Friday, July 30, 2010

Tanganyika Zoo

One of my goals this summer was go to Tanganyika Wildlife Park near Goddard. Layne's cousin got married there last year, but it was so hot that day that Brynn and I stayed inside while some of the other family enjoyed the zoo. I really wanted to get back to see the animals, so our cousins Canaan, Jess, and the kids joined us on a Wednesday night for a McDonald's picnic and a trip to see the Wildlife! The park was super easy for our 3 year olds to walk through and they got to touch and feed some cool animals! We had a great visit and I also got to see my wonderful college friends from Hays, Matt and Lisa and their family--Matt's family owns Tanganyika--what a cool item to own--your own zoo!

Eating our picnic supper and listening to some love music!

A momma monkey and her baby.

The boys touching a kangaroo--how cool!

This kangaroo came right up to the stroller to say "hi" to Brynn and Greyson!

We all loved watching this momma talk to her baby!

Caden loved petting the rabbits.

Conner and Brynn checking out the rabbits as well.

Wow--look at that tortoise!

The goats know we have food!

Daddy's hat attracted a lot of these pretty birds--Brynn thought it
was cool, til one nipped herfinger and then she got scared!

Feeding a lemur--that was a great experience!

Conner and the lemurs!

One more chance to feed them!


Jess, Greyson, Conner, and Canaan

Our family--and yes, Layne is sticking his tongue out--probably how he
feels about his wife making him take another picture!

Despite Greyson crying on the way to the zoo and Brynn crying on the way home
from the zoo--the zoo itself was a wonderful experience for all of us!
Thanks for coming with us Ohlde Family--Welcome back to KS!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

FHSU Friends Gathering

Saturday, July 17, we had quite the gathering of friends in Manhattan, KS! We have a close group of our FHSU that stay in touch and try and get together when we can, but it has been a couple of years since this many of us had gotten together. 17 adults and 12 kids! Good BBQ food, some water time, talk time, and play time--it was great to see everyone and catch up! Big thanks to Aunt Kristi for letting us use her house in the afternoon for a much needed air-conditioner break! My wonderful friend and great photographer Mindy Allen took some of these pictures as well--so thanks Mindy for letting me "borrow" your work of art!
FHSU Buddies--always a joy to see you--what a great day!

All of us--and for a self-timer camera--almost everyone looking at the camera!

Nick and Cathia live in Manhattan and reserved a nice covered picnic shelter for us right by a water spray park--it was HOT, so the water felt great to kids and adults!
Aunt Kristi helping Brynn check out the water--and she also bought her that cute swimsuit!

Delaney, Caden, and Carter--ready to hit the spray park.

Once again--the boys are back at the water cannons!

Mindy captured a great picture of her son Carter--I think
you should enter this in a contest!

Caden in the rings--they were really cool!

Layne and I watching the kids play.

Daddy getting Brynn wet--Nick in the background with his son Duncan.

Two proud daddies with their kiddos--Layne and Chris with Brynn and Asher.

Brynn and Asher--19 days apart--should we let them date someday Mindy? :)

Getting ready to eat--Mindy holding baby Hannah
and Caden, Delaney, and Carter--having a drink.

The Gibson Family--Emily, Delaney, and Jason.

Time to eat and talk--the McKenna's and Eaves.

Emily and Mindy helping the kids play T-Ball.

A good-looking group of ladies--Tiffany and Madelyn, Jacque, Beth and Brynn, Sarah,
and Stephanie and Hannah--plus one cute boy--Carter!

Kendrick and Carolyn Haines--Time to Eat!

Two good pals--Carter and Caden

Jacque added a little water gun action as well!

At Aunt Kristi's House--the guys took turns being the jungle gym for the
kids to play on--Chad's turn here!

Layne holding two girls--Brynn was not quite sure
if she liked her daddy holding another girl!

The Haines Twins--Julia and Jillian--they were so happy and played with
all of us--all the babies were pretty amazing--it was fun to have them around!

Queen Sarah with her friends--Carolyn, Carter, and Madelyn

Jacque's turn to be queen!

The Toddler kids getting ready for picture time!

And one more shot of all of us--just a little bit different, but
a great way to end--look at the smiles!
Hope to see you all soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Spray Park

Summer is in full boom, so time to hit the spray park in Salina! Tish and I are always amazed how we live in the same town, but struggle to get together--and we are just two families--life gets soo busy, but we finally found a date in July to let the kids run in the water and enjoy some icecream as well! The husbands both made an appearance to watch the water action for a bit--and helped take pictures and make bathroom stops, but then they left to do their husband chores. The four kids laughed, got wet, Caden got a black eye, and they also played on the playground. Needless to say--they were ready for DQ after playing hard for more than an hour and so were we!

Beth, Tish, Brynn, Lexi, and Gannon at the spray park.

Caden's all time favorite--the water cannons!

Lexi--cute and on the go...

One happy boy!

Time to get wet...

Enjoying the fountains!

And you can just see the cheesy grin behind that pacifer! Brynn was not too sure about the spray park, but she did get a little wet. We went back a few days later and she enjoyed it even more the second time.
Thanks for playing Jacobson's--we had a wonderful time--Caden is still talking about it!