Thursday, September 27, 2012

Parry/Ohlde Family Reunion

In August we had a Parry/Ohlde Family Reunion---we had just had a big run of 100 degree weather, so we were dreading the hot, but the weather ended up being perfect--a few sprinkles, cloudy, and perfect--the kids did not even want to get into the water activities that people brought.  I think about 75 family members attended and we enjoyed catching up on life and eating good food.  Grandma Parry's big yard in Morganville gave everyone plenty of room to run, play, eat, and talk.
Below is the Dorothy Parry family--kids, grandkids, and great grandkids

Here are Dorothy and her kids--all eight of them!

One of my favorite families--the Muller family--minus their oldest son and his family.

The photographer of the day----Layne's cousin LaDae has justed started her own photography business in Hutchison, KS--she has a lot of talent!

Time to play---what a face she has on--don't mess with Brynn :)

Jess was 1 month from baby girl's due date--Brynn needed to take her picture!

Uncle Curt made a lot of friends by bringing shoot rockets for the kids to play with--they were a big hit--thanks Curt!

Caden and Conner--ready, set, blast off!!!  Those boys played and played and played!

Time for cake and ice cream--or in Greyson's case--just frosting!

Brothers--enjoying yummy food--Conner and Greyson!

Always fun to get together with family--enjoyed!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Delta, CO--More!

When things don't go your way--even on vacation--sometimes we have to have this pouty face (which she does very well) and then we have to have big brothers who try and make it all better!

After moose days and icecream--Brynn, Layne, and I took naps, and Caden and Aunt Nell headed to the pottery place and picked a cool airplane to paint and decorate--he loves being spoiled by his aunts!
Will be fun to see the plane all fired when Janell brings it at Christmas time!

Right next to Jake and Janell's house some horses graze in a field--Caden and Brynn thought 
Uncle Jake should feed them, but they were not brave enough to try--although they did pet them!

Due to the drought this year, Delta had canceled fireworks on the 4th of July, but lucky us, the weather was better and they rescheduled it on the Saturday that we were visiting.  So we headed to the lake area with blankets, games, and popcorn and enjoyed the beautiful weather, glow sticks, and an awesome fireworks display!

Sunday morning we went to church and then headed to Grand Junction for some time at Chuck E Cheese.  The place was pretty empty, so we gathered tokens for all of us and hit the games!

Later that day, the kids wanted to try horseback riding.  Jake's brother and his wife have horses and live nearby, so we headed to the country for horseback riding.  Brynn and April took a turn 1st and even though she was a little scared at first, she loved it and rode about a half hour and would have gone more if Caden had not been begging to go as well.  Caden rode with Uncle Jake and he did fine, but once up and back the long driveway was enough for him!

That evening we went to Jake's parents' house.  They live in Delta as well and ate pizza and grilled peaches on the grill with ice cream--what a yummy treat.  Rick spoiled the kids by building a campfire which was a hit because you have to throw sticks on the campfire you know!  Such a relaxing evening!

Monday morning, we were hoping to go swimming, but bad luck and the pool was closed, so we took a walk, played at the park, ate lunch, and loaded up--and hooray for us, Aunt Nell came back to Kansas with us!  She was a great sport sitting in the back of the Edge between 2 kids stuck in the middle, but she handled it well and got to answer questions and watched many movies!  Luckily the hotel in Denver had a pool, so the kids, Nell, and Layne jumped in and swam before we crashed for the night and made it back home to Salina on Tuesday.
Vacations, as we have come to find out, are never perfect with kids, but it was a good trip, and we loved visiting the mountains and seeing our family! 
Thanks for hosting Janell and Jacob--love you and Duke lots, and you have a cool tire swing!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Delta, CO

What do you do when your van is in the shop with no air conditioning and won't be fixed in time for you to leave on vacation?  Yes, that is right, you take reliable vehicle #2.  Not quite as much room as the van, but it worked great for this trip although it was awesome to came back home to the mini van!

Welcome to  Delta, CO!
We stayed in Denver on Thursday night and drove the rest of the way to Delta on Friday and arrived in Delta around 2-3 pm.  Layne and I crashed for a bit while Aunt Nell took over and entertained the kiddos!  We then headed to the Delta Lake to walk dog Duke for a bit, play, and let the kiddos run!  Janell had mentioned putt putt golf as a possibility and Caden would not let it go, so despite the fact that it was sprinkling and at times more than sprinkling, we headed out to play putt putt before supper.  We did have the place all to ourselves and about half way through the rain did stop--very fun golf course and a great way to start our vacation!  Uncle Jake and Aunt Nell took us to an Italian restaurant that night in Delta and then we headed back to their house to relax after a long day.

Saturday morning we headed up to the Grand Mesa for Moose Days!  Both of our kids love moose--in part thanks to Janell and Jake for introducing them to the animal Moose!  The visitor center had moose games--guess what a moose will eat, craft time to make your own moose antlers, a place to touch moose fur, and a scavengar hunt to look for a moose collar and then you got your very own stuffed moose--perfect start to the morning.  It was also only around 65 degrees that morning and after having a heat stroke in KS, that weather felt amazing!

Moose ears!

My two moose with a cutout moose!

Layne's photography work!

We then drove a short distance to this hiking trail and hiked to Land of Lakes--a beautiful lookout of lakes, and surrounding towns!

We made it--Land of Lakes!

Oberheu family photo!

Our family--July 2012

Just us!
Brynn--reading the map!

Caden the explorer!



Yes, Janell had to use the bathroom in the trees, and yes, Layne was the brother who was driving her crazy and taking pictures--love the love!

On the way back to Janell and Jacob's, we stopped at Aspen Trails for an icecream break!
Icecream tastes good in the mountians as well!