Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Baseball for Caden

 Summer baseball started out with one game--loving baseball and doing great--and then we broke our arm---so after sitting out a week, Caden jumped back into baseball with a cast on--I think he hit every time--not hard--but he still hit, and played a lot of right field--but he ended up loving right field and did a great job covering and doing what he was suppose to do!  Layne coached and learned a lot about the joys of 1st grade boys and as a teacher of 1st grade--I loved building a relationship with these boys--several of who I have in class or right next door!
The last game--Caden was able to play with just a splint--he loves baseball and did a great job with a wonderful attitude!
Here is most of the team--and a few action shots of Caden---I was not at a lot of his games because Brynn had many of her games the same night--but loved watching as many as I could and many times Miss Lakyn was dragged to Brynn's game and then shoved in the van/carseat and driven across town to Caden's games....and mostly she was a trooper :)

Fun group of boys with a lot of baseball talent!

Special thanks to our family members who where able to come and watch Caden play this year--we loved having your love and support!
On a side note--we had one baseball game in Solomon KS--and it was pretty cool--the boys got to play on a bigger field and they had an announcer who announced all of their names when they were up to bat--quite a treat for a 6 year old!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lakyn's professional 6 month pics!

So the 1st week back to school I used Lakyn's 6th month pictures as my stress reliever---whenever I needed a smile or break--I would pop in the CD of pictures and just look and laugh at this cutie---Lindsey and I had a blast taking  her pictures--we did not get tons of BIG smiles, but she was so good for over an hour and Lindsey went to town---all of Lakyn's different expressions were just priceless!

So here are some of my favorites--enjoy!

This above picture--is about as perfect as they come!

Her expression on the above pictures just kills me--looks like "really mom...!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

7 months for Lakyn

Magic number 7--here we go!

Some milestones for Lakyn--sitting up all by herself! 
 Eating lots of baby food and also deciding that people food might be better than baby food--so also trying out some noodles, pancakes, puffs, cheerios, and chopped up veggies!
Pretty much has the sippy cup down just in this last week!  We have been doing a sippy cup for lunch and dinner.
She is scooting a bit on her tummy and constantly turning every which way on her tummy.

Funny Lakyn story---this girl LOVES ice cream already--and yes, for better or for worse she has had ice cream.  Layne usually eats his ice cream in the evenings in the same cup--a couple weeks ago Lakyn saw Layne holding his cup and she started shaking and whining watching Daddy the whole time because she wanted a bite---this girl has some Parry in her!

We also had Dilly Bars with some friends of ours about a week ago and Kelly was holding Lakyn and and the Dilly Bar--you could tell Lakyn wanted a bite--so I told Kelly to go ahead and let her have a bit of the ice cream--Lakyn grabbed the stick and pulled the ice cream into her mouth and had ice cream from ear to ear--Kelly and I had a good laugh and although I have no pictures, it was a great picture in my mind that won't be forgotten!

Lakyn plays well with her toys, still enjoys her brother and sister, and loves being outside--but as you can see from the picture below--we are having a hard time fighting off the mosquitos--YUCK!

We had her 6 month pictures done a couple weeks ago and Lindsey got some wonderful pictures of her outside--I painted her toenails for the 1st time, but just did a light pink so you can just see a little sparkle!  Lakyn sat outside in her bumbo while I painted away!

Lakyn is still getting up once or twice at night---one of these days--I know she will surprise us but we are letting her cry awhile and then going in to pat her back until the day she does-ha!

I have also started supplementing with formula as I am heading back to work this week---so I plan to nurse still in the morning and at night and will use formula some of the other times.

Here is this cutie at 7 months--and just for fun--I put Brynn and Caden's 7 month picture in too--she has a good mix of both of them but she is my blondest baby so far!


Friday, August 9, 2013

T-Ball For Brynn!

 2 kiddos playing ball this summer kept Layne and I hopping--this was Brynn's 1st summer playing T-ball and it went well.
There were 14 to 15 kids on the Rattler's Team but there were about 4-5 adults able to help with every practice and game which was awesome--during practice the kids were divided up into stations to practice different skills and then of course after games were drinks and snacks--one of Brynn's favorite things about game day!
Layne was sad that he did not get to help with Brynn's practices or games because they ended up being the same time as Caden's, but at least Daddy got to see a few of the games!

Above--the Rattler's waiting to bat!
Below---drink break--after the 1st game where Brynn and I had to leave the game twice to go to the bathroom, Mommy learned to hide the water bottle at times!

Waiting for my turn--it is all good!

Running the bases

Lined up to shake hands

Team huddle with Coach Kylie and Coach Chance

Let's Play Ball!

 The Rattler's T-Ball Team

 You have to have a silly one too!

 Great experience playing ball--I hope she will want to do it again next summer!
Special thanks to our family that came and watched all the t-ball action and hugs to Miss Lakyn for being a trooper and going to lots of baseball games and practices this summer!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Wedding!

In May, Layne's cousin Aero married Jolynn!  The couple got married at Aero's parent's farm in a wheat field with just close family attending and then they invited everyone to the reception afterwards at Jolynn's parent's house in Wichita, which was on a huge lot with several houses around a pond!  The day was beautiful and these two thought of many cool details!  We had a blast!

Above picture---fun swings in a tree and Brynn sweet talked Uncle Caleb into pushing her--she is REALLY good at sweet talking!  Lakyn also got to meet more family--above she is with Great Uncle Paul---and look at that cute baby bump Aunt Kristi!

Beautiful flowers in fun bottles!

Aero and Jolynn visiting with family--Aero is holding their daughter McKinley.

Brynn could not take her eyes off of the pretty lady--Jolynn looked beautiful!

Mama hugs are the best!

Wedding party on a mission--loved the hot pink dresses!

Yummy wedding cake with Love Birds on it!

These two are pretty cute and have such a great relationship! (spoiled!)

Brynn watching the 1st dance and Miss McKinley also had to join in!

Our cousin Brenda got to meet and love on Lakyn!

There was BBQ food, lawn chairs, fishing, lights, a smore bar, and when it got dark--they started a movie outside for the kids to watch--LOVED all the family friendly details that they added!
Jolynn also has a son that is part of this special family named Alexander--he was a busy boy that day so I missed getting a picture of him, but he will be a 2nd grader and looked super handsome in his tux!
God's Blessings to you all Sallee family as you start this amazing journey together!
We had a blast at your wedding!