Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caden's Limo Party

Since Caden hit the big 5 this year, we let him have a b-day party with friends.  Kristi had her lovely limo that we used in the wedding and since we do not know how long Kristi will keep Mr. Limo, we decided to have a limo party for Caden--and man, was it a blast!  Layne did an awesome job making a cool birthday invitation and we were off!

Caden got a new jarts outside game from us and we also got him prescription sunglasses--he does not wear them as often as we would like, but he was really excited about them and we just keep reminding him that he has them!

The table of goodies for his friends--we wanted to treat them like movie stars--so they got trophies, star sunglasses, and hot wheel black cars!

The birthday buddies taking a cute picture before the boy fun begins!  So far, I have a picture of Mindy and Brynn together in April for the last 3 years--I hope I can keep this tradition up!

Here they are--the styling limo and styling boys!
The star sunglasses were a little smaller than what I had first thought, but the boys made do with them for a couple of pictures!

We had quite the array of friends, but between limo and ice cream, the boys did great and had fun!
From left to right we have Brennan (church friend), Conner (cousin), Carter (friend), Isak
 (church friend), Caden, and Ian (preschool friend)

All aboard!--booster seats and all--the boys loved seeing and facing each other and Layne and I rolled up the drivers window that seperated us from the boys and let them be as loud as they wanted to be--and believe me--they were!

We took a few moments to open some presents after the mommies had gotten some fun limo pictures and then we were off to Yogurtini!

Layne and I were a little nervous about getting the boys through the icecream picks and topping picks, but it went great--I did icecream and Layne helped with toppings and the boys knew excatly what they wanted!  It was also fun when we pulled up to Yogurtini--we ran into another Southeast family there and they made a big deal about the limo and the birthday!

All six enjoying a sweet treat!

Happy Big 5 Caden!
My guys!

It was a nice day, so we ventured to Jerry Ivy Park--again, we got lots of looks in the Limo and then the boys were off to feed the ducks and play--I love this picture below--shows how far behind Layne and I were from the fast boys!

Feeding the ducks!

Some pretty great friends--thanks for celebrating with Caden boys!

Play time--Layne and I were constently couting to 6!

When we got back to our house, most of the boys left--Carter and Conner and their families hung out for a bit more play and talk time and Layne was nice enough to give the little ones a limo ride too!
Greyson is all smiles and I think that is Asher beside him---Brynn and Jess made up the girls side--Jess watched Brynn for us while we had the big boys and they had fun going to Sonic and playing at another park!  Thank you Jess--that was a huge help!

Brynn and Asher after their limo ride!

Later that night, while we had the limo, we went to the Richardson's house and took their kiddos for a short ride as well.

And the last limo stop was for our daycare friends--Griffin

and Callan!

What an awesome, memorable birthday--it was an easy party for mom and dad and the kids had fun--who knows, if the limo is still around--it might be his 6th birthday party too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Birthday Parties For Caden and Brynn

One day after Kristi and Caleb's wedding, we celebrated Brynn and Caden's birthdays with our family in Morganville.  This worked out well for wedding clean-up as all the family pitched in and helped clean up trash, tables, and chairs before and after the birthday party!  The kids were excited to celebrate and Brynn was very into her birthday this year which made it even more fun--she could not wait to be a princess for her party and woke up with this big grin on her face!

Wrestling with Daddy is a great way to start the day!

With all the wedding fun going on, it was hard to get time to do birthday cakes, but Layne did manage to do a princess crown for Brynn and then DQ did a great job on a limo cake for Caden!

The princess had to wear her princess dress and a crown--and then we made her sweep floors--what a good Cinderella :)  Big thank you to our friend Callan for giving Brynn this princess dress--she loved it!
 Smiles and Balloons!

 The food--whatever was left over from the wedding!

 Time to eat--the boys and the aunts were great sports and wore crowns in honor of Brynn's princess party!

Big thank you to my parents and Brad and Lindsey for staying around an extra day for all the fun!
Let's eat Grandpa!

Always a good idea to have bubbles at a party.

Happy 5th birthday Caden!

Happy 3rd birthday Brynn!


Wow--a cool new kite!

And new shoes!

Look Brynn--you got a kite too!

Read us the card Aunt Kristi!

Pink suitcase and clothes--you are ready for vacation Brynn!

A blue suitcase for Caden--his favorite color!

An apron and hat to cook in!

More presents and cards!  Thank you everyone!

The C shirt was a BIG hit!

Love from Uncle David!

Tried to do some bubbles, but it was windy!

Let the clean-up begin---Layne and his cousin Canaan can always keep us entertained!

My princess--love you Brynn!

Wow--what a weekend--but then it was all over and we had ourselves a 3 year old and a 5 year old--hard to believe--big thank you to all of you who helped make their birthdays special and fun--the kids had a blast celebrating and so did we!