Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caden is 5!

 Oh boy--the big 5!  Let the mommy emotions begin!  I am so blessed that he will be going to my school next year--so that will help keep me together--but wow--does 5 seem OLD :).  Aunt Kristi bought a limo last Oct. at a car auction to use at her wedding so we asked if Caden could have a limo party for the big 5 and she said yes!  We had fun taking these pictures out at the farm and our plan is to take Caden and 5 friends for a short drive and out to get ice cream at Yogurtini!

So here we go with friend birthday parties, preschool graduation, kindergarten enrollment, kindergarten screening, and bright beginnings at SES where the preschoolers get to come to kindergarten for 2 mornings to try it out and meet all the teachers and staff.
We love you Caden and are so proud of all you have learned!
Happy Birthday Little Man!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Princess is 3!

Our little princess is turning 3 on Sunday--WOW! She has been soooo excited about her princess party and telling anyone who asks all about it and asking about 3 months ago if it was time for her princess party and when were her friends coming over?! Too bad she has boy cousins who get to celebrate with her--let me tell you--they are not near as excited as our girl is, but I know they will be troopers! (The aunts might have to play up the princess line!) Thank goodness the other girl at daycare spoils Brynn and paints her nails and brings her princess dresses and other goodies that make Brynn just glow!
She is the light of our eye and brings so much joy and laughter to our house. She can also give amazing facial expressions--some good--some not so good! Her love of books is awesome and so like her mommy--plus she loves music, shopping, and shoes--yes, she is a girl! :)

We made the big leap and had our first haircut at the end of March. Just a trim on the yucky ends--we had a blast--she was so fun and sat very still and took everything in! Thanks Kim for making it so special!

Even a smile for mom! Every time I took a picture she wanted to see it!

Kim was so nice and let her have 2 lollipops--one for Brynn and one for her "bruder."

Happy Birthday Miss Brynn--we love you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break Weekend in KC

Spring break started out with a fun trip to KC to visit Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey! We had BIG plans to go the the Farmstead, but come to find out it did not open til April--so after checking it out from the fence, we vowed to come back this summer and settled for some playground fun!

I think Brynn took these fun pictures of Brad and Lindsey sporting their KState gear as we also cheered on the Cats that day in basketball!

We love all the fun parks we have gotten to explore on our visits--the kids are loving seeing Cooper Dog and trying out the new parks!

Brad, Layne, and Lindsey held down the kids for me Saturday night with pizza, a magic show and balloon animals while I headed to Kristi's girl party in Kansas City. Janell was able to come back for all the fun as well. We ate some yummy food at On the Borders, help dress Kristi up in some cute clothes, and headed to the Power and Lights District for a couple of hours. After having some girl fun, getting beer spilled on me, and sweating, I decided this 32 year old lady had all the fun I could handle at 11:15 and gave the bride to be a hug and headed to bed! :)

Sunday, we planned on going to church with Brad and Lindsey--had just left their house when Brynn puked all over herself and the carseat--so quick trip back to their house--cleaned Brynn up and stuck her in bed, washed and dried the carseat and went to plan B. Brad and I took Caden and Cooper to the park and played, and Brynn slept. We got back and loaded up the van, ventured to Union Station for a quick train break, and headed home. Luckily, that one time was the only time she puked and we could still enjoy some fun in KC!

Here's to family and fun in Kansas City!