Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wichita Zoo

In June, my friend Emily and I took our kids to the Wichita Zoo--we have done this the last few years and we all end up sweaty and hot, but having a wonderful time. Both our moms came to party with us as well--so it was a great chance to see some awesome animals and catch-up with great friends! The weather even was nice to us--it was only around 90 degrees--we would be thrilled for a day like that now!

All our kiddos--Bryant, Caden, Brynn, and Owen--Bryant will be a 1st grader and Brynn is the youngest at 2--Caden and Owen are both 4!
The boys kept us hopping all day--as boys do--they could all find one stick after another--we would hate for our day to be boring and relaxing though!

We finally got all our kids to look at the camera and this other sweet little girl hopped into the picture--so our kids again--plus one!

Checking out the snakes and reptiles!

The Grizzly Bear was right up close to say hello to us.

Mr. Tiger went for a run and then took a swim--very fun to watch!

Up close and personal with the other tiger!

Our kids again--one final shot after we finished the zoo!

Big hugs for mom for a fun day.
Always great to see you and your family Emily--a great tradition carries on!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4th of July

Lots of pictures to enjoy on this blog! Our 4th of July celebration started a week early. We went to Ellsworth the last weekend in June to enjoy their firework show. Mom had a yummy BBQ supper and then Layne, Brynn, and I went to see my friends Marissa and Caleb's amazing new house while mom and dad took Caden to the rec. center to enjoy the fun there. We tracked down Caden going down the big slide about a million times!

Brynn got in on some of the jumping fun--but there were a lot of big kids in her way--so she decided riding the little carousal car was more fun!

What a great little driver!

We enjoyed visiting with good friends and eating funnel cakes and snow cones--plus the firework show was wonderful--it is one of my favorite Ellsworth Weekends!

Big smiles for mom in our cute 4th of July shirts!

We headed to the farm 4th of July weekend to help with harvesting, planting, and any other farm item my kids could get a hold of. I think by next year, Caden will be about ready to drive the combine himself--Aunt Kristi is a very good teacher and he was telling mommy all I needed to know and more! Brynn is also modeling her new dress from Aunt Janell and drinking--this girl is my drinker so far!

We all got some 4-wheeler time--once again--big grins and one of my favorite pictures!

July 3rd was the 4th of July party at the Parry Farm--it rained that morning, so harvesting and planting were put on hold and we got the house and yard ready for guests.
Time to break out ladder ball.

Daddy's turn.

Caden's turn--if I remember right Kristi and Caden beat Daddy's team!

Time for company and some fireworks--Caleb and friend Michael were put in charge of fireworks that night and gave us a wonderful show!

Time to eat--Caden and Conner--before long though, these two had moved outside to seat with Kristi and Adriane--worked for me!

More food and fun!

Brynn and Greyson--sporting cute flag shirts are ready to do some poppers.

Fun and hugs for Aunt Kristi!

Double duty--I don't know who is happier--Kristi or the kids!

We used a grinder and crushed some ice for some great snowcones.

Firework time!

Grape snowcone break!

Some of the family headed up to the roof for a better view--Caden went with Kristi for a bit and thought he was pretty big stuff!

Conner and his Daddy enjoying the view.

Brynn and Aunt Clarice and Jess and Greyson all snuggled in enjoying the show!

Daddy and Brynn having fun with sparklers--Caden did not like the sparklers this year--he thought they would burn his hand off--so he just watched--I guess I would rather him be safe then sorry!

Enjoying some yummy homemade icecream as the finale! Our cousin Jamie also started the evening off by playing the National Anthem on her violin beautifully--thanks Jamie!

Monday, the 4th, we headed home and went to Oakdale Park--they had a party in the park with free food and old fashion games--it was hot but fun! We enjoyed free hot dogs, chips, pop, watermelon, and icecream bars! There were long lines, but they went fast as it was grab and go. Our friends Ryan, Jill, and Jack met us for lunch and then we let Brynn and Caden play a few free games before heading home to air conditioner and naps!

Jack and his Daddy enjoying icecream!

Caden with his icecream--eat it fast buddy!
We enjoyed the firework show in Salina that night and watched as a lot of other Salina people shot off fireworks as well--one of my favorite holidays--Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We had t-ball the month of June and a make-up game the first week in July. These 4 and 5 year olds practiced every Monday and had games on Tuesday. Caden loved every minute of t-ball and was always ready to go to practice or a game and loved having his friends and family come and watch him! He is getting to be a pretty good hitter and is starting to catch and throw better--he is going to be like the rest of the family and be a big fan of baseball I think! Layne and our friend Bobby got to coach all of these wonderful kiddos and it was an experience that they will always remember--not always easy to keep the attention of a 4-5 year old when it is HOT outside, but I think they all learned some baseball skills and almost all of them know where 1st base is!

Caden's team The Braves getting ready to bat!

Brynn and Addison cheering the team on in their strollers!

Brynn and Jaxson entertaining themselves by covering the cooler with grass--oh to be 2 again!

Up to bat--Caden Parry (dad is in the background!)

He swings and hits!--dad is smiling :)

Caden runs to first base to get a high 5 from Coach Bobby.

Time to field--Caden is playing first base--I think he liked 1st base and pitcher the best as it had the most action!

Everyone loved his styling baseball socks!

Very proud of the metal he got the last game--he also has a wonderful stick that is blurry in the other hand--all boy this child is! We had to wear our medal to Yogurtini as it became our celebration spot after every game!

The Braves--2011 YMCA T-Ball Team
Silly picture is above and serious picture is below--we were so lucky to have several of our church friends and Southeast friends on our team--so made for some fun evenings!
I also got a kick out of the girls playing on the team--most of them started out in black shorts with their shirts, but by game 3--most girls had pink shorts on or at least pink and black shorts and at times some even wore little pink sport skirts--but they were out there playing--just had to style it up a bit!
Thanks to Bobby and Layne for their time and effort to coach the kiddos--I know our son loved it and grow in his knowledge of baseball!

Also a quick video of Caden hitting the ball!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun in June!

Uncle David's birthday is in June and he also left Kansas in June to go to Ohio to do an internship--so we had a party at the pond to wish him a happy birthday and for success in Ohio. It was a perfect KS day and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunshine!

Aunt Kristi helping the boys fish.

David doing some fishing in this stylish outfit!

Brynn thanks Uncle David is pretty cool--they are having a great conversation here!

David with Brynn and Caden--David caught a good-sized fish out here that day and the kids loved looking at it--Brynn went right up and touched it--way to go girl!

We have really started to enjoy going to the Salina River Festival every year--mom and dad came and spent Friday morning with us doing games, crafts, listening to fun music, and of course eating--Brynn and Caden are decorating their bags here with Grandma.

My cousin Ashley from Beliot, got married in June to Brandon--Layne and I left the kiddos with his parents and enjoyed being with the adults for an evening.
Ashley looked pretty awesome in her dress and she also just finished physical therapy school and can be called Dr. Ashley!

We have been spending tons of evenings outside and doing a lot of bike riding! Caden is trying out a new bike Grandpa found at a garage sale--it was a bit too big, but he still rode it--we go biking for almost 30-45 minutes most nights and Caden is usually the leader although we have to stop and take breaks once in awhile!

Brynn wants in on the the action as well--she is trying to learn how to pedal, but we are not their yet--but she loves having lots of help so she can go and Grandma was willing--most nights you can find her riding in the bike trailer behind Daddy's bike! Check out the super cute outfit from the Allen family as well--we like to keep this girl looking good!

An evening with Daddy and storytime--one of my favorite times of the day!

We ate lots of icecream cake around Father's Day as that was out present to both our dads--this was suppose to be Dad's cake, but I forgot it at home, so we ate this one, Dad got a superman cake, and Craig got a red combine on his cake--and they all tasted amazing!