Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brynn-5 months

Here is our little girl at 5 months! We did not have a DR. appoint. this month, so no official weight check, but according to our scale, she is around 15 pounds--which is right where Caden was at this age as well. She is full of smiles and coos, and here and there, Daddy can really make her laugh. She loves her activity center and pushing the button to make music on it. Brynn is also very into her feet--Caden was never into his feet as much as this girl is, but she loves holding them and putting them in the air and at times, in her mouth. Uncle Jake thought this weekend that she was very flexible! She is starting to enjoy cereal once a day in the evenings and is full of smiles at daycare. Brynn is still waking up about once a night, but likes to tease us and occasionally sleep through--I keep hoping!!!!

Hard to see on this picture, but she has some stylish flip flops on--thanks to Aunt Lindsey!

Caden wanted a bear picture as well!

Bonding with Daddy

Cereal Time

What a happy smile--not quite sure what color her eyes will end up--they are dark, but not dark brown like Caden and mine--more dark hazel and change with what she is wearing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frisbee Golf

This past Sunday took us to Ellsworth to see my family. My brother, Brad, was back to visit and do some recruiting for his work in Manhattan. We enjoyed a yummy barbecue after church with some friends, watched the Chiefs play, and then ventured to the park. Ellsworth has recently added a frisbee golf course to their park. Layne and Brad played the course and the rest of us had fun watching them fish the frisbees out of the water. We also tried to teach Caden how to throw frisbees. The weather was perfect and we got to top it all off with pizza, cake and icecream for Brad's b-day! Glad you got to come visit Brad!

And Brad and Layne are off to throw frisbees...

Caden entertained himself by pulling the wagon around the park.

Grandpa giving frisbee lessons.

Giving it a try--I am not sure if he quite got the technique down!
Notice the Iowa shirt from our friend Jacque-her current school.

And he made it in!

Brynn hung out with her ring toys and smiled!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turning 30!

I hit the wonderful milestone of turning 30 in September. It wasn't too bad--best of all, my birthday was on Labor Day--so no school! On the Friday before, my co-teachers had asked the first graders to secretly bring 30 items for me, so they all paraded in with many bags of 30 items from pennies to buttons to lots of candy, they had fun giving me all my presents. That afternoon, one of my first grader's mom also surprised me and brought me a big birthday cookie to share with my 1st graders, so the weekend was off to a great start!

On Sunday, Layne's parents watched the kids so we could have some grown-up time and we went to Manhattan and watched "All About Steve." Ok movie--it got better as it went on, but it is amazing how much you can enjoy just a car ride without children once in awhile! We also enjoyed supper and icecream!

Monday, on my birthday, Layne's mom spoiled me with a home cooked lunch with chocolate sheet cake and then that night my parent's came over for my yearly birthday angel food cake and homemade icecream! So between all the goodies to eat, and many friends and family to see and love, I have a lot to be thankful for and will enjoy the dirty thirties! :)

My kids and I on my 30th b-day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Labor Day Weekend was busy for our family. Layne took Friday off and he and Caden went to Morganville and spent the day on the farm and running errands to get a ball tournament organized for Saturday. Brynn and I hung out in Salina on Friday night and then we drove to Topeka with our friend Mindy to surprise our friend Sarah for a breakfast brunch. We had a blast seeing some college friends and Brynn was as good as gold!
Saturday in Morganville, Layne organized a fun ball tournament. All afternoon, family and friends enjoyed playing ragball, kickball, wiffle ball, tennis ball, and softball. The weather was perfect and I think people left happy and with some sore muscles. When Brynn and I got back for the ball fun, she decided to have a big meltdown with lots of crying and screaming. I think she was very tired and there was so much going on and so many people, that she took forever giving into sleep. So mommy and Brynn did not enjoy the tournament fun as much as others, but it was great to see everyone. The parts I did get to watch were wonderful! The last game, the little munchkins were let loose on the ball field, and Caden was in heaven. I did not get to take pictures because I was feeding Brynn, but Caden chased every ball that was loose and Kristi showed him how to put his hands on his knees to get ready! Too cute!

Let's play ball!

Dugout fun!

Nice shades Uncle Clay!

Caden swinging on the swings at the ballpark with our cousins.

Look at that Daddy!

Caden pitching the ball to Aunt Kristi.

Brynn is taking it all in with Great Aunt Chris.

More swing time with Conner and Clarice.

Brynn is taking a break in the quiet van to play with her feet!

Caden wanted to check out the view from the top of the mini van!

We didn't get to play with Greyson much since Brynn was not a happy camper,
but it was still great to see him and his family. Jess and I have a very similar picture of Caden and Conner when they were this age too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

It seems with this wonderful cooler weather that the dog days of summer are coming to an end. We enjoyed what will probably be one last day at the spray park in Salina with our friends Tamara, Steve, and their son Isak. Isak dove right into the water while Caden had to check it out first and then dive in. It was a beautiful day and so much fun watching the boys play and explore. Caden loved throwing his squishy ball into the water and running to get it!

Time to get wet!

Caden and friend Isak

I have to get my ball!

Oh yah--I can't forget my princess--one cute girl in a pretty dress--thanks Mindy :)