Friday, February 26, 2010

10 months

10 month pictures were alot of work this time--Brynn did not want to sit on the chair for too long--was all about Mr. Bear and getting off the chair--so not the world's greatest pics, but after 3 different tries, I thought I had better just call it good!

Brynn is weighing around 19 pounds, and is a great eater! We are just supplementing with baby food here and there, otherwise she is totally eating people food and loving it. Some of her favorites are grilled cheese, green beans, peas, and pancakes. She eats green beans like some of us eat french fries! Not bad for a lady with only 2 teeth! She is loving her sippy cup, so we are down to almost 2 or 3 bottles a day, and she is pulling up and cruising around on everything--pushes items across the room by walking, but has not taken any steps by herself yet. Brynn goes to bed around 8:00 and sleeps til around 6:30 and then she is ready to eat and go!

Almost a smile...

Loving on Mr. Bear

Attempt # 2--I am done mom!!!

And final attempt--a little better smile!

Byrnn and her famous bear crawl--she moves very fast this way!

Looking outside--she looks so big here--I open the door alot before Layne gets home from work and she stands there and goes DA-DA, DA-DA--waiting for daddy to come home!

We tried out a Pebbles hair do--super cute!

And I also have a son--I caught him being a tech dude the other day--I got an I-touch for Xmas, and he uses it a lot. He can turn it on and get right to his games or videos! What a world we live in!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day--A little late!

We had fun celebrating Valentine's Day with our family! I tried to let Caden pick out his own Valentine's for daycare this year and it was quite the adventure at Target. He told me on the way to Target all the people at Val's that he needed Valentine's for and then when we got to the card row, he thought he needed a WHOLE box for every person--he did do a great job with theme as he picked Tinkerbell for the girls, Scooby Do for the one little boy, and CARS for the other boy--I tried to explain that there were a lot of cards in each box and we just needed 1 box for him, but he was determined and put all the boxes in the cart. I let it go for awhile and did my other shopping and then put them back at the end and told him we had to ask daddy about Valentine's! He was satisfied with that answer and I just bought his Valentine's when I was out shopping by myself!
One cute quote of the day was from Caden. My parent's had given him a new hot wheel car and after he opened it he said, "That was nice of them, I think!" I love the "I think"--he is using that phrase a lot lately, so must be hearing it at daycare!
Anyways--although late, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Brynn and Caden opening their presents from Mom and Dad.

Caden's new "real" basketball--he is doing lots of dribbling!

Brynn got new PJ's--she looks super excited!

Mommy got flowers--and Caden also picked some out for Aunt Kristi since she was visiting for the weekend!

Daddy got an icecream cake--and yes, that is a dill pickle and yes, there is a story behind that, but that is Layne's story to tell, so you can ask him the details!

And yes, Mommy got a pretty necklace as well--not the greatest picture, but I love little boxes! Layne told me that I deserve something nice every 5 years---just completed the moment--thank you honey!

Brynn is "reading" her Valentine card from Aunt Nell and Uncle Jake--she is all about paper!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eight on Thursday!

Life has been cruising right along and as always not enough time in the day, so time to catch-up! Layne celebrated his 28th birthday on the 3rd of this month. The week started off yucky as I woke up with the flu on Monday--it was one of those where I did not even turn the lights on all day, it just wipes you out! At 3:00 our phone rang, and our daycare said that Caden had just started puking, so daddy had to go get the kids, and then that night, Layne had shivers and body aches--so we spent Tuesday recovering and then did our best to celebrate with Layne on Wednesday. Caden and I did bake him a homemade chocolate sheet cake, and Hog Wild opened in Salina, so he got his beloved BBQ, including ribs, and of course you can't have a birthday without icecream!

Layne got his birthday feast of BBQ ribs!

Time to dig in.

The rest of the pics are just recent fun shots--enjoy!

Bath time is quite the SPLASH at our house!

Brynn is all about her big brother!

Pulling up on everything and playing some pretty tunes--and someday a few more teeth will come in and her nose will quit running--I hope!

Caden and daddy built a tunnel/fort in the living room--and I am guessing by his face that we had spaghetti for supper!

This past Saturday, Aunt Kristi came up and we put our Tiger gear on and ventured to Hays America to watch FHSU play basketball. The men, who are ranked, could not hit any shots and ended up losing, but it was still fun. There were over 6,000 people there and lots of noise, music, and action. Caden was unsure of it all at first, and then loved it--Brynn loved it from the start and then the last half she had had enough of the noise and sitting on laps!
After splurging on supper at Taco Shop, we headed home only to have the joy of both children crying the last 1/2 hour home--they were both tired and done--and so was Aunt Kristi :) Great practice for her for someday--right?!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Allen and Parry Kids

4 cute kids, we could not pass up taking some pictures, but even with quick cameras, several adults, and candy for treats, it was hard to get a "perfect" picture. It was fun to try--the best moment was not caught on film, but I have a great picture of it in my head--Mindy and I had got the kids where we wanted and she was showing Caden and Carter how to lean on the chair and the whole chair tipped over with the kids in it! We got many wide eyes and Brynn started crying--we were dying laughing, but we reorganzied and tried again--here are some of the fun shots!

Too funny--Below, Caden and Asher are staring at each other--looking almost mad, and Brynn and Carter are having a blast!

And this one below makes me laugh everytime! Brynn is hands up, Asher looks perfect, Caden might be sleeping, and Carter is picking his feet--YES!

Brynn is TA-DA--watch out Asher!

The little munchkins!

Almost got them all looking--Brynn is all about good manners and holding her dress-up.

And this is about as good as it gets!

The end--Brynn is crawling away and we are done!

Caden all relaxed in the chair just his size!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brynn's 9 month's photo shoot!

Last weekend, the kids and I went to McPherson to see Mindy and her boys. Mindy's mom was wonderful and came over to play with the big boys, while Mindy worked her photography magic, and did Brynn's 9 month pictures. We had quite the challenge of trying to keep her in one place and then to get her to look and smile, but we had fun and got some cute shots. She was not as smiley as she can sometimes be, but she is still adorable!
More photos of all 4 kids coming soon--that was another challenge!
Thanks for the fun morning Mindy, Pam, Carter, and Asher!