Saturday, January 25, 2014

Halloween 2013

 After picking our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch--it was time to decorate them--the last couple of years we have painted pumpkins instead of carving them--just is easier!  We decorated with our friends the Webers!

 Caden, Mommy, and Brynn's painted pumpkins!

 Daddy helped Lakyn do her footprints.

 Our friend Jami let us borrow this adorable butterfly--but it was a size 18 months and just a little too big--but it was sure cute!  Maybe next year!

 Lakyn's 1st Halloween 

 Caden's 1st Grade Class on Halloween


 Daddy came for the parade--he sure did an amazing job on Caden's robot--they were both pretty proud!

 Getting ready to trick or treat at Daddy's work--they get VERY spoiled there!

 Our girl Tigger!

At Trick or Trunking--we ran into a teacher friend who's son is about a month apart from Lakyn--and they had the same costume--I love how they are looking at each other!

Our Van's BIG mouth!

 Our good friend Kelly loving on our daughter--for a lot of the night--I love good help!

Sometimes even fancy lady princesses need a hotdog!

 Happy Halloween!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Big ONE!

Lakyn turned ONE on Jan. 8th!  Wow--a whole year with this adorable little girl!

Lakyn Marie---Height at 12 months: 29 in.  Weight at 12 months: 20 lbs.

Brynn Emmalee--Height at 12 months: 29 in.  Weight at 12 months: 20 lbs, 7 oz.

Caden William--Height at 12 months: 29 & 1/4 in.  Weight at 12 months: 21 lbs, 7 oz.

Some fun with Lakyn!

Loves playing with Daddy!

Our awesome 1 outfit!

The Party Day--we did Happy Faces with Zebra Print to accent!

 Layne's cupcake creation

Caden and Brynn made Happy Faces on the cups!

Her monthly bear pictures to see how she grew and changed each month!

Lakyn's awesome birthday banner made by her Godmother Jessica--thanks so much Jess for your time and hard work!

Brynn and Brooklyn coloring Happy Faces

Friend Everett who was born in March--Lakyn would NOT smile!

Time for presents

Happy Birthday to Lakyn!

My all time favorite picture--neither Caden or Brynn did much with their cupcake--child number 3 did not let us down--she was quite the entertainer!

Eating chili and snacks with our family while cheering on the Chiefs--if only they would have won!

More presents--thanks for helping Aunt Nell!

Some Mommy Love during present time--we were getting tired!

Cousins--eating and celebrating--love!

And then we have these two--along with June who will be right in the mix shortly!
Lakyn and Avery--Avery wore her zebra dress to the celebration--too cute!

As we were packing up and cleaning up--the kids put Lakyn in this wagon and she LOVED it and got pushed around for at least 30 minutes--it was hilarious to watch!

Love from the Grandparents!

One more wagon picture--all smiles!

So glad you came to my party Great Grandma and June!

No more smiles from the birthday girl--but so blessed to have her in our life and share this day with our family and friends--despite the nasty blowing snow and cold!

I have said this more than once--you have been my high maintenance baby--not sleeping the best, needing bounced, and being opinionated--but your eyes light up when you smile, you love people, and you have brought lots of joy and laughter to our family--Caden and Brynn still adore you and still fight over who gets to play with Lakyn--pretty amazing!
So thankful that you are well and healthy--we love you Lakyn--
Crafty Aunt Kristi sums it up! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

A family favorite Fall activity--Sunny Side Pumpkin Patch--it was really windy, but the sun was out and we had fun picking out pumpkins and playing!

Mommy's Pumpkin

My rule was that they had to be able to carry their pumpkin!


 Our pumpkins!

We almost got everyone looking and smiling!
Always a fun day--so happy to have this Pumpkin Patch close by!