Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumpkin Decorating Time!

We went and picked out our pumpkins, and now let the decorating begin! Caden loves blue and painted a blue pumpkin last year and was determined to paint his blue again this year. Our favorite lady at Sunnyside told Caden that if he put stickers on it and then painted it, his pumpkin would be polk-a-dot! He loved the idea and got right to work!

Daddy and Caden busy painting his pumpkin.

Brynn putting stickers on hers.

Artists at work!

Hi Mom--look at my fingers!

Painting with Daddy.

Then our friends the Webers came over for our yearly pumpkin carving fun.

Jack, Brynn, and Caden painting their pumpkins--and yes, Brynn got purple paint on the wall, but it did come off!

Time to carve--Daddy pulling out the goo!

Caden is watching Jill make her masterpiece.

All of Caden's pumpkins.

All of Brynn's pumpkins.

2 set of toes and all of our masterpieces!

Brynn and Jack

The kids and our art work--and yes, Caden has snow boots on--that boy is SO ready for snow!

All lit up--Layne carved the man face, I did the sparkly cat, and Jill did the acorn!
Happy Fall 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunnyside Pumpkin Patch

Our yearly adventure to the Sunnyside Pumpkin Patch was a success again this year minus the fact that Brynn had been fighting a fever off and on throughout the week. The fever would go down with Tylenol and then come back and she had a yucky cough. She finally woke up fever free and we headed out to the pumpkin patch to celebrate although she and Mommy headed home early as this girl still was not 100%. We had a blast as always and meet up with our good friends the Howe's. Layne and Caden were out there for more than 3 hours having a blast!

Brynn and Caden--Welcome to Sunnyside Farm!

Loving haybales!

We went pumpkin hunting right away as I knew Brynn would not last long--Caden was determined to get a white pumpkin again this year--to paint blue--again!

Brynn just KNEW she could pull the wagon--all by herself--she is not stubborn at all! :)

Here is mine!

The fun hayrack ride!

This is how tall Brynn was!

Our family at the patch.

Our favorite item at Sunnyside besides the pumpkins--the slides!

Mommy and Brynn having a wonderful time!

Daddy and Brynn's turn--and he lets her go!

What a BIG girl!

Daddy is all smiles!

Caden's turn...

Oh, Daddy...

Caden and Isak--running a lot of energy off!

Thank you Sunnyside Pumpkin Patch for always providing a fun-filled family afternoon for all of us!

Monday, November 7, 2011

SES Football

Our family had fun this fall heading out to Southeast of Saline to cheer on the Trojans in football this year. It is always an adventure taking 2 young active kiddos to the game, but luckily we sit with a lot of my teacher friends who have young kids as well and we all take turns entertaining them, feeding them, and crowd-controlling them! SES ended the season at 8-2--heartbreaking to be done in the first play-off game when you had such a great season, but that is how life is. They fought the good fight clear til the end. Way to go Trojans!

Caden and T having a GREAT time cheering on the Trojans!

Homecoming Royalty with our friends
Grady and Kyler as football bearer and crown bearer.

Looking Good!
One of our favorite baby-sitters Erica!

Heading home after a game!

Caden had many football question this year--one of the favorite questions in person and when watching football on TV is--Which team are you cheering for, Mommy? He also had many questions about where the football was, who was kicking it, who was catching it and who was winning--I felt so honored to get to answer all those amazing questions--I think I was right most of the time! We also had the scary opportunity to have a Beloit player collapse on our field and be air-lifted to Wichita by a helicopter that landed on our practice field. Luckily the player is slowly recuperating. Layne and I also had a proud moment of losing our daughter for several minutes as the little turkey had made it all the way up the stairs, around the corner, and to the pass gate before a teacher's aide saw her and brought her back down to us--WOW--made our hearts beat pretty fast--they can sure be fast when they want to be! Thanks for the fun Friday Nights SES!