Monday, April 25, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Caden and Brynn are turning 4 and 2!

It was birthday fun around our house this month! The kids's birthday fell on Easter weekend this year and I knew I could not enjoy Easter and birthday parties both on the same weekend, so we did Caden and Brynn's birthday party the weekend before! Both kids were excited about their monkey party and Layne did an awesome job making the invitation--I got lucky and found monkey items on sale at Target as well! Caden was especially excited about his party and loved every second of his birthday!

Caden did take a nap on party day, but it was short--then he was ready to help take party goodies to church to decorate and set up--he and Grandpa are blowing up balloons!

I will give my husband tons of credit for making these amazing monkey cakes for the kids! I found a picture on-line and he used the picture and his artistic talent and made some pretty awesome cakes--Caden had to have chocolate, but Brynn had white.

The monkey plates and napkins I got on sale at Target!

It is party time--and as always, balloons were a BIG hit!

Fun with the cousins!

One very happy boy sporting his monkey shirt!

The party table

The beautiful cradle my dad made for Brynn--mom made the bedding!

Time to make a wish and blow out the candle.

Both of our birthday kids!

Brynn was really taking in that candle!

Cake and icecream time!

Caden and Brennan--a good church friend--enjoying cake and icecream!

Present time--Caden had lots of good help!

Brynn let Aunt Kristi help her for awhile.

Showing off her pretty dress from Grandma and Grandpa Parry--and notice her monkey shirt too--I finally found one at Payless--of all places!

Caden's cool bag from the Ohlde's.

A cool stuffed moose for Brynn--Caden already has one that is brown---Moose are pretty popular at our house!

A new baby from Grandma and Grandpa Haymond and Mommy and Daddy got her a baby carrier.

Miss Brynn got a little protective of her cradle and did not want our friend Will to have anything to do with it--she is yanking the cradle away from him--we will have to keep working on the fun concept of sharing!

The boys checking out all of Caden's presents and Caden trying out his new drum--and yes, that lovely drum was from my parents--I will have to find a way to regift it back to them!

Party favors for our friends--monkey washclothes and monkey stickers.

Layne and I gave Caden a wooden train set and then my parents got him a train--the boys had a blast playing trains and Layne and Caden have spent many nights since playing trains.

Kristi and Caleb got Caden the game Buck-a-roo--they showed the boys had to play and only Brennan was ready for round 2!

I finally got beautiful weather on the kids's birthday party and then Caden made me smile because he just wanted to stay inside and play with his new toys and balloons--oh well--we had a wonderful time! Brynn had been feeling up and down all week--fighting her 2 year old molars coming in and about an hour and a half into the party she was done and clung to me and cried--so we had to exit early--we ended up going to Stat Care because she started running a temperature and they gave her some meds--so she was much better after a day or two!
Thank you to our family and friends for coming to our party and loving and spoiling our kids! We are so thankful they are happy and healthy and that you could be part of the "village" that is helping make Brynn and Caden such wonderful kiddos!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeding Ducks and A Train Party!

Earlier this month, we had the kids get Easter pictures taken with LIVE bunnies--for the most part, they did an awesome job of corporating and we got a couple good pictures--which is all I needed--it was a beautiful day, so we headed to the pond to feed the ducks--both kids love this!

Handing out the bread!

Ready, Set, Throw!

The kids and Daddy

Yes, I am pretty sure that whole chunk of bread went in before Layne or I could catch her!

Later that day, our friend Asher turned 2 and he had a train party--both of my kids LOVE trains--especially Caden--so he was in heaven! Happy Birthday Asher!

Caden riding the train at Asher's party!

Asher's parents had rented this train for about 45 minutes so all the kids could enjoy a train ride or two!

Here they come!

What a group of kiddos--and the train!

Happy Birthday Asher! We enjoyed your party!

Aunt Mindy and Brynn share a birthday, so we always try to get a picture of them around this time of year! Hope your day was wonderful you two!

Caden and Brynn modeling the hats from Asher's party--not the best picture, but you get the idea!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Rest of Spring Break!

After our trip to KC, we were home a couple days to catch up on laundry and do some cleaning and napping! Then on Thursday we headed to Valley Center to see our cousins--Jess and the boys! We are SO happy they are back in KS, but had not been to see their house yet, so we thought we would see their house and have some play time.

Giving Conner his birthday present--a bubble gun!

Conner showing off his birthday present from his parents--he was so nice about sharing it with Caden--Caden was a little cautious at first, but quickly got the hang of it!

Caden with a big smile--it has a trailer--so he got to pull Conner in the trailer!

We also ventured to a park close to their house for a play break--the sun was out, but it was a cold day!

Greyson and Brynn--ready to ride!

Friday--we headed to Morganville--for some farm time and Parry time! Caden and Brynn both enjoyed seeing the baby calves and then Grandma suggested we got bowling on Saturday--that was a hit--especially for Caden!

Before we started, Kristi and Caden had to play the lottery--check out their cute shoes!
Kristi also arranged for us to see some chocolate lab puppies that morning--we all had fun playing with the puppies--so glad that Kristi and Caleb have great connections!

Daddy helping Brynn bowl!

Caden's turn!

Watching to see how he did!

The family watching all the action.

Grandpa helping Caden.

Food time--can't beat burgers and tots/fries!

Both kiddos watching to see how Caden bowled--he started running and sliding and then letting go of the ball at the end--it was too cute--not the perfect bowling form--but cute! He bowled 2 games--I was proud of him!

Brynn bowled for awhile and then decided video games were more her style!

It really and truly was a wonderful spring break--we got to see both sides of our family, got out of the house a few days, and got some cleaning and relaxing done!
Hooray for Spring Break!