Thursday, January 28, 2010

9 months old!

It really hit me the other day when I picked the kids up from daycare that Brynn is
9 MONTHS already--wow time flies!
At the Dr.'s on Monday she weighed 17 pounds, 14 oz., and was 27 inches long. Layne and I both think she seems so much bigger than Caden was at this age, but every time I go back and look at Caden's baby book--he still wins as he was over 19 pounds at 9 months.

Brynn started crawling the week after Christmas and has gotten pretty fast! I head to our bedrooms to put laundry away and look back and she is right behind me. She is also doing what we call the BEAR crawl--bum straight up in the air and walking on hands and feet. We are having to remember to close the baby gate again and keep an eye on what she puts in her mouth!

Around Christmas time, Brynn also decided that she preferred people food over baby food, so we have been eating lots of noodles and using the baby grinder to keep her fed and happy. Every once in a while, we can sneak some baby food into her, but not much--she still loves puffs and cheerios and loves muffins. Our daycare lady also assures me that she loves peas, but peas don't make it to our house!

Brynn is working on getting new teeth, so sleeping has been off and on this month--hard to get use to when she had been sleeping so good, but the last week has been better, so hopefully she is settling back in--Caden on the other hand has decided to wake up several times during the night now as well--all the joys of parenthood!

Brynn is still full of smiles and blabber--we have heard a few mama's out of her, but dada and Keee (kitty) are still her favorite words to say all the time.

Too cute, even with her dress pulled up! And getting her to stay still with bear and in the chair proved to be quite a challenge--after trying once by myself where she ripped down the sign and toppled out of the chair where I caught her before she hit the ground--I decided to wait til Layne got home to help supervise!
Onward to 10 months and all the joy it will bring. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing with the cousins

We got a surprise visit last week from our cousins Conner and Greyson and their mom Jess. We always enjoy getting our kids together to play since they are so close in age--Caden and Conner get along really well, and Greyson and Brynn seem to as well. The older boys had a blast playing with shake up and go cars--Brad and Lindsey--those have been the best presents for Caden--it is a toy he has had over a year now and they get drug out at least once a week! Way to go Aunt and Uncle on toy shopping. :)

Shaking the cars and getting them ready to race!

Ready Caden? Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

Greyson and Brynn--diving into the toy bucket and crawling everywhere--Greyson has started taking some steps as well--way to go little man--you will keep your parents busy.

Wow, Greyson--look what those big boys can do!

Greyson decided to crawl over to see what the big fellows were up too--Jess and I figure he will be the tag along with the big boys or Brynn will sweet talk him into playing dolls with her!
Thanks for the visit Ohlde family!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ten on Saturday!

Some fun pics in the last week...

Another snow day for mommy last week due to the cold weather, so it was PJ day at our house and tower building time. Since Brynn is crawling now, it was a challenge for Caden to build his towers and get to knock them down before his sister got to them!

Knocking them down with a tractor is so much fun.


Brynn decided to chew on a tag instead of bothering Caden.

Hooray for underwear--I am sure he will adore this picture when he is older,
but it is a mommy's right to brag and get a few embarrassing pictures! We had tried potty training a few times earlier, but no luck, so we hit it hard over Xmas break and had a lot of success--we went straight to underwear, set a timer for a couple days, and lots of M & M's and hotwheels and especially the past week he has taken off with it and no accidents!
Way to go Caden :)

Scooter races--Brynn needs a little extra help--thanks Aunt Kristi!

Smiles--and Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk--that's my girl Brynn Parry!

Finally warm enough to go for a walk outside and I loved looking at the back of their stocking hats while we were walking--too cute!

And talk about too cute, my husband on a Saturday afternoon--tv on, remote in hand, sound asleep with the cat--can you get much better than that!

And my favorite, Layne and I took his parents to the Brad Paisley concert last weekend for their Xmas present at the new Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita. It was an amazing concert--we all had a great time--I might have to become a Brad Paisley groupie--we all would reccommend seeing him in concert if you get a chance!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Layne thought it would be a great new family tradition to make homemade pizza. He was in charge of the dough from scratch and the rest of us helped with the toppings. Aunt Janell was here visiting and got to participate in the fun. The pizza and dough made our whole house smell amazing, and the pizza was pretty good too--great idea husband!

Layne, the pizza chef, tossing the dough.

Janell and Brynn watching Layne, and Caden is ready to dive into the cheese!

Cheese time!

Getting the pizzas ready.

All done--cheese!

Our yummy work of art--good enough to eat!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas at the Haymond's

One final Christmas with my side of the family that took place on Dec. 27th. Brad and Lindsey made it back from Texas and we got to enjoy several days with them in Ellsworth and Salina. We also enjoyed eating a yummy meal with my Aunt and Uncle and their family. So more food, more presents, more family time, and trip to Branson is in the works for this summer!

Our family after church.

Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brad spoiling the kids.

My Aunt Clara holding Brynn and my cousins Janet and Linda.

Caden opening a present from Grandma and Grandpa--a town mat to drive his cars on.

Grandma opening a gift and Caden getting ready to try out the train mat.

Brynn is helping Aunt Lindsey open her gifts and Brad is wondering why Caden got more presents then he did--poor guy! Glad we got to spend some time with you Brad and Lindsey!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day at the Parry's

More Christmas fun and goodies continued at Layne's Parent's house. Caden dove straight into his stocking and then sorted all the food--I like this food, I don't like these! It was funny--of course all the chocolate ended up on the good side--that boy loves everything chocolate. I should probably try to hide veggies in chocolate! Jake and Janell's flight did not arrive until later Christmas Day, so we held off unwrapping gifts til they arrived.

Caden is looking at all the stocking goodies.

Of course Grandpa needs a bow for his head!

A new tractor and awesome animals from Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma (oops, I mean Santa) was so kind to put silly string in our stockings--Caden loved watching other people get sprayed but wanted none of it on him--thanks for playing Uncle David--we welcomed Jake and Janell back to KS with a good dosing!

Brynn's first Christmas.

Loving on DA-DA.

More daddy time.

Caden was very interested in Uncle David's guitar's--so David hooked the little guy up.

Brynn gets to open a present from Aunt Kristi.

Caden was hiding in Janell's magic box--Kristi opened it up and SURPRISE!

Brynn telling Grandma thank you for her pretty new outfit.

A quick 4-wheel ride--I like winter, but man, it is COLD!