Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monday Mayheim

Monday Mayheim is a Sport's Camp out of my school, SES, that a couple of the teachers started last year and continued this year. It is for ages 3-6 and every Monday, they meet for an hour and learn about one certain sport. Caden has really enjoyed it and it is amazing to see the turn out. Pretty much all of these kids are teacher kids--so they are going to be together for many years! Layne took Caden the first few times while Brynn and I went grocery shopping, but mommy wanted in on the action this week--and we needed some pictures! So here is Monday Mayheim at SES!

Here are the kids doing stretches to warm-up!

Brynn enjoyed playing with the scoop and ball. She was also the socializing queen--
climbing up and down the bleachers and taking the other little kids food and drink--it was hard to take pictures and watch her!

Lifting weights!

More weight-lifting!

Running, jumping, and rolling onto the mats.

Hurdle races!

Giving his friend Lexi a big hug and showing off his muscles!

Miss Tara was a happy girl this Monday!

All the kids lined up ready for the next event.
So far Caden has learned about football, volleyball, soccer,
bowling, weight-lifting, and track!
What a fun, positive event for these kiddos--and the parents!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunny-Side Pumpkin Patch

Every October it is one of our favorite traditions to head to Sunny-Side Pumpkin Patch and enjoy the atmosphere there and find our pumpkins for our porch! Grant and Charisse, the owners and our friends, do an amazing job of creating a warm, friendly, and fun environment and it shows by the flocks of people that come every year to their patch--I am glad we made it out early this year as the good weather has made their pumpkin patch a very popular place! My parents were in town and headed out to see the patch with us.

Brynn is all smiles climbing the stairs to the slide.

Caden made it to the top of the playset and was very proud of himself.

Caden made friends with Grant and Charisse's youngest son and
they were trying out tetherball.

Then they moved on to miniture golf.

Caden scoring a point in the bean bag toss.

One of my favorite events at the Pumpkin Patch--the slides that are on a dirt pile--
they are super fast and fun for all ages--here goes Caden and Tate.

Caden trying the slide on his tummy.

Mommy and Brynn giving the slide a whirl--she was ready to go again.

Daddy always has to be more adverturous and try something new--Brynn was not thrilled
with this new way.

So she voted to go with Grandpa the next time!

Caden on top of a haybale--this child can spot a bale many miles away!

Going on the hayrake ride--driven by horses!

Time to find our pumpkins--Caden had been talking for weeks about making
his pumpkin into a blue monster--so Layne and I had suggested getting a white pumpkin--he did find one and about 10 others--it was hard to convince him to stick to the two we had agreed on--and even then I think he ended up with three!

Here is Caden's white pumpkin--stayed tuned for blue monster!

Grandma and Grandpa helping Brynn find hers--she picked a little one!

Caden and Brynn--counting our pumpkins!
My parents also took our family picture in our title at the top at the pumpkin patch too--glad you could come!
Two fun-filled hours later we left, tired but happy with our pumpkins and the wonderful memories we made at SunnySide Pumpkin Patch!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aunt Kristi's B-Day

Aunt Kristi decided to celebrate her birthday in style this year with a BBQ--lots of family and friends came to her house to help her celebrate! The food was AMAZING--pretty much all you could eat buffet. It was nice to meet some of her co-workers and Kristi had fun showing off her niece and nephew--although Brynn thought Mommy was pretty wonderful that night and did not want much to do with anyone else--tis the life of kiddos! Even though the kids were done partying by 9:00--we still had a good time celebrating--thanks for the invite Aunt Kristi!

Brynn loves Kristi's front porch and always heads there to sit down.

Brynn and Aunt Kristi--Brynn has baked beans smeared on her face--in honor of Aunt Kristi--that is one of Kristi's favorite foods!

Playing washers--Caden loved this game--and even though he never threw it across to the other washer pit, he loved playing this way and did pretty good.

Brynn and Caden picking up all the washers to play again.

Happy Birthday Aunt Kristi--we love your birthday brownies as well!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morganville and Clay Center Time

September found our family in Morganville and Clay Center several times. We went to Morganville for their Party in the Ville. Caden and Brynn both enjoyed playing with cousins Jamie and James. Craig and Terri have bought the old school house in Morganville to use for town functions and other items still to come, so the family has enjoyed having full access to the playground and also the gym. So in the afternoon we enjoyed the playground, some kickball, and a water balloon fight before heading to the BBQ that night. Caden got his first experience at a cake walk and the little stinker won a cake--of course the cake for that time was chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and hershey chocolate kisses on top! For anyone who knows my son, he LOVES chocolate and this cake was heaven for him! He and Brynn devoured many hershey kisses that night! Caden also enjoyed watching the older boys catch frogs and dancing at the street dance that night!

Jamie pushing Caden in the swing at the playground at the schoolhouse.

Aunt Cathy reliving her childhood by going down the slide!


Kickball time--Caden, bless his heart, loved kicking the ball, but did not understand the whole run your base thing! He thought he should run after the ball and get it--so we have now been practicing running the bases at home!

Good ol' Brynn sat in the chair with Buffy right beside her watching all the action!

This picture is not the greatest, but mommy went garage saling and found pink cowgirl boots just her size--she wore them to church for a little while and then "off, off." They felt a little different than the other shoes she has been wearing!

Swinging in Grandma and Grandpa's porch swing after church.

On to Clay Center time--we went down last weekend to Clay Center for a parade and a chance to see our good friends Kate and Dana and family, who just had baby Emery on my birthday.
Our first stop, like always, was at the amazing doughnut shop--Tasty Pastry--I have no pictures as I am too busy eating my doughnuts to get pictures of the kids!

Caden having fun in the jump house.

He was super excited that this jump house had a ball to play with.

Brynn in piggies--and loving being up high with Daddy!

Gotcha Daddy!

Conner, Greyson, and family joined us to watch the parade--Caden really caught on to the whole candy thing this time--he even went down on the ground a couple times to get his piece--grandma and grandpa were pretty entertained!

Once again, Miss Brynn enjoyed her chair time, grapes and a sucker!

Caden and Conner--who both love farming, enjoyed seeing the many tractors in this parade as well!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sept.--catching up!

Since I spent my sweet time telling all about Cancun, I get to back-track a bit and catch up on some family times and pictures!

I have tried the last couple of years to get a picture of my kids and I
on my birthday--so here we are on Sept. 7th, 2010!
Layne spoiled me on Sunday and had Kristi come baby-sit and he took
me shopping for my birthday--one of his least favorite things!
He was a great sport and even picked out a few things and gave opinions--
kind of nice to have--once in awhile! He picked out my green shirt in this picture and he has decided that this was a pretty good idea and he may do it every year!
We also enjoyed dinner out at Carlos.

Beautiful flowers from my kids for my birthday--my birthday this year
was full of ups and downs. A good college friend of mine lost her 30 year old husband and my birthday was his funeral. It was great to see many good college friends, but what a sad way to see them--Lana is amazing all of us with her faith and strength and I feel so blessed to have her as a friend. Another good friend of ours--Kate and Dana had their sweet baby girl on my birthday--so I have a beautiful little girl to share my birthday which made the day a lot brighter!
Thanks to all my family and friends for the wishes, yummy cake and icecream, cards, gifts, and dinners out--it was appreciated!

On to the kids--Layne and friend Ryan took Caden to the car races the first of this month--I told Layne he needed to find something for Caden's ears, so here is Brynn modeling the ear muffs--she loved them and would wear them around--she put them on one night and then went and sat on our toy tractor--it was hilarious, but I was not fast enough to get a picture!
Caden LOVED the car races--Layne said his eyes were big sausages when they got there and he refused to leave early--boys and their toys!

Depending on the night--and what mood these two are in--sometimes they take a bath together and sometimes not--but here was daddy's lasted hair style for them!

And after bath comes snuggling and snack time in the big brown chair--one of my favorite times!

We are soo excited to be outside in this awesome fall weather, but the mosquitos have been terrible--I am ready for one really cold night so those nasty bugs go away--both kids loved having water in their sand box--kept them both busy for about 30 min.

Brynn is just full of smiles and words right now--every day she is surprising us with
new words--some of my favorites are "See ya" and "Wove you" and "Where going?"
She also comes running and squealing to the door when I get to Val's to pick them up--what an amazing welcome--it makes my day!

Caden is still going strong with being soo good one moment and very stubborn and naughty the next, but where would my world be without him!