Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas at our house 2012

Here we go with all the Christmas fun--always time to ride the train at the mall!
After our church program on the 23rd, we had Christmas with just our family--the kids opened presents from Layne and I--total excitement!

New boots and a towel wrap!

One of Caden's favorite presents---"All the hungry cattle are staring at me"  From the Southeast of Saline famous Peterson brother's hit video--I'm farming and I grow it!

He was super excited that the guys even signed his shirt!

Got to have pink cowgirl boots!

Kids Wii Dance 2--it has been a big hit at our house to get the wiggles out on these cold days!

More transportation equipment--a backhoe!

Santa is coming--let's feed the reindeer!

Hanging the Santa Key so Santa can come in!

Milk and Cookie time for Santa--I think the kids only picked out about 2 cookies for Santa--I guess that is all Santa needs :)

Morning of the 24th--Santa came to our house (yes--I know it is early--but since we travel, Santa coming early just works out better!)

A rolling barbie case for all Barbies and all princesses!

A cool lego set that makes helicopters and airplanes!

Your turn Daddy--hurry up!

Caden finished opening all his goodies in about 2 minutes and then had to supervise everyone else opening their presents!  We also enjoyed driving around Salina to see Christmas lights and toasted the occasion with ice cream--yum!
Christmas at our house was enjoyed--time to travel to the Parry's for Christmas!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Program at Church

Here are our two super stars looking cute by our Christmas tree!

December 23 we had our Christmas Program at church.  I helped with the program this year along with 2 other amazing ladies--programs are a lot easier to do when you do them as a team!  We have a bunch of 5-6 year olds so we chose a program called Our Christmas Show and Tell--we did not have to mess with costumes--the kids just got to wear their pretty clothes--and it had a lot of songs and poems in that were fun and easy for most kids to memorize.  The older children showed different Christmas related items and told what their Christian meaning was and related it to a Bible verse.
It was about a 30 minute program and we had some yummy cookies to celebrate with afterwards!

All our kids watching a video before they perform!

Everyone looked so nice all dressed up--fun to do, but a big relief when it was over--especially for this 8th month prego mama!

Below is the whole group of kids that we worked with--proud of the job they did celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Layne and I also celebrated our anniversary on December 18th--8 years!  We went to the community theater and watched Miracle on 34th Street and ate out at Daimaru Steakhouse--that was my first visit to Daimaru and we had a blast watching the fancy chefs cook up our food!  
Big thank you to Aunt Kristi for baby-siting for us so we could celebrate!
Our plan is to spoil ourselves in two years with another trip to Hawaii with Layne's cousin Canaan and wife Jess--Jess and I are already counting down the days to paradise!
So happy to be married to an amazing guy and awesome dad!
Thanks for a great night out on the town honey!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lakyn Marie Parry

 While the events of the past week are still fresh in my mind, I want to write about it so I will always remember!  So Christmas pictures will appear again as soon as I get this first round of blessing # 3 put in the blog!  Above is my last prego picture that we took--I am 36 weeks at Christmas Eve!

Jan. 3rd, 2013--life got a little crazy around our house--I had a Dr. appointment and I had to do a non stress test since I have gestational diabetes--we have to do these tests twice a week to double check that baby is doing ok.  My other tests had been fine, but my nurse and I could not get baby girl to cooperate at all on this Thursday--we had a good steady heartbeat, but in order to pass the test, the baby had to move so many times and nothing we did would wake her up--so we failed the test and had to go to the hospital to be evaluated.  Layne had just gotten off work--I took Caden to him--Caden had been with me for the test--Layne then went and got Brynn and took them home and our wonderful neighbors came over and stayed with our kids so Layne could come be with me.  The baby and I had to have a sono--which went great--we passed that test in 10 minutes, and then we had to be hooked up to monitors for about an hour and a half to make sure all was well.  I also found out I was having contractions about every 8 minutes--Layne and I were about ready to check in and stay put, but the nurse and doctor on call dismissed us and gave us the ok that everything was fine and to see my Dr. again on Monday.  So home we went--the contractions stopped and off to school I went on Friday--my blood pressure had gone back up as well--so I knew to take it easy on the weekend--we took down Christmas tree goodies, cleaned house, and I spent a lot of time on the couch!

Monday, went back to teach school and then headed in for a sono, non stress test, and Dr. appointment.  All went well at the sono and non stress test, but my blood pressure was still pretty high and since I was at 38 weeks, Dr. Knox made the decision that it was time to have the baby the next day.  In a way, a big relief--I was so tired of worrying about my blood pressure, which of course was not helping and I was having contractions again and dilated to a 3--so everything seemed to be a go for Jan. 8th! 
After making many phone calls that night and getting things organized for the kids while we were at the hospital, we headed to bed--I was having some contractions again but thought they might stop after I laid down awhile--the answer to that was no---After waking up with contractions every hour, I woke Layne up around 3:30 and told him that I couldn't sleep and we may as well go in--so we made a quick call again to our awesome neighbors, who came to hang out with our kids til mom could get here around 5.  Layne and I checked into the hospital around 4:15 that morning, filled out paper work and they got us all hooked up to be monitored, but the nurses were awesome and waited til 7:00 when Dr. Knox came on call so we could do the labor how we had planned.  We had an amazing nurse, Sarah, who was so attentive and gave us great care, plus was in regular contact with the doctor, who had a surgery before coming to see me.  Around 8:45--Knox got there to evaluate me and broke my water, we started the labor drugs, and I got an epidural at 9:30.  Nurse Sarah sent Layne and Kristi down to eat lunch at 10:45--with strict orders to be back at 11:15--around 11:15, I was dilated to a seven, Knox was called, Kristi and Layne got back from lunch, Dr. Knox arrived around 11:35, and we had baby girl at 11:47.  Everyone was well and healthy!  Our older kids had gotten delivered to school and daycare, mom and dad made it to the hospital, and Kristi and Layne were with us in the delivery room to watch the little miracle!

And here she is in all her glory--Lakyn Marie Parry
Born at 11:47 am
Weight:  6 lbs, 14 oz.
20 inches long!

Dr. Knox has done the famous clock picture with all three of our kids--love it!

Meeting Mommy--all I can say is WOW!

Big smiles and checking her out!

Proud Daddy--and Lakyn is already tired!

Kristi was in the delivery room when we had Caden, missed Brynn's by about 10 minutes, and was there bright and early to welcome Lakyn with us as well--makes this mommy happy--Layne video taped and Kristi took pictures!  Layne also let Kristi cut the cord--she eats up this stuff!  Big thank you as well to Uncle Caleb for hanging out in Salina for the day and being part of all the fun!

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa in Ellsworth!

Happy Momma---time to eat--my tradition--cheeseburger and a Pepsi--CHEERS!

Nurse Lisa got to clean Lakyn up and make sure she was healthy!
She had to have a little oxygen at the beginning to get a little color in her, but then she was great!

Grandma Parry's turn.

Wash hair and bath time--she loved having her hair washed!

Grandpa Parry's turn!

Finally time to meet Big Brother Caden--5 & 1/2

Brynn--big Sister--3 & 1/2--so fun to watch their joy and excitement! 

The kids held Lakyn, watched Nurse Sarah check her vitals, opened their big brother/sister presents--2 new movies and I had used Shutterfly to make them their own baby book of their first month when they were babies--it was a big hit.
Then it was off to icecream with the Parry's so Mommy could feed Lakyn--only to find out about 5 minutes after they had left that the kids could not come back up to see Lakyn or I due to the bad flu season.  That was a bummer, but I totally understood! 
So glad they got to see us for a bit!

Nurse Sarah showing Caden and Brynn how to take care of Lakyn!  They were very interested!

What an amazing day!  

Sending Praises to God for our healthy family and counting our blessings!
I know there will be some ups and downs, but when you experience the miracle of delivering a baby that is healthy and beautiful, your heart just is full of love!
Welcome Lakyn Marie to our family--you are beautiful and a true blessing!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Program at School

Caden's Christmas Program at Southeast of Saline--Caden is sporting new glasses that he picked out all by himself--he told us it made him look like a "rock star!"  He had so much fun wearing them to school that 1st day--got a lot of attention from all my teacher friends and his classmates!

Caden had to dress up--so Brynn did too!

Caden and his teacher--Mrs. Wiles

Good friend Ian

Friend Landon--Landon's mom is our elementary music teacher at SES--she is expecting baby number 3 in March--so blessed to have such great friends!

Front row---Caden got to play bells on one song--no pictures because we video taped that song!

60 kindergarteners--WOW!  Good thing for three awesome teachers!

Love this picture--Miss Cali is very into the song!

Singing their hearts out!

Friend Tate--his parents own the Pumpkin Patch that we go to every year!

Look at my Gingerbread house!
Big Thank You to Grandma and Grandpa in Ellsworth for coming to watch the show!

A couple quick pictures of Caden's Christmas Party at school--I had some awesome moms help with my 1st grade party so I was able to sneak out and take a few pictures of kindergarten fun!
Yummy snacks and Sprite!

Raising his hand for a brownie--Yes, Please!

Christmas Caroling with all the Elementary School in the Gym

We only had half a day of school on this day, so Caden and I meet Daddy for lunch at Chili's and had some special Caden time!
Always a treat to get some one-on-one time with a kiddo!