It was a nice break to take a vacation in Feb.--thanks Brad and Lindsey for some relaxing, fun!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brynn--our little singer!

I am giving the video section a whirl here! Brynn loves to sing and loves music--she sings in the car, during bath time, getting her diaper changed, and at night before bed. The ABC's is one of her favorite and she almost has it perfected! Here she is, with an added bonus of a few humorous distractions with my stocking hat getting stuck on her foot, and then a dog appearing on tv. Brynn is 22 months on this video singing! Enjoy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caden's trip to Delta, CO

Back in November, Layne and I had booked a trip to Houston, TX to go visit my brother and sister-in-law. We had asked our parents if they would be around and we would let them each keep a kiddo--they both said yes, and then Layne's family added that they might be going out to see Jake and Janell--could they take Caden with them?! And so the adventure began! Mommy was a little nervous (as only mommies can be) about letting Caden venture out without her, but he had flown before and loved it and I knew he would be in great hands. Just as I was getting comfortable with the idea and Caden was getting excited as the trip got closer--the week before we all left, sickness visited our house--bummer! I came down with strep throat, Brynn had an ear infection and the start of pink eye, and Caden had a slight fever and tummy ache. Caden was suppose to leave on Wed. and he started the fever and aches on Monday. Tuesday he seemed to recover fine, got some extra sleep, and was acting normal. Wed. we get a call from our daycare and she told us that Caden was complaining of an ear ache--so back to Stat Care we go (for the third time that week)--as our Dr. was already done for the day. Sure enough--he had an ear infection--although the Dr. did not recommend flying with an ear infection, he gave us some good medicine and some pain killers, and told us to go ahead if he was feeling ok. So, back to mommy worrying again! Grandpa Parry came up Wed. evening after we had gotten back from the doctor's to pick Caden up--we ate supper together and Caden was sooooo excited to show Grandpa his suitcase with his movies and movie player inside. The flight to Colorado was not until the next day--so we decided to see how Caden did through the night and day on Thursday and if he was feeling ok--he would go. So after hugs and medicine instructions, and many "I love You's"--even from Caden--he and Grandpa were off!
The next day, Layne's mom called us to check in--Caden was doing good--had not complained once about his ear and had woke up at 6:05 Thursday morning to tell Grandma that he had taken a long "nap"--"Was it time to go on the plane now?" FYI--their plane did not leave til 5:30 that evening, but Caden was feeling good and was just a little bit excited--so let the day begin! Caden helped Grandpa do chores that morning, and then they all packed up and left for the airport in Wichita. Our cousin Jess, who lives in Valley Center, took them to the airport and she assured me that Caden was very excited and was pulling his suitcase way ahead of Grandma and Grandpa!
Grandma and Aunt Janell sent me pictures almost every day on my phone giving us Caden updates!

Caden and Grandpa with their luggage ready to get on the airplane in Wichita.

Friday, Jacob and Janell took the Parry's back to Grand Junction to a Dino Dig Museum (picture above), Cabela's, and Chuckie Cheese--all right up Caden's alley! Jake's parents hung out with them as well during part of the trip and Caden really enjoyed hanging out with Jake's mom--they got to be good friends and Janell said he even invited them to his birthday party. :)

Caden with his bear friend at Cabela's!

Saturday--the family stayed around Delta--I know they went to Walmart and Caden took a nap!

Sunday--everyone went to church--here is Caden with Aunt Janell and her Sunday School kids. I am not sure if I remember reading about cowboys in the BIBLE :)

Sunday, Jake and Janell also took Caden to the rec. center to swim--one of his highlights of the trip.
Monday--the family went to Teluride to see the pretty mountain village and enjoy some icecream. I also heard there was some Wii action going that afternoon!

Tuesday--Caden got to visit Aunt Nell at the hospital and saw Uncle Jake in his scrubs getting ready for surgery--it took him a bit to realize that it was Jake!
Tuesday evening, Grandma, Grandpa, and Caden flew home.
We got a tired, but happy boy back in our arms that night--he told us he missed us, but that he had fun!
The next day I asked him what he liked best about his trip and he told me, "Tackling Uncle Jake and going swimming!"

What a fun trip for our little guy--big thank you to Grandma, Grandpa, Janell, and Jacob for keeping Caden safe and happy and for giving him many wonderful memories!
A funny side note--Caden is pretty attached to both his Grandpa's and I hear he kept Grandpa Parry pretty busy on their trip, but the one time he did need Grandma was to help wipe him after he had pooped! Oh the JOYS :)