Saturday, January 28, 2012

Haymond Christmas 2011

The last Christmas party was at the Haymond house in Ellsworth. We had a wonderful lunch with the Suelter family, did a little bowling, took family pictures, and of course opened more presents.
Caden's very special present from Grandma Haymond--she loves to embroidery and has made quilts for Layne and I, Brad and Lindsey, and now Caden. It was all about tractors for this kid who loves farm, trucks, and tractors! Thanks Grandma!

A book gift card and a card game--thank you Suelter family for spoiling our kids with an item that both kids love--BOOKS!

New clothes for this growing man!

I will help you Grandpa!

Grandma's turn for presents!

Brad and Lindsey--and dog Cooper--were also in on all the fun--Brynn especially LOVED Cooper this year--she was all about giving him hugs and treats!

Look at my princess shoes Daddy!

So cute--matching shirts!

My very own hide out tent--thank you Grandma and Grandpa.

A very intense game of Hungry Hippos was in session--thank you Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey!

As always--Christmas was busy, but fun as we enjoyed both sides of our family, good food, and celebrating the birth of Jesus--Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Christmas with the Parry's 2011

After church--the party continued at Great Grandma's house--we tried to get a cute cousin picture and the above is as good as it got--Brynn wanted nothing to do with the camera at that moment.
Below--the boys--look at our socks, moms!

Cute PJ's Conner and Caden!

What pretty braids--thank you Aunt Kristi!

Time to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus--Conner got to put baby Jesus in the manager this year--all the others supervised!

Kristi and Adriane got special presents this year.

Please can we open presents now Jess?????

Brynn's book from Great Grandma--it has the word UNDERPANTS in it--so you know it has to be good!

Janell surprised everyone by making all the girl cousins and Terri and Grandma pillow cases for Christmas--she got a sewing machine for her birthday last summer and has been going to town--the pillowcases were all bright and colorful--way to go Nell!

The girls and their pillowcases by Janell!

Finally--back to the Parry farm for Christmas the next day--looks like Santa filled the stockings!

More presents

A teddy bear sleeping bag from Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa's new gun case.

And then there is David :)

As for me--I got spoiled with a Kindle Fire from my in-laws and some amazing new clothes!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas at the Parry's 2011

Christmas at the Parry's started on Christmas Eve and just keep on going! As soon as we got to the farm and Caden saw the big tree with tons of presents underneath, he started hounding Grandma on when we could open gifts. We finally all agreed to open a couple that afternoon and do the rest on Christmas. So here is part one of Christmas on the farm!
Caden proudly showing off his tractor and discussing it with Grandpa--it looks just like one Grandpa has!

Terri was excited to get her drugs from her pharmacy daughter!

What a huge gift....and can't wait for him to start smoking!

What did you get Aunt Nell?? Maybe a dehydrator!

Kristi checking out her silverware holder and silverware!

Love Caden's face--I can't get it open!!!!!

Time for an Ipad break with Nell and Jake

All dressed up on Christmas Eve at Church--pretty nice looking group!

Jacob and Janell--getting their Christmas card picture done for next year :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas at our house 2011

Having Internet Problems puts you behind....but here is the start of our Christmas fun!
We have our Christmas at home a couple days early and it was awesome this year--Layne had the 23rd off, so Santa came on the 22nd--we went and looked at lights--which was awesome--the kids loved it, we got icecream, and then came back to get ready for Santa!

Time to feed the reindeer!

Hanging Santa's special key!

In our Christmas PJ's from our good friends at daycare and watching the Ipad.

Leaving cookies and milk--Brynn was already in bed--we almost forgot this important piece, but luckily Caden took care of it!
In the morning--we unwrapped gifts, played with our new toys, watched a Christmas movie, and then had time to pick up the house and pack up for the next few days with family--it was an awesome day!
Caden helped EVERYONE unwrap presents, but Brynn was happy unwrapping one and then she was done!
Time to try out the new doll and horse! I think I am going to have Layne always take off this day-it was so nice to be home and relax and enjoy the kids and their gifts before heading to all the family fun!