Thursday, June 5, 2014

Parry Family Christmas 2013

 My blogging days have fallen behind in the last month--my goal is to finish up 2013 and then facebook might have to be my outlet from there on after--just not enough time in the day!

Brynn above is modeling a fun dress up outfit from Grandma Parry and below the girls got fun Moose Caboose jammies from Aunt Nell and Uncle Jake!

The Parry Family are all here on Christmas Eve!

Cousins--and all have smiles!

 Siblings--and all have smiles!

June's 1st Christmas!

The Parry and Ohlde cousins--always a fun task--all looking and all smiling--as good as it gets!

Singing happy birthday to Jesus at Great Grandma's

Look at all the presents.....

Guess what this is Grandpa? :)

More Christmas fun for Lakyn

Caden and Brynn--learning how to shoot the bow and arrows that Aunt Kristi and Uncle Caleb got for them!  It was a white and fun Christmas at the Parry Farm!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Church Program--and Santa comes! 2013

 4 of us Moms directed the Children's Christmas Program at church this December!
It went really well and was one of the best Christmas Programs that I remember--and it was the weekend of the BIG snow, but by 4:00 that afternoon people had dug themselves out and the kids performed well!
This year, we also had our Praise Band play with us and we finished the night out with 
The Little Drummer Boy--the kids played their "drums" right along with the band and did AWESOME!

The Wisemen came..with their camel!

Our Angel and Wiseman--and Uncle Jake and Aunt Nell arrived just in time to see the kiddos perform!

Back home--it was time to get ready for Santa to come...feeding the reindeer

Hanging the Santa Key

Just a couple cookies....

 And Santa CAME!

Cute matching jammies from a friend at daycare

 A princess castle!

 Lakyn's 1st Christmas--a baby!

A Wii Wipeout game!

Noah's Ark

And so much more--blessed!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christmas Time--at our house!

 The Holiday Season is Here!
The girls listening to a Christmas story from Mrs. Claus at our church Holiday Bistro.

 Our elf George is always watching us in a fun, new spot--here he is riding Christmas Moose!

The still adore Miss Lakyn!

Cute, Cute outfit from friend Kindra!
 Heading to adult night--Layne's work Christmas party at the Country Club!

 1st Grade Christmas Concert!

 Caden and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Anderson!

 The 1st grade did some songs from The Grinch!
Our music teacher continues to amaze me--she teachers elementary music full time, is a mommy to 3 little boys, and her husband is fighting stage 4 colon cancer!  This family is always in my thoughts and prayers!

 1st grade singing their hearts out!

 Family photo at church!

 Saying Hi to Santa--Lakyn made it without crying--barely!

Love this picture of Caden and Brynn telling Santa what they want..Caden a remote control car--news to Layne and I-and Brynn--a princess castle!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

KC in December

KC is one of my favorite places to be in December, so we ventured there for a 24 hour trip.  Union Station is just awesome--and when it is decorated for Christmas--even better--the kids LOVE the miniature trains--and it is FREE!

Love the bond the girls have already!

Note to self--before promising the kids a ride on the cool train--check the prices--non members had to pay $5 to ride this train---thank you Uncle Brad and Aunt Lindsey for saving the day!

Pretty lights at Union Station!

Biggest Christmas Tree Ever!

Had fun eating at the Crayola Cafe at Crown Center!

Then it was off to the Hallmark Store for more free art activites!

So happy that I found a marker!

After some yummy Mexican food--our family ventured off to the Plaza to take in the lights--but my was it an adventure!  Just as we are pulling into the plaza--which is back to back cars--Brynn tells me she has to pee--I can tell it will need to be soon--so I am looking for a good place to stop--as Layne is inching along in the van--we see Barnes and Noble---so I pull Brynn out of her carseat and we run to the bathroom--luckily--no line and we are good to go.  We had planned to take the kids to Topsy's for popcorn--so I called Layne--he is still looking for a place to park--so I told him Brynn and I would walk and meet them there.  Brynn and I got to the store--ordered our popcorn--and as I am checking out--she pulls on my coat and tells me she has to GO again--REALLY---so we walk/run back to Barnes and Noble--since that is the closest bathroom I know of--and again--no line--but I might have steam coming out of my ears---maybe the cold weather hit her--who knows!  So call Layne--still no parking and Lakyn is screaming in the van--so Brynn and I wait at Barnes and Noble and eat popcorn and FINALLY the rest of the gang get there--Caden of course wants popcorn, so back to Topsy's we go--we then walk 2 blocks of the Plaza in the COLD weather--smile (sort of) for one picture and call it good!  Next time will be better--I am sure!
Still love the beautiful lights of the plaza--magical!