Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Delta, CO Day 5

And our vacation is at an end! Thanks Janell and Jacob for showing us the wonders of your home and town. We had a great time and can't wait to come visit again soon! Wednesday we packed up and headed back to Grand Junction--via the short way this time and did a little shopping. Janell has been bragging about the store Ross to me so the ladies headed there to do some shopping and I was not disappointed--great buys at a great price--the kids and I all came home with some cute treasures! We enjoyed one final lunch with Jake and Janell and then it was off to the airport and back to Kansas safe and sound. When we landed in Wichita, we had a fun surprise and ran into Layne's cousin Brian and his wife and daughter at the airport--they had been back to visit family and were flying back to CA--so it was great to see them and meet their baby. Brian was nice enough to call his parents and they waited for us at the airport, so we also got to see Chuck and Brenda and they were so kind as to help us load all of our goodies into our van for the trip back to Salina. Vacation is always fun but it is also wonderful to be home! My only disappointment was not seeing my college friend Amber who also lives out in Colorado--we tried a couple times to get together and it just didn't work--but next time...!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Delta, CO Day 4

Day 4
Tuesday we decided it would be fun to go sledding in the mountains. We all got bundled up and drove about an hour to the snow and mountains. Sledding ended up being more fun for the adults as Caden was a little scared of the mountains--we have just sled on flat snow in KS and then Aunt Nell went down first and fell off and that about did him in. So the grown-ups enjoyed going down the mountain--at a pretty fast pace and Caden just watched, but after all of us went down, he would always ask that person if he/she had broken their leg. Caden really enjoyed watching the Olympics with us in the evenings, but he really noticed when someone fell and hurt themselves--so everytime we would fall off the sled, he thought we had gotten hurt, "Nell broke her leg Mommy?" said Caden. Mommy would answer, "No, Caden, she just fell off the sled." Daddy also took Brynn down once and fell over with her, so she had a melt down as well--not hurt, got snow on her and was scared--she also wanted nothing more to do with Daddy that day. So Caden, Brynn, and I watched from the top of the mountain and finally Caden decided to go down once with daddy and did great. We left after about an hour and headed back to Janell and Jacob's but stopped on the way back to eat lunch at a fun little cafe. Then it was back to our home away from home for a long nap and time in the sun as it reached around 60 degrees that day. Janell and Jake drug out the hammock and Janell and I enjoyed the sun and books while Jake and Layne went and shot guns for fun.
After the kids got up we went to the Lake and went fishing for a bit--Caden helped Janell and Jake each catch a fish--he enjoyed it and even touched the fish--he thought it was yucky! After a yummy BBQ meal with Jake's parents we headed home to pack our stuff and get ready for the trip back home to KS.

Sledding Time!

Jake giving Janell a push...

Layne and Brynn about ready for take off.

Off they go...

My turn!

Layne and Caden ready to go down.

Pretty mountains--once again!

Nap time--Nell in her hammock and Caden curled up with the moose that Janell and Jake gave him more than a year ago.

Fishing at the lake in Delta--we got to take the dog Gunner along as well--we had fun watching him chase his toy in the lake!

Caden helping Uncle Jake reel in their fish.

And there is the prize fish and Caden touching it--Gunner is also checking it out!
Way to go fishermen!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Delta, Co Day 3

Day 3--Monday
Today was our big sightseeing day. We decided to go to Telluride--a fun ski resort with a free Gondola ride. It was suppose to be about an hour and 45 min., but ended up taking longer since we were going up into the mountains. We were all getting a little restless towards the end, but still got to enjoy some beautiful snow scenery on the way and we had a blast in Telluride. We started off with a picnic in the park--snow was everywhere, but the sun was out and we found a covered table just perfect for a picnic. We ate and then walked through the neat downtown area and window shopped heading to the Gondola. The Gondola ride was great--wonderful view of the mountains and fun to watch the skiiers. It made Layne and I really want to ski again and Caden was very fastinated by them as well--maybe next year! We walked around the ski village, then rode the Gondola back down the mountain, had icecream, and headed back to Delta. At Delta, we stopped by some of Jake and Janell's friends who have horses and let the kids see and pet the horses and then Caden got to ride on one of the horses named Deisel. He loved it! After a long day, Jake and Janell made us a yummy supper of Kabob's and then when the kids were tucked in for the night, Jake's parents came over for a fun card game of Rage--we all enjoyed playing this game and reccomend it! It is especially fun when you beat your husband! It was a super day up in the mountains!
Scenery pictures on the way to Telluride.

Our picnic lunch surrounded by snow!

Caden with a great smile and a very messy face--you might have to look closely to see the mess, but it is there!

Caden and Aunt Nell had fun with the hole in the pipe!

Off to explore with mommy.

The cover over our picnic table that was dripping with snow--and Caden got some that landed perfectly on him and scared him a bit--off course the snow would have to land right on him!

After our picnic and Brynn is full and worn out!

Off we go to explore the town of Telluride--thanks guys for carrying the kids!

Ready to go up the Gondola!

Mountains and the town of Telluride.

Our family at the top!

Brynn and Daddy watching the scenery from the Gondola.

The skiiers were fun for all of us to watch at the ski village.

A priceless picture--Brynn thinks Caden is the funniest person ever and he loves entertaining her!

There was a stuffed bear outside a store on the way back and we had to take a picture for Aunt Kristi--see Kristi--bears are not scary!

Icecream time at a fun little shop--Brynn is a little excited!

Why not drink a chocolate shake on top of Uncle Jake's head!

Back to Delta and time for a horse ride for Caden--thanks Paul and Jake for helping him!

A true cowboy needs a hat!

Caden even got to feed the horse.

Miss Brynn got up close and personal and loved it!

Layne and Caden were playing outside Nell and Jake's house when we got back and captured this awesome picture--a great way to end the day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Delta, CO--Day 1 and 2

Day 1
Spring break is here and my family took a vacation to Delta, CO to see Layne's sister Janell and her husband Jacob. Layne, Caden, Brynn, and I flew out on Saturday from Wichita to Denver and then from Denver to Grand Junction. We left around 1:30 from Wichita and arrived around 4:00 CO time--thanks for the flight tickets Terri--we all enjoyed flying!

When we first pulled up to the airport in Wichita--Caden saw a huge plane and started to get scared--"I don't want to go on that big plane, Daddy." Layne assured him that he would find him a smaller plane and luckily he was ok with that as our parent's as teacher lady did a great job of finding us 2 books and a movie about flying which really helped Caden. He was a big help checking in--even took off his own shoes and helped carry things! We were lucky and Jake and Janell found a carseat we could borrow--so we only had to take one and we were able to check that one in! Caden loved looking out the window and watching all the planes and he climbed right on board like a champ!
Caden watched all the action on the plane and watched a movie--Brynn was very busy the first flight and wanted to touch everything, but as long as I kept handing her different toys, she did great as well--our plane was small--just 2 seats on each side, so Layne entertained Caden and I entertained Brynn. We landed in Denver, switched planes and took off again and this time Brynn slept and Caden enjoyed my I-touch. We landed safe and sound--even early and had all of our luggage--hooray! The weather in CO was awesome and sunny! We decided to grab supper at Applebees--after loading all of us up in Jake's parent's Tahoe and also watched the KU-K-State game there as well--GO HAWKS!
Then we headed on a pretty drive to Delta--about 45 minutes away--Janell wanted to show us the scenic rotate, it was longer and it got dark faster than we thought, so we did not get the full effect of the scenery, but it was pretty what we could see of it! We finally arrived at Jake and Janell's house and settled in for a few days of fun in the mountains!

Waiting to check in at Wichita.

Brynn's first airplane ride--Caden was 14 months when we flew to Houston to see Brad and Lindsey and Brynn was 10 and 1/2 months here. She was quite the trooper this past week as the week before we left she came down with a nasty cough. We took her to the DR. two times that week--first to check out her cough and then to double check her cough and her ears--2nd time her cough had gotten worse and she had an ear infection--so after lots of Benadryl and an antibiotic--we were good to go on the trip! And her two top teeth finally cut through as well--so she is much happier!

We arrived in Grand Junction safe and sound and with all our luggage--and Caden's cheesy smile!

Day 2
Sunday we went to church with Jake and Janell--it was hard to convince Caden that their pastor at church was also a pastor--he thinks our pastor is the only one! We then went back to Jake and Janell's to relax and make spaghetti. It was cold and rainy today, so the kids and grown-ups all took some time to take naps and recover from traveling. When Caden got up, he enjoyed playing Mario Kart with the older "kids" and sometime outside. We ventured to the Lake at Delta and fed some birds and played on the playground, but it was very windy, so we did not stay too long. For supper that night we went and saw Jake's family that live in Delta as well. They have two big dogs that Caden loved--especially the Golden Retiever, Gunner, and he also got to ride a 4-wheeler with Jake and Janell. Mommy was silly and forgot her camera, but Jake's dad let me borrow his, so some cute pics will be coming at a later date of the kids and the dogs! Caden also enjoyed playing with Uncle Jake's toys that he had when he was growing up--inlcuding horses, tanks, and soldier hats!

Video game time--beat them Caden!

Time to race!

Checking out the tire swing in the backyard with Aunt Nell.

Visiting the Lake in Delta and feeding the birds.

Walking in the park with Aunt Nell.

More ducks to feed.

Mommy and Brynn are supervising.

Climbing the rock wall at the park.

Pretty, but cold mountains and lake in Delta.

Monday, March 8, 2010

And he is off...

Hooray--Caden has learned to pedal his bicycle! We have been working off and on to master this skill and this weekend, he took off on it! He has been sooo excited to go outside and play this past week and this weekend he drug his bike out and wanted help pedaling and then--boom--he was off. Caden kept hitting the brakes and it was work to get started again, but he was off to a great start Friday night and then on Sunday he got his bike out again, and was going all over the driveway and down the street! It really hit mommy that he is growing up! Several times this week when we have gotten home he told me that he will just go play outside by himself--and he does! Brynn and I check in on him and hang out for awhile, and then I go in and leave the door open and he has a grand time in the backyard playing golf, baseball, and driving his cars--I am so proud of him! (Expect when he thew a rock and hit a kid at daycare and he has also started running off from mommy at the park and store--Grrrrrrr--all the joys of being almost 3!)

Ready, Set, Go!

And he is off and riding!

Brynn is taking in the action and chewing on a stick--why not!

And then daddy got the motorcycle out and his bike was not quite good enough.
"I want to ride with Daddy, Mommy!" --came the pleas--so sitting on the motorcycle, beeping the horn, and reeving the engine will have to do for now!

My two happy boys!
What do they say--boys and their toys--and that is about right!